How To Make Porcelain Tiles Shine

Porcelain Tile

For an attractive and brilliant porcelain tile floor, you must know the necessary steps on how to make porcelain tiles shine. Porcelain tiles are an amazing choice for flooring as they are very tough and durable.

Porcelain tile is made of a little denser clay and does not require a layer of glaze to protect it from damage.

Porcelain tiles are fire-resistant, water-resistant, children friendly, asthma friendly and they do well in hot climatic conditions.

When porcelain tiles are first laid, they have a very smooth finish and a shiny look.

But as time goes by, they give out a very dull look, this could be as a result of residue or leftover soap or mortar discoloration from all kind of cleaning mixtures used.

How To Make Porcelain Tiles Shine

Materials to use:

  1. Water
  2. Soft dish soap
  3. Rag
  4. Hydrochloride acid
  5. Vinegar
  6. Microfiber cloth
  7. Mild bristled brush
  8. Broom or vacuum


Take away any furniture from the tile so as to work effectively. Vacuum or sweep the porcelain tile with a broom to remove any debris or dirt.

Pour a teaspoon of soft dish soap into a bucket of water. Avoid hard-bristled brushes as this will scratch your tile and ruin its appearance. Dip the soft-bristled brush into the mixture. Then, scrub the tile in a circular motion.

Rub the floor hard till the residue is away from the tile, wet a neat cloth and wipe the leftover mixture from the tile. Clean it with a dry cloth when the stains are gone.

Vinegar will be needed if the stain is stubborn. Fill 3 cups of vinegar into a bowl of water and scrub the tile with a brush. Take a wet cloth and wipe up the tile clean after cleaning it with the mixture.

Use a dry cloth to clean the tile when the tile is already clean. If there is still residue on the tile, stir half a cup of hydrochloric acid into a bowl containing 4 cups of water and clean the tile.

A soap scum remover will be needed if this doesn’t work. Wipe the liquid on the tiles and let it remain for some time.

Thereafter, clean the tiles with a wet cloth and a dry cloth consecutively. Using a microfiber cloth to rub the porcelain tile floor will make the tile shine.

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Maintaining Your Porcelain Tile

If you frequently sweep and vacuum your tile, it will always look good. To keep your tiles shining, you have to clean it regularly.

Check out the best vacuum cleaners to use in achieving thisThe best thing you can do to maintain your tile is to clean it severally in a week.

Once in a week is still okay if you are a busy person. Do not keep your porcelain tile floor dirty for more than a month.

Scuff marks can prevent your tile from shining. To avoid this, place floor mats around doors and entrances as this will make dirt stick to the mat instead of your tile. This option is a good one, especially for high traffic areas.

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Now that you are aware of how to make porcelain tiles shine, you are sure to always have a brilliant and attractive floor.

Cleaning your tile might not be much of an exciting task, but it has to be done to make your floor clean and shining. Routine cleaning of your tile floor will prevent damage to the tiles. 

What’s the best approach you used in making your porcelain tile floor shine?    

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