How to Shampoo Area Rug on Hardwood Floor in 8 Easy Steps

how to shampoo area rug on hardwood floor

Having an area rug in one’s home is bliss, as the rug adds taste and class to the home. But shampooing and cleaning it can be a lot complex, because of how delicate it can be, especially when placed on a hardwood floor.

Then comes the task of knowing how to shampoo area rug on hardwood floors. Firstly, prepare the rug for cleaning, then, vacuum the rug. Clean any surface stain, also apply shampoo cleaner. Finally, dry the area rug.

How to Shampoo Area Rug on Hardwood Floor

From time to time, it is necessary to shampoo area rugs, so they would maintain their luster.

We would guide you on how to shampoo area rug, on a hardwood floor:

1. Get the Rug Set for Cleaning

Remove every furniture or personal effect from the room before cleaning. Also make sure to remove any dirt, as it may stick to your vacuum.

2. Vacuum the Area Rug

Before you attempt cleaning the rug, it is pertinent to vacuum the rug, to remove excess dust and dirt. If you have a rug pad beneath your rug, ensure to remove it and vacuum it also.

3. Clean any Surface Stain

Try removing any surface stain from the area rug. If the stains are small, put thick padding, a tarp, or plastic bags, underneath the rug to protect the hardwood from moisture.

Then, apply your cleaning solution to the stained area, using a soft bristle brush. After 2-5 minutes, wipe the stain with a wet rag—to avoid hardening.

4. Remove Stench with Baking Soda

If an odor is spotted on the rug, apply baking soda sparingly on the entire rug. Calculate how long the shampoo should last depending on how strong the odor is.

5. Vacuum the Area Rug

It is necessary to vacuum the area rug, again, to wipe off the baking soda. Run the vacuum over the rug a number of times.

6. Make Use of a Plastic Bag or Tarp

Make use of the plastic bag, before using steamer or shampoo carpet cleaner. Use the tarp or plastic bag to protect the hardwood floor to avoid damage.

7. Apply Carpet Shampoos

Apply your carpet cleaning shampoo and weaken it with a measured amount of water. Then, apply the carpet shampoos all over the area rug. Make sure to clean it thoroughly.

8. Dry the Area Rug

After you are done with the cleaning and shampooing, make sure to open the windows and doors. You can also put on your fan to circulate air, these would hasten the pace it dries. Be sure the rug is completely dry before allowing people to walk on it.

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How to Maintain an Area Rug

An area rug creates this sense of beauty and artistry in our homes. In as much as it might be pleasing to the eyes, it also requires maintenance.

Consider the following, if you have been on the lookout for tips to maintain your area rug:

1. Rotate Your Area Rug Regularly

It is best to rotate your area rug every two or three months if the rug is situated in a high-traffic area. This would help even the balance, and give your rug a more matching view.

2. Protect from Sunlight

To prevent your area rug from fading due to the effect of sunlight, you should prevent contact with sunlight. The sunlight can make the dye in your rug fade off.

3. Flip the Area Rug

It is advisable to always flip the rug to avoid getting entangled and twisted.

4. Vacuum the Rug

Always vacuum your area rug to prevent the raw fiber from being affected by high traffic.

5. Spot Clean

You can avoid stains by cleaning spillage immediately it happens. Absorb the stain with a dry rag, then use water to clean the stain. Use only water, as other detergents might affect the fiber of the area floor.

If the stain remains, you might need the help of a professional.

6. Use Padding

You can place padding between your area rug, it keeps it stabilized, reduce furrowing, and maintains its shape. This not only protects the rug but makes it comfortable to waddle on.

7. Create New Pathways

To prevent uneven wearing down, it is nice to change the position of your furniture to create new pathways. These could be done every few months. This would increase the longevity of the area rug.

8. Professional Washing

From time to time, your area rug would need to be washed by professional hands, at least, every 3-5 years. These would prevent more dirt from building up. It would also restore its natural fibers and increase the life span of the rug.

9. Air your Area Rug Outside

To avoid dirt building up, and decrease the presence of odor, hang your area rug out, for a few hours, every six months. Also, spread the area rug outside whenever it comes in contact with water.

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Shampooing area rug tends to prove a bit more difficult, than normal carpets because of how delicate it is. It is even harder when placed on a hardwood floor. However, we were able to highlight the best tips on how to shampoo area rug on hardwood floors.

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