Removing White Spots on Hardwood Floor – 7 Simple Method

white spots on hardwood floor

If you’re looking for how to remove spots on hardwood floor then you must have left spilled water to dry or evaporate on your floor. Modern wood floors are coated with polyurethane and this makes it quite difficult for stain and damage to sit on these floors.

With age, this polyurethane finish wears off making the wood vulnerable to stains. These white spots are more common in corners and under furniture. While these white spots on hardwood floor can make you feel your floor has been permanently damaged.

The best way to tackle these white water stain on wood floors is by using hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, vinegar, or mineral spirits. These methods along with others, work like magic.

We’ve got several methods on how to remove these spots from your hardwood floor and make it look as good as new. You may have to try more than one method to completely get the stain out. We’ve also mentioned the causes of this white spot as well as preventive measures, so you should be covered.

What Causes White Spots on Hardwood Floor

There are a lot of factors that can cause white spots on hardwood floors. Water spills left on hardwood floors can cause white spots once it evaporates.

This occurs when the water isn’t wiped off immediately. Heat cause white spots too, an example is placing a pizza box or hot pan on hardwood floor, the heat from this will result in white spots on hardwood floor, same goes for alcohol, perfume or medicines.

There’s another funny reason you have white spots on hardwood floors, at first you might think they are paint stains but they aren’t. These numerous white spots on your hardwood floor as spider poop, Yup! Spider poop. Spiders poop too often but this can also be dealt with using a floor cleaner.

Note: Endeavour to wipe up any spill as soon as they are noticed to prevent floor damage and to protect its finish.

How to remove white spots on hardwood floor

Using Hydrogen Peroxide

Using hydrogen peroxide to remove white spots on hardwood floor isn’t at all difficult. Simply pour a small amount of hydrogen peroxide into a plastic cup

Get a cotton pad and place it on the affected area of the wood to bleach out the stain. Let the soaked cotton pad sit on the wood for about 5 minutes before proceeding to the next step.

After 5 minutes,  remove the cotton pad from the floor and use a clean cloth to wipe the floor clean. Allow to dry and your floor should be as clean as new.

Using Mineral Spirits

While mineral spirit is another super way to remove white spot on hardwood floor, extra care needs to be taken to avoid it from removing wax applied on the flooring, apply only a small reasonable amount to the floor.

Pour a little amount of mineral spirit into a spray bottle and spray the affected area. Get a cotton pad and rub it thoroughly over the white spot.

After about 5 minutes of rubbing, get a clean cloth and wipe off excess liquid from the floor. Allow to dry.

Using Mayonnaise

Before you proceed with this step, here are the basic tools you will need for a decent result. Paper towels for blotting, Mayonnaise, Rubber spatula, Spoon and a soft cloth.

Get them and keep them close as you will be needing them very soon. Let’s get started.

Pick up the paper towel and blot the affected area, this is only applicable if the water stains are still fresh. Also, wipe off the water surrounding the stained area.

Note that this step should be followed only if the water isn’t dried, if it is then proceed to the next step below.

Scoop a considerable amount of mayonnaise from the jar and spread on the white spot caused by water stain.

You will need the rubber spatula to help spread the mayonnaise around the spot until you’ve completely covered the affected area with mayonnaise. Allow to sit for at least 30 minutes.

Now get a soft cloth or paper towel and wipe off the mayonnaise from the floor. Wipe the floor again with yet another clean cloth to remove any mayonnaise residue from the floor.

Using Floor Cleaners

There several commercial cleaners out there that a formulated to remove stains from hardwood floor. With hundreds of them out there, you can be tricked into buying the wrong one.

These cleaners aren’t limited to removing white spots from hardwood floor but also stains caused by alcohol, heat or cold. An example of this cleaner is pine sol.

Using Salt And Oil

Making a paste with salt and olive oil works wonders. You can also form a paste with a teaspoon of salt and little water.

Gently rub it on the affected area of your hardwood floor and let it sit for 15-20 minutes. Once the time elapses, clean with a cotton pat and polish the wood.

Using Vinegar

Get white vinegar and mix with an equal amount of olive oil, this really removes cloudy spots on hardwood floors due to the effect of vinegar on hardwood floors.

Rub the solution on the affected area of the hardwood floor using a cotton cloth. Once the stain is removed, soak up the mixture using another cloth and polish the surface, your floor should be as good as new.

Using Baking Soda

Get a tablespoon of baking soda and create a paste with it, apply this paste above the affected area of your hardwood floor.

Use a cloth and rub gently. If the stain doesn’t come out, apply more paste and allow to sit overnight. Wipe off the next morning with a cotton cloth.

By Applying Heat

All you need here is just a hairdryer, you don’t need a cleaning agent or cloth. The heat alone from the hairdryer can remove stain on hardwood floor.

Set the hair dryer to the lowest and direct the hot air towards the white mark on the floor, keep moving the hairdryer over these affected surface until the white spot dissapears

You can also use an iron, if there’s water inside the iron then remove it. Place a towel or cloth over the stain and run the iron over the cloth.

The iron should be set on low heat. Lift the cloth to check progress, repeat this a couple of times until the stain is entirely gone.

Using Toothpaste

Just as toothbrush is used in removing junk from the teeth, it can also help remove water stains on hardwood floor.

A non-gel toothpaste is required for this. Rub the toothpaste on the affected area for a minute, try to avoid rubbing on non affected area as this can remove the finish in those areas.

Keep rubbing the affected area and wipe off the toothpaste to see result.

Using steel Wool

If you’ve followed the methods above and can’t get water stain off your hardwood floor then this method should definitely work without damaging the finish of your hardwood floor.

Apply lemon oil or mineral oil to the steel wool and rub it on the white spot in a back and forth motion. This is going to gently remove the finish in that area as well as the water stain.

The oil added helps polish the area where the finish is removed. Use paste wax to cover the area and buff after applying, this makes your floor look as good as new.

How To Prevent White Spots On Hardwood Floor

Prevention is also a great approach. Do you know that a well-maintained hardwood floor can last for as long as 50 years?

We’ve also got tips on cleaning old damaged wood floors. To avoid reducing the lifespan of your wood floor, follow the steps below.

1. Clean water spills immediately it happens or immediately it’s noticed.

2. Use pads on furniture legs to avoid scratch is it seen as a white spot on hardwood floor

3. Dry woods completely after cleaning, if there’s water spill and it tends to dry itself, this will cause white spots on hardwood floor.

4. Always check for mold and get rid of them immediately, molds results as a failure to completely dry a floor. When the floor is always damp then there’s a possibility for mold growth.

5. Get a rug and cover susceptible areas of your hardwood floor.

Note: If you’ve been looking for an effortless way to clean your hardwood, laminate, ceramic or marble flooring. We’ve written a guide on the best steam mops you can use in achieving this.

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Having your beautiful floor stained can be an eyesore but removing white spots on hardwood floors isn’t as difficult as it seems.

It’s an easy and simple procedure that doesn’t require seeking the services of a professional. As long as you have the right equipment, you are good to go.

Ensure to use only products recommended for your flooring type and finish. That said, keep in mind that if your floor is badly damaged, you might need the service of a professional.

Have you been able to remove white spots on your floor? What method did you use to tackle this? Let us know in the comments.

Please share this post with your friends as they can as well need to get informed on how to remove white spots on hardwood floors, save them the stress.

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