How To Clean Carpet Without A Vacuum

How to clean carpet without a vacuum

Sometimes, it is important to know how to clean carpet without a vacuum, this can be due to a few reasons.  Generally, vacuum is a popular tool for cleaning a carpet.

However, what happens when you intend to save cost of buying a vacuum and settling energy bills, or if your children hate the noise from the vacuum?

What if you have a damaged vacuum? You have to get an alternative option to clean your carpet. That said, we’ve listed a few methods on how to clean carpet without a vacuum.

How To Clean Carpet Without A Vacuum

Using Broom And Dustpan

These tools were used before the advent of vacuum cleaners. Although they seem old-fashioned, they are very effective in removing debris and ground-in dirt from your carpet.

The best way to use this method is by sweeping in one direction, gathering debris in one spot. That way, getting all of the dirt into the dustpan will be easy. Sweep in short strokes and straight lines for the best result.

For this method of cleaning, you will have to do some scrubbing. The most effective tool is a brush or broom with natural bristles; they are stiffer and better at loosening dirt.

Avoid polypropylene and horsehair bristles; they are soft, making the work of cleaning hard.

Using Carpet Sweeper

Carpet sweepers can be an alternative to vacuum cleaners. Carpet sweepers operate quietly and are beneficial to homes with young children or pets that get frightened by loud sounds.

 A Carpet sweeper is manual; it has brushes and rollers in the base and does not need electricity to run. As you move the carpet sweeper over the carpet, the brushes will rotate and capture dust and dirt. After that, dump the dirt gathered in the trash.

A carpet sweeper is easy to use as there are no buttons or special settings. A carpet sweeper is okay for someone with a bad back because they are designed to be lightweight.

Depending on the model, a carpet sweeper can weigh around 4 to 9 pounds. If you are looking for how to clean carpet without a vacuum, this tool is there for you.

Using Packaging Tape

If you are spot cleaning and you notice pet fur or hair stuck on your carpet, you can use packaging tape to remove it.

Because of the light adhesiveness of packaging tape, it can pick up stray hairs that you can’t easily grab with your hand.

Get the tape and press it firmly on the carpet fibers. Remove the tape so that hair and pet fur is lifted up from the carpet.

The tape can also pick up some dirt and dust. Obviously, this is not applicable to large areas of carpet; it is just a quick method of spot cleaning.

Do not leave packaging tape on your carpet for too long. If it is left for too long, you risk leaving a sticky residue behind on the carpet.

Washing The Carpet

This is deep cleaning, and it requires the use of a brush and a bucket. You will be bringing the carpet back to its normal state by scrubbing dust and dirt away from the carpet.

This method will also help to eliminate bad smell and bacteria hiding in the carpet.

You should not always make use of harsh chemicals on your carpet. If you do, the fibers of the carpet will get damaged in the long run. Instead of using harsh chemicals, use a mild detergent.

You can even make a homemade floor cleaner using a household item like vinegar. Vinegar contains about 5% acetic acid, which is capable of killing germ.

Vinegar destroys the cell structure of bacterium, hence, you are protected from bacteria such as E. coli.

Make sure you dilute white vinegar before applying it on your carpet. Pour a quarter cup of white distilled vinegar in a full bucket of warm water.

The water should not be too hot. If your carpet is made from silk, wool, or natural fibers, do not use vinegar on your carpet as it can be irreversibly damaged.

Dip the brush into the bucket of the homemade cleaner and shake it off to remove excess solution. Scrub the carpet with the brush.

Do not over-saturate the carpet so that it won’t take long for the carpet to dry. Make sure your carpet is dry before you step on it.

Any cleaning solution you intend to use should be tested first on an inconspicuous part of your carpet, to know if it will damage your carpet or not.

Steam Mopping

Another effective way of sanitizing and deep cleaning your carpet is by steam mopping. A steam mop is safe and non-toxic; it uses water, not chemicals.

The steam vapor’s heat is capable of killing germs, dust mites, adult and larval fleas, and pathogens in just 6 seconds.

Because of the heat of the water vapor, which can be up to 55 degrees Celsius, direct contact can damage the carpet. Therefore, you have to get a carpet glider for your steam mop.

A carpet glider is a plastic device that you simply attach on the mop head, allowing the steam mop to move steadily and smoothly.


We’ve covered basically everything you need to know on how to clean carpet without vacuum. You now know alternative methods you can employ.

To get rid of debris and dust on your carpet, you can use a broom and dustpan. If you do not like to bend down, then go for a carpet sweeper.

If you have pets or you want to do a quick impromptu cleaning, you can use packaging tape for spot cleaning. If you also wish to do deep cleaning of your carpet, you can wash it using readily available household items.

For non-toxic disinfecting and sanitization of your carpet, you can steam mop it. Cleaning your carpet doesn’t always have to be with a vacuum.

Do you have alternative ways on how to clean carpet without a vacuum? Let us know about it.

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