How To Make Bamboo Floors Shine

How to make bamboo floors shine

Having the knowledge on how to make bamboo floors shine is a very valuable skill as this will keep your floor looking its very best.

Bamboo floors are durable and adds a beautiful outlook to any home, this makes them a popular choice. But over time, your bamboo floor can begin to dull and fade.

Although bamboo floor is very easy to maintain, daily wear and tear is inevitable. Keeping your bamboo floors shiny is a great way to ensure that they remain in great shape.

There’s more to doing this by just using a regular mop and broom. Having a regular floor maintenance routine is a surefire way in keeping your floors looking gorgeous for a long time.

A very vital point to note;  is that the type of bamboo specie and manufacturing process strongly affects your floor durability.

Regardless of your bamboo floor type, learning how to care and clean your floor consistently will keep your floors looking great.

Preventative Measures

The best way to make sure the beauty of your bamboo floor is preserved and not compromised is by taking some crucial preventative steps.

Reduce Foot Traffic

When you walk over bamboo flooring, you track in grease, oil, grime, dirt and other gross gunk that you picked outside. This makes feet one of the worst enemies of wooden floor.

Too much foot traffic also tear down the polyurethane laminate floors, exposing the wood to damage.

To prevent this hassle, slip off your shoes when you get home and leave them by the door, also try to get your guests to do so; this is to prevent rocks, debris and dirt from being tracked inside your home which causes a lot of wear and tear.

If you are not comfortable going barefooted, you can get a pair of comfy house shoes or slippers which is only worn indoors. Using a mopping slippers works best in this case.

Place Rug And Doormats At High Traffic Areas

Doormats and rugs also come in handy, placing them inside and outside every entryway will help catch dirt from your shoes as you come in.

Rugs help to make your feet feel comfortable as you walk across your floor, and placing them in accident-prone areas such as by the sink or under the kitchen table helps to catch any kind of spillage.

Try to clean your rugs or doormats regularly, so as to get rid of built-up dirt.

Being Extra Careful When Dealing With Furniture

When moving or placing furniture, you need to be extra careful as it could easily scratch your floor.

A quick preventative measure is to place felt furniture pads under legs of sofas, beds, chairs. Or any surfaces that’s in frequent contact with the floor.

Also, on very large surfaces or furniture, instead of felt pads; using mesh shelf liner is a better alternative as it prevents moisture buildup and allows the floor to breathe.

You can get furniture felt pads at any home improvement, be sure to get the size that matches your furniture as they come in different sizes. This little maintenance tip will help to prevent disfiguring damage to your floor.

Rather than dragging your heavy furniture or objects across the floor, get a helping hand and have them help you lift it.

In the absence of a helping hand, you can invest in a set of furniture-moving coasters or heavy quilted blankets. This will help prevent your floor from damage.

Avoid Excessive Sunlight Exposure

Try to change your floor plan regularly to avoid keeping your furniture and rugs on one spot for a very long time, as bamboo flooring like other hardwood flooring fades over time if exposed to sunlight for too long.

Fit your curtains with heavy curtain which can stop direct UV ray exposure, this helps to prevent quick discoloration and warping.

Wiping Up Spills Immediately

Water or moisture is also one of bamboo floor’s enemies, sop up any spills immediately as they occur with a soft clean rag to avoid white spots.

Make sure the spill is wiped off the floor completely to prevent the liquid from soaking into the floor, as any moisture left on bamboo floor could cause it serious damages like warping

In places like the sink or kitchen counters, placing a rug on the floor is highly recommended. But you have to be sure it’s a breathable material; as a rubber or latex rug can cause discoloration and damage to your floor.

How To Make bamboo Floors Shine

All the aforementioned are just tips to prevent wear and scratches on your bamboo floor, and even if you are faithful to protecting your floor, you still need to know how to make bamboo floors shine. We have a few recipes for that.

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Using A Vacuum Or Broom

Vacuuming is the easiest way to rid your floor of grit and sand, when dealing with bamboo floor there are some special tips you have to note about your vacuum.

Firstly it should be lightweight! A heavy vacuum can leave scratches and dents while using it.

Also, your vacuum should have a removable or no beater bar, this is to prevent undue damage to your floor. You should get a vacuum with enough suction power to lift dirt off the floor and pet hair if you have any pet.

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Vacuuming a bamboo floor

You will need:

  • Broom
  • Vacuum with no beater bar attached
  • Dustpan

Using the broom or vacuum, carefully remove all debris and dirt from the floor. Ensure to get to all the corners and crevices, empty your vacuum and dustpan regularly. Repeat these steps till your floor is completely free of dust and debris.

