How to Keep Area Rug From Bunching up on Carpet (3 Easy Methods)

how to keep area rug from bunching up on carpet

You just got that beautiful area rug, and it has added a splash of color to your home and your life. You can’t stop looking at it, and you love the texture. You are even thinking of getting another one for the bedroom or kitchen since you love it so much.

Pertaining how to keep area rug from bunching up on carpet, using a non-skip pad, a double-sided tape or a rug pad are the most effective solutions available out there.

Asides from your absolute love for the carpet, there are other benefits it affords like;

  • Warmth to the overall home
  • Aesthetic addition to the area it’s placed
  • Protects floors from damage
  • Effective noise reduction
  • Hides away nasty spots

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How to Keep Area Rug From Bunching up on Carpet

However, you have one problem which drives you crazy. The rug won’t stop moving! You placed some furniture on it, yet it keeps bunching up.

That smooth look you’re going for seems to be slipping through your fingers. Well then, you’re in the right place. Highlighted below are a series of methods to keep your rug from bunching up over and over.

The first method we’ll be highlighting is:

Making Use of a Non-skid Pad

Step 1

You should measure your rug before going to the store because you’d need to purchase a non-skid area rug pad that fits under your rug perfectly. If you cannot find the exact right size, then buy a larger size and shape it into the size you need

Step 2

Although optional, you can apply double-sided tape between the non-skid rug pad and your rug. It’s optional because you can use it without the tape. However, the tape makes you extra sure of the stability of the rug.

The only issue with using the tape is some people do not like the look of the sticky residue left behind on the rug. This is also why people don’t like to apply the tape directly to the carpet or floor.

Step 3

You can now place the rug with the pad beneath on your carpet. You’ll see the effect of the non-skid pad, as it should stop the rug from bunching up.

This method is so effective and doesn’t leave any marks or affect the carpet. You’d especially appreciate this method if you have hardwood floors as it grips the floor well and prevents slipping. You can walk freely where your rug is now, with no fear of slipping and breaking something.

Another brilliant method you can use to prevent bunching of area rugs is:

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The Magic of Double-Sided tape

This particular method sounds too easy and should probably have been mentioned first. It’s a quick fix, and depending on the type or quality you buy, it does not affect your floors or carpet.

Some people are opposed to the idea of double-sided tape for their carpets for various reasons like

  • They believe it ruins the carpet by tearing off some part of it
  • Some think it leaves marks on the floor and it’ll be a problem if the space is rented
  • The stability and how long it will last are not certain

However, all these reasons can be averted if you use good quality tapes and if you’re not too particular about the sticky residue being behind the rug.

Steps to Making Use of Double-Sided Tape

Step 1

Buy the tape at a store. It usually comes in a round form and can last you for months. You can use it on more than one rug.

If you decide to get a rug for your bathroom, kitchen, or other rooms in your house, then this is your best bet because it’s more cost- and simple to handle.

Step 2

Lay the rug upside down first. Then, apply the tape onto the carpet and not the floor. It has a better grip this way. It’s best if it is placed in a way that it makes a big X from end to end. This way, all corners are held.

Also, it prevents issues like some places bunching up and others staying smooth. Some people even lay the tape on all the edges of the rug in addition to the X, to get that firmness.

Step 3

Peel off the barrier to the second sticky side and place the rug right side up carefully.

The carefully here is emphasized because there’s a manner you’ll drop the rug that the sticky tape will stick to the floor in the wrong way. You should do this with someone else if it is a larger rug.

Step 4

Press down the tape to the floor by smoothing down the rug, and you’re good to go, quick and easy! You can now place your furniture over it. No more bunching!

Using a Rug Pad

The final method you can try out is by getting a rug pad, as it gets the job done easily.

Using a rug pad can prevent an unreasonable amount of debris and dirt from gathering underneath your rug, hence boosting the lifespan of your rug and the carpet/floor under it, which is what we want, rugs that will last long term.

They can also prevent your rug from being dented and deteriorating due to your huge furniture. If, for instance, your rug is low-piled, putting a rug pad beneath it can add additional cushioning, making your rug seem more luxurious and feel more comfortable.

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There’s no reason why you shouldn’t enjoy the beautiful rug you just bought because of slipping and bunching. Now, your furniture can sit beautifully on the rugs, and the rug adds a touch of class to you. These are easy fixes to the problem of bunching for your area rug. Go on and live a trip-free life!

We’ve come to the end of how to keep your area rug from bunching up on the carpet, we believe we’ve done a great job outlining how. We also believe this article is both helpful and informative. Kindly share it across your social media pages if you feel the same way.

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