How To Clean Textured Shower Floor – 4 Easy Tips

how to clean textured shower floor

To maintain good hygiene and prevent tripping or falling in your bathroom, you must know how to clean textured shower floor. Cleaning the bathroom is one of the most difficult chores to take on, most especially the shower floors; it isn’t an easy task.

A lot of effort will be needed to get the stains off the floor so as to make it sparkle. On certain occasions, it may look as if nothing has been done.

Aside from the fact that your bathroom floor accommodates microbes, germs, and other parasites, the floor could also be slippery due to grime caused by soap scum. This can make walking on the floor very unsafe as one could trip and fall.

Soap scum, which is a white filmy side effect of having your bath every morning, is an odious combination of skin cells, dirt, water minerals, soap lather, and body oils. It can get on your shower door, shower walls, and most regularly, the shower floor.

Soap scum forms quickly in homes that have hard water. The good news is cleaning a textured shower floor is not as hard as you assumed.

How To Clean Textured Shower Floor

1. Get Rid Of The Soap Scum

Scum or mold on the shower floor mostly heaps up because the area is regularly wet, damp, or cold. Ensure that there is cross ventilation to get rid of soap scum. Open your windows regularly during the day.

Endeavor to run a steamy bath just to allow the steam to touch places like the floor. Pay attention to the temperature of the bathroom as it makes a lot of difference between what is clean and what is unclean.

2. Clean The Floor As Soon As You Leave The Bathroom

A rag or mop should be used to clean the floors as soon as you are done having your bath, and also try to dry the shower as much as possible. This will remove soap suds and water on the floor.

It can even be fun using a mopping slippers for this process

If it is left to dry, it could be very hard to remove the soap suds later on. Cleaning agents are not necessarily needed on a regular basis.

You just have to properly wipe the floor daily each time you are done; this is enough for maintenance. However, ensure you make use of cleaning agents at least once in a month.

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3. Pay Close Attention To Your Shower Walls

Water splashes on the shower walls slide down on the floor most times. When cleaning the floor, observe the walls and shower doors too. Abstain from splashing much water on the walls and doors and try to wipe it off as frequently as you can, usually immediately after the shower has been used.

4. Use The Right Solution For Your Floor Type

What the floor is made of determines the cleaning tool or method to use. The most prominent types of floors are made of tiles, stone, and fiberglass. The usage of correct chemicals or mixture on the floor surface will result in a successful cleaning process.

How To Clean A Fiberglass Shower Floor

Removal of scum should be as easy as possible if your floor is made up of fiberglass. This floor is different from other floors because you don’t need to worry about mixing up a solution or calling for professional help.

You just need to use the normal cleaning agents, which include regular detergent and bleach. Pay attention to the chemicals and sponge you intend to use; they must not be harsh or hard.

Also, ensure to avoid using abrasive solutions and scrubbing pad as they will end up scratching up the fire glass surface. Those are one of the cleaning mistakes most people make.

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How To Clean Tile Shower Floors

Make use of the following materials:

  • Hard sponge
  • Baking soda
  • Vinegar
  • Hot water

To clean your tile floor, use a soft or mild cleaning solution. You can easily make your cleaning mixture with vinegar and baking soda; mix it till it is soft. Apply the solution on the soap scum spots and allow some time for the mixture to be absorbed.

Now, use the hard sponge to quickly brush it all away. The usage of hot water is recommended, especially for stubborn soap scum, to let the steam loosen up the scum areas.

You can first start by using a plastic putty knife to scratch away thick piles if the soap scum happens to be a big one.

How To Clean Stone Surface Showers

Soap scum actually enters natural stone, which is more permeable than ceramic or porcelain shower tile. Natural stone sucks in minerals and soap lather. Examples of natural stones are Mable, granite, and limestone.

Most times, it takes a professional to remove grimy soap scum, if it builds up on your stone shower. Therefore, prevention is better than cure in this case.

You can avoid soap scum by cleaning and drying your shower as soon as you are done with it, especially the walls.

Many varieties of stone require special pH-neutral cleaning products. If you have to get rid of soap scum from your stone surface shower, you can first opt for non-acidic cleaners before consulting a professional.

Note that Vinegar is not an appropriate option. To get a non-toxic and home-made cleaner, mix equal parts of rubbing alcohol (or vodka) with water. To improve the odor, you can add a squeeze of lemon juice.

Cleaning Your Bathroom Regularly

Daily Cleaning of your shower floors is ideal; especially immediately you step out of the shower. This regular activity will ensure that stain is easily gotten rid of, as there are even no stains yet.

It is also more like a preventive measure that has a great benefit in the long run. Additionally, it does not cost you anything to wipe the floors and walls immediately you are done in the shower.

You may not always have the luxury of time to clean the bathroom daily, as you have other things that demand your attention; cleaning your shower once in a week is still okay.

Also, cleaning the shower once in a month is fine. A floor cleaning slippers can be a time and life saver in this scenario.

However, it is important to note that you must always remember to clean the bathroom often, not only when you begin to observe smells and stains or when the floor becomes very slippery to walk on.

When cleaning, pay attention to other things like the showerhead and shower filter; they contribute to the cleanliness of the shower and may also accommodate soap scum too.


Hurray! You now know how to clean textured shower floor. Provided you adhere to the instructions explained above, cleaning your textured shower floor would not be a boring and difficult task.

Remember that regular cleaning is very important and beneficial. Have you ever used a different method to clean your shower floor? Do let us know in the comment.

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