How to Repair Carpet Damage by Pets (10 Easy Fix)

how to repair carpet damage by pets

Over 57% of the world’s population owns a pet. Pets are beneficial to humans; they are great for companionship, reduce stress, improve mental health, and give us a sense of responsibility. Pets come in different forms and sizes, but the most common ones are dogs, cats, and rabbits.

As much as we love our pets and have them around us, sometimes they can get messy from peeing on the floor, chewing and pulling on carpet edges to their favorite digging spots on carpets, thereby damaging our floorings.

When it comes to acquiring the knowledge on how to repair carpet damage by pets, all you need to know are two key points which are to cut away loose thread and repair loose seams as soon as you can.

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How to Repair Carpet Damage by Pets

Here are ways to repair your carpet from pet damage

Cut Away Loose Thread

Sometimes their claws can get stuck in the edge of the carpet, which can loosen the threads of the carpet, leaving behind loops and loose ends. You can use a scissor to trim and cut loose thread giving it a leveled look.

Repair Loose Seams

One unique thing about pets is that they always find the loose ends; they always tug on it till they pull up loose ends of a carpet where there is a seam. If this is you, here is what to do:

  • Grab a hot melt carpet tape to get started
  • Cut the hot melt carpet tape to the size of the flap
  • Put the tape exactly under the seam of the carpet where the two carpet end meet
  • Heat the iron and press it firmly into place, giving it a good seal

How to Fix Holes in Carpet From Dogs

Chewing comes naturally to dogs. There are various reasons a dog may chew on your carpets, it could be due to anxiety or an abundance of energy, and it is looking for a way to work it off.

It could also be he is trying to get your attention, or he might be teething. Puppies experience pain during teething, increasing their desire to chew on anything.

The following are tools you will need to fix a hole in the carpet.

  • Hot melt carpet tape
  • Utility knife
  • A piece of matching carpet
  • Cardboard
  • marker

Steps to Fix Hole in Carpet From Dogs

  1. Using a utility knife, create a hole by cutting  out the square around the ribbed part of the carpet
  2. Cut out a square-shaped cardboard a little bigger than the square taken out of the carpet and place it in the hole
  3. Using a marker on the cardboard, trace around the hole in the carpet
  4. Cut the cardboard into the square you traced
  5. Turn the matching carpet piece upside down and trace around the cardboard
  6. Cut out the square you traced onto the back of the cardboard
  7. The edges of the new carpet piece should be lined with hot melt carpet tape, and thereafter flap the edges of the tape underneath the carpet square
  8. Set the matching carpet piece into the hole in the carpet
  9. Iron over the patch to the tape and seal the carpet together
  10. Vacuum over the area to blend carpet fabrics

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Ways to Protect Your Carpet From Pet Damage

The following are ways to reduce pet damage to your carpets.

1. Trimming of Nails and Wiping of Paws

Constantly trimming their nails reduces the extent to which damage is done to carpets; it reduces the sharpness of their claws. also, wiping down their paws after an outdoor activity reduces stains on furniture and carpets.

2. Spot Clean Right Away

Spot cleaning right away after a urine stain or any other pet-related incident is a great way to care for your carpets as this prevents moisture from getting trapped in the carpet. Always spot clean with the right products to reduce the spreading of bacteria.

3. Vacuum Twice Weekly

It is important to vacuum weekly because of the shedding of pet hair, dander, and pet saliva, which can easily get trapped in the carpet. A weekly vacuum prevents odor from pets that can accumulate over time.

4. Stain-Resistant Carpet

Although expensive, this is a better option if you are always replacing carpets due to pet damage. They have protective layers to prevent stains from getting into the carpet fibers, they can withstand being vacuumed and steam-cleaned compared to other carpets. It is also durable

5. Use a Hardwood or Tile Entrance

After outdoor activities, hardwood or a tile at the entrance prevents pets from tracking mud onto the carpets, you should also keep a towel handy to their body in cases of rain and snowfall.

6. Use a Carpet Powder

There is carpet powder specifically designed for carpet care for pets. Sprinkle powder on carpets and let it sit for an amount of time. Vacuum thoroughly as the powder helps pull up hair and dander trapped in carpet fibers.

7. Steam Clean

This can be done monthly to remove dirt from the carpet. You can do this with a cleaning machine, soap, and water. You should do it mildly to protect your carpet

8. Stain Guard

You can consider using a stain/scotch guard if you have an old carpet. It acts as a protective layer and should be done professionally to secure every carpet spot. It only lasts for a certain period, and it should be repeated after that.

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Carpet care is necessary for our homes to enjoy cleaner spaces and healthier living with pets. It is tasking, but it’s worth it for the joy of having pets.

So if you are a pet owner or thinking of buying a pet, you don’t have to worry about getting your carpets damaged. You can follow these tips in protecting your carpet while having your favorite pet.

We’ve come to the end of how to repair carpet damage by pets, and we believe we’ve done a great job outlining how. We also believe this article is both helpful and informative. Kindly share it across your social media pages if you feel the same way.

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