How To Keep Carpet Edges From Fraying – 3 Easy Methods

How To Keep Carpet Edges From Fraying

Fraying tarnish the beauty of your carpet, plus they could trip you over if you step wrongly on it. If you’re looking for ways on how to keep carpet edges from fraying, then we’ve got you covered.

There are different reasons why your carpet’s edge could start to fray, from improperly installed carpeting to general wear and tear.

If your carpet has been owned for ten years or longer, they are bound to start fraying at some point. There are few ways you can stop your carpet from fraying. By cutting out the frayed edges, using binding tapes as well as carpet binding equipment.

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How To Keep Carpet From Unraveling

Cutout The Frayed Edges

For starters, you could cut off the frayed edges of the carpet using a sharp utility knife or scissors. Although this may sound easy to do, it isn’t all that easy.

When cutting off the frayed edges, you need to be as precise as possible; use a chalk marker to mark the carpet before cutting. This is very crucial, and skipping this step could cause you to cut your carpet sideways.

After making the length and width of frayed edges, you intend to cut out, use a sharp utility knife or scissors. It is important that your cutting tool is very sharp, as using a dull or blunt tool will only further damage your carpet.

Use Binding Tape

Binding tape is another choice to prevent your carpet from fraying. They are a quick and easy fix as it does not require any installing tool, simply purchase the binding tape from your local hardware store and install them on your carpet.

Binding tape can be used to hold down carpets and rugs and make them look neat; it will also prevent the carpet from moving around and make the edges last longer.

Installing binding tape is very easy; just buy enough edge trim for your entire carpet, and you’ll be good to go.

For a semi-permanent solution, you can use carpet tape to hold down your carpet and prevent it from moving around, which eventually causes its edges to fray.

Carpet Binding Equipment

Carpet binding products are great and very easy to install. They can be used to revamp your carpet’s look; there are different carpet edge styles to choose from.

To use binding equipment to fix your carpet, you will need a pair of scissors, glue sticks, a hot glue gun, and a long nozzle to do the job.

Start by cutting out a little part of the carpet binding, this way; you can have a fresh start when installing the binding equipment.

As you press on the binder to the carpet, slowly pull off the sticker; make sure to press the binder on the carpet as closely as possible.

Before using glue to hold the binder in place permanently, use a heavy book to press it down and then cut the plastic at the corner and flap it on each other to form a corner shape of the bind.

Finally, add the glue to hold the binder. Add a straight line of glue to the binder using a hot glue gun, and the bindings will automatically stick to it. Make some final adjustments, and your carpet should be good as new.

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There are different types and styles of carpet edges to choose from; they include:

  • Safety edge style: for carpets in areas that receive minimal light like the hallway, neon green, and orange can be used along with a reflective edge that reflects in the dark.
  • Cotton binding style: this binding style is specifically for wool or cotton or any natural fiber rug or carpet.
  • Synthetic serge binding style: this binding style lasts longer than regular serge binding.
  • Cotton serge style: the instabind cotton serge style has made it possible to have a beautifully serge carpet without having to own an expensive serging machine. It is available in different colors from the cotton serge yarn line.
  • Faux leather style: this style is similar to traditional binding but without any stitch visibility, and it is more durable. The faux leather style is available in a variety of colors and 48-foot rolls.
  • Rope edge style: to give your carpet a marine look, you can use instabind rope style in yachts/boats & seashore home interiors.
  • Regular binding style: this is a traditional style of binding, and it is for when you want your carpet to have a traditional look
  • Outdoor marine style: this binding style is best suited for outdoors and can be used to prevent mildew growth and block ultraviolet rays.

4 Series Carpet Edge Sealing Tip

This is an easy way of stopping your carpet edges from fraying. All you need is a hot glue gun, and with a little practice, you can seal your entire carpet in less than 3hours. Using a carpet edge sealing tip ensures that the excess glue doesn’t stay in one place and your carpet stays put.

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Transition strips

Transition strips are used to create a smooth transitioning from one-floor style to another. There are different types of transition strips, and you should opt for the right one that suits your carpet. Here are the types of transition strips;

Metal transition strips

Metal transition strips are the most commonly used transition strips. They require nailing during installation, and you need to be very careful when putting the nails down. Putting it wrongly could cause the top of the nails to hurt your feet.

Pvc transition strips

Pvc transition strips are a cheaper alternative to metal transition strips. They are easy to curve and available in different colors, making it easy to match them with your carpet.

Heat machine

If you do not want to add anything extra to your carpet in order to fix it, you can use a heat machine or blow torch to burn off the frayed edges and melt the carpet edges.

This should secure the edges and stop the fraying but be very cautious when handling hot equipment like a heat machine or blow torch; always remember to wear protective gear.

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With these tips and techniques, you should now know how to keep carpet edges from fraying. There are so many different ways to keep carpet from unraveling; opt for the option that suits you most.

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