Microfiber Dust Mop

This is a good alternative to a regular broom or for when you don’t feel like dragging out the vacuum. It is a must-have if your floor has a textured or matte finish.

A microfiber mop doesn’t damage your floor from frequent usage, unlike most cleaning tools or appliances.

Microfiber mops are pocket-friendly and can be gotten at your local hardware store. Dust mops are more efficient than regular brooms, they lift up dust and dirt rather than pushing around.

But be sure to get one with a sturdy handle and not too many moving parts. These mop can be used along side a floor wax for a best floor shining experience.

Dust mops can be used either wet or dry, but it is recommended to use a cleaned wet mop on your floors. Also, when getting a dust mop, be sure to get one with a removable machine washable cover.

It is also advised to have handy a small dustpan or broom, for small spot cleaning and messes.

Cleaning Products For Bamboo Floors

A very important factor to note when getting a bamboo cleaner is that the cleaner should be pH-neutral. Anything with high acidic or alkaline content could ruin your floor. If unsure of the product pH level, be sure to check the instruction label.

There are tons of cleaner product in the market and searching for what to use could cause a lot of confusion. We’ve also shared a guide on how to make your homemade cleaner.

Many products are marketed for both hardwood floors and bamboo floors, although any cleaner appropriate for cleaning hardwood floors can also clean bamboo floor; most of them are not safe to use.

When unsure of what cleaner to use, be sure to check with your flooring manufacturer for their recommended product.  Vinegar is one of the recommended products out there.

Like every other cleaner, most bamboo floor cleaner comes in concentrated solutions and must be diluted before use.

Using A Hardwood Cleaner

Sometimes, just sweeping or mopping your floor can give you a desired clean look, but most times, your floor may require deep cleaning to give it a shining bright finish. These are few easy steps to get your floor that shiny finish you desire.

  1. Prep your furniture and surfaces directly on your floor surface, place mesh shelf liner, felt pad or quilted blankets underneath them, to make them easy to move without leaving scratches or dents on your floor.

If you have little room space, it is ideal to move all the furniture to one side of the room, when done cleaning; then repeat the process.

  • Using your microfiber mop or vacuum, get rid of the first layer of dust. When vacuuming, ensure to remove the beater bar as this could beat the heck out of your floor, literally. For really dusty areas, use a wet mop to navigate the area, but make sure the mop is not soaking wet as it could cause water damage.

Sweeping with up dirt and dust with a soft-bristled broom is also okay.

  • Apply your bamboo floor cleaner, it is best to apply a bit of the cleaner to a small portion of your floor, then wait for a couple of minutes then check for any form of discoloration or bubbling; before applying it all over your floor.

Once you find out your cleaner is safe to use, its time to get to work. If your cleaner is concentrated, be sure to dilute it to the correct concentration, then pour into a clean spray can if it didn’t come in a spray can.

Divide your floor into small sections, spray your cleaner lightly on each section. Using a microfiber mop move along the surface of the floor with light pressure, making sure you remove any lingering dirt; this creates a beautiful shine.

Be sure to get to every corner and cervices of the room, so that the whole floor shines. Depending on how dirty your floor gets, using a bamboo cleaner once a week or every other week is recommended.

  • Using a clean, dry rag or mop, remove any extra moisture left on your floor. Any remaining water or cleaning product left on the floor should be wiped immediately as any extra dampness on your floor could cause warping.
  • Refinishing such as top coating is only needed when your floor is worn or scratched. When needed, sanding down the top layer of polyurethane and applying a new coat helps to leave your floor shiny and brand new; it also adds extra protection to your floor


If you have pets, especially large dogs; be sure to always trim their nails as they could cause surface scratches or gouges

Always check the content of your floor cleaner, avoid anything containing bleach, baking soda, pine-sol,  or ammonia. Any cleaner designed to clean your bathroom should never come across your bamboo flooring.

Never use a steam mop, it causes damage on a much deeper level as the heat drives moisture deep into the floor.

Scrubbing sponges or any abrasive cleaning tools, or brooms and mops with stiff bristles or scrubber should be avoided.

As stated before, avoid heavy vacuum cleaners and also detach the beater bar before using it.


There are tons of articles on the internet on how to make bamboo floors shine, but many of them are misleading and could end up with you ruining your floor.

Always double check your floor cleaner and if in doubt, check with your flooring manufacturer. Our tips and guide will help you maintain your bamboo floor, and make cleaning it a walk in the park.

Unless cleaning is your favorite pastime, the proper cleaning tools and regular floor maintenance will help you spend less time cleaning. How do you keep your bamboo floor looking shiny and brand new?

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