How to Clean Bathroom Mats (Our 2 Major Simple Methods)

how to clean bathroom mats

Dirt easily accumulates on bathroom mats; this can turn them into a breeding house of germs. This is why it is very important to wash them frequently.

These are two basic methods on how to clean bathroom mats, you can machine wash your bathroom mat and you can as well hand wash them.

Do not wait until your bathroom mats start emitting a bad odor before you wash. This because your bathroom mats can accumulate quite a bit of gunk before it begins to appear musty.

Thankfully the process of cleaning bathroom mats is very simple and straightforward; you can hand wash or machine wash them depending on the type of backing the mat has; here’s the ultimate guide on how to clean bathroom mats.

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How to Clean Bathroom Mats

Give It a Good Shake

Take your bathroom mats outside and give them a good shake. This will remove any loose dirt and debris. You can also use a vacuum cleaner for this.

Check the Care Tag 

Check the care tag on the back of your bathroom mats; this will provide you with any important washing instructions. Most bathroom mats are machine-washable, but the proper care techniques may vary by material, and certain cleaning methods could prevent your mat from wearing down faster.

Machine Wash Your Bathroom Mat

You can machine wash your bathroom mat if it’s made from materials like cotton, polyester, nylon, chenille, memory foam, and plastic.

Select a warm or hot temperature when washing cotton, polyester, nylon, and plastic rugs, as high heat is needed to kill any bacteria or mould.

However, when washing a memory foam bath mat, it should be done at a cooler temperature to keep the synthetic material intact. You should also avoid using bleach to wash memory foam.

Always wash your bathroom mats using a gentle cycle setting. This is especially important when cleaning large rubber-backed rugs, as it will help to prevent the sticky, slip-resistant surface from deteriorating.

When washing an all-plastic mat, you can vinegar, which is a natural cleaning ingredient, to achieve a truly clean bath mat. Simply pour 1/4 cup distilled white vinegar right alongside the detergent into the washer to give your bathroom mat a thorough sanitation treatment.

Adding a few drops of tea tree oil to the mixture will help eliminate any unwanted smells on your mats. This will also give your bathroom a fresh fragrance when the mat is used.

To prevent your washing machine from off-balancing and making unusually loud noises as you wash, you can toss a few bath towels into the load; just be careful not to overload.

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Hand-Washing Bathroom Mats

Hand-washing is recommended for bathroom mats made from materials such as bamboo, jute, and other natural fibers.

This will help to maintain its materials and also extend the overall lifetime. To do this, put on some rubber gloves and fill your kitchen sink or a large tub with warm water and add a few tablespoons of laundry detergent.

It is advised that you place a plastic drop cloth or towel over the floor to protect it whenever you are cleaning inside.

Soak the bath mat in the soapy mix and use a sponge to scrub it gently. Next, empty the sink or tub and rinse the mat with cool water until the soap is washed away completely.

However, if your bathroom mat is made with bamboo or any other natural fiber rugs, do not saturate the mat completely in soapy water.

Instead, use a sponge soaked in warm, soapy water to spot clean dirty areas. Area rugs should also be cleaned in this manner.

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Hang Dry or Tumble Dry

Drying your bathroom mats is the simplest task of the entire process. If you can machine-wash the mats, then chances are that you can machine-dry it as well but make sure to check the care tag first; memory mats, however, should not be tumbled dry.

You can dry other mats using a cooler temperature setting to avoid any shrinking, especially if your mat is made from cotton.

You can hang dry any bathroom mat. You only need to simply hang it in your laundry room over a drying rack, on a shower rod, or on a clothesline.

Just make sure the mat is not exposed to direct sunlight to avoid any discoloration. If you have a rubber-backed bath mat, it may require the hang-dry method because the plastic underside could melt in the dryer. Once your mat is completely dry, you can place it back in the bathroom.

How to Wash Memory Foam Bathroom Mats

A memory foam bathroom mat is popular for its cushiony softness, but washing this type is quite complicated and should be done right in other to avoid damage to the mat’s material; here’s how to wash memory foam bathroom mats.

Wash the Rug

Start by vacuuming the rug surface to remove any loose dirt and debris; you can also sweep it off with a broom. Use suitable cleaning agents to spot clean stains or pre-treat heavily soiled areas.

Place the bath mat in the washing machine with its right side exposed. Run the machine on a delicate cycle and add regular laundry soap or detergent and cool water.

Memory foam mats are made from synthetic material, so do not tumble dry the rug and avoid bleach and other harsh cleaning solvents and chemicals.

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Dry