Can You Reuse Hardwood Flooring? (3 Easy Methods)

Reusing hardwood flooring

Hardwood flooring is very durable and can take quite a beating. If you pulled up an old flooring that is still in good condition, you might wonder, “can you reuse hardwood flooring”?

Its always fun when recycling objects, and the answer to can you reuse hardwood flooring is yes; you do not have to toss out your old floor timbers; instead, you can put them into any use you can imagine.

So, if you have some time in your hands and a pile of old wood flooring timbers that have no assigned use, here is some inspirational recycled wood projects you can reuse hardwood flooring for to get your creative juices flowing.

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How can you Reuse Hardwood Floors

1. Refacing/Cladding OF Cabinets

One way to put old hardwood floors into good use is by using them to reface or clad your kitchen or bathroom cabinets. Depending on the quantity of the floorboards you have to recycle, you can create so many looks.

You can completely clad or reface your cabinets with the repurposed wood flooring to give your kitchen a rustic touch. Or you can create a more quirky and laid-back feel by using the repurposed wood flooring for just one element of your space.

The type and nature of the old reclaimed wood will also dictate to a certain degree what kind of overall style your room will have.

This breakfast bar has been made with unfinished, paint distressed reclaimed floorboards and adds to the shabby-chic feel of the space, whilst the combination of old wood slats set on the diagonal with the metal frame on this kitchen island adds visual interest to an otherwise quite pared-down design.

You can not only reuse reclaimed hardwood flooring for cladding cabinets. They can also be used to clad feature walls. This unique material is used by many contemporary interior designers to uplift the look of a room.

It is best to keep the cladding just to one focus wall of the space and add desired texture using the most interesting pieces of the old wood material.

Wood clad walls or what is also known as accent walls can work with either rustic, minimalist, or urban loft themes. They pair with just about any furnishing.

2. Recycle Wood Furniture

If you have old hardwood floors that can be reused, you can use them to recycle any wood furniture. Its inherent lived-in feel makes it the perfect material to use in creating all kinds of furniture items, and because they are made with old reclaimed hardwood, the furniture has the added advantage of being totally unique.

Recycled hardwood can be turned into different stunning pieces of furniture. If you are a DIY-er with average furniture-making skills, you may find it difficult to make sleek furniture that is free of “amateur spots” like dents and scratches and has a clean finish. Instead, you can try making more “rustic” finished recycled furniture that is easier to put together.

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Create Wood Décor Objects

Home décor objects are not just decorative but can also serve a functional purpose. Making creative wood décor is another way to reuse pieces of old hardwood flooring and homewares like simple wooden box shelves made from recycled wood.

And you get to incorporate desired “colors, shapes, and patterns into the created items. Instead of the regular shabby-chic take on recycling timbers, you can use the reclaimed boards to create eclectic pieces of furniture and homeware.

You can use your old floorboards to make frames for mirrors or pictures or a coat hanger that is simply hooks attached to a wide strip of board placed on the wall to hang coats on.

You can also create sturdy storage boxes that can serve as garden planters. Turn a strip of the board into a pleasing candle holder by using a router to make circular holes and divots on the wood.

Recycled Wood Artwork

Aside from home décor objects, you can also use recycled wood to create artwork. The finished result of an artwork made from reclaimed wood is completely unique, and there will be nothing else like it in the world!

Creating art from reclaimed wood is a lot easier than you think; you can repurpose, build with, or paint on reclaimed timber boards.

You can make personalized artwork, and if you’re handy with a jigsaw and router, you can make very on-trend word art.

You can buy these art pieces from experts if you don’t have great art-making skills, but you can also give making yours a try; I mean, what’s the worst that could happen?

3. Make Wooden Toys

The last but not least way you can reuse hardwood floors is by making simple toys for your kids! Wood offcuts are great for recycling into toys that are very durable. There is plenty of art maker using recycled wood for toys you can check to get inspiration.

A popular Italian artist-maker, Arcangelo Favata, made a fantastic ride-on wooden toy horse with a decoy opening that reveals storage space for treasure. The horse’s back doubles up as a desk surface.

This woodworking skill level may be higher than you could recreate, but you can still create lots of basic wooden toys, even if you have very little carpentry know-how.

Can You Reuse Tongue And Groove Flooring

Tongue and groove flooring is categorized as contemporary flooring, and it can be reused and recycled if you pull up a flooring that is still in good shape.

You can reuse tongue and groove flooring, and you can do so the same way you install new flooring, but ensure to inspect each board carefully before you use them.

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Can you reuse hardwood flooring? Yes! So how can you reuse hardwood floors? Reclaimed wood can be used for a variety of uses ranging from recladding furniture to robbery, creating wood décor objects and artwork. Whatever use you put your old flooring to, you are sure to turn them into a beautiful and unique piece

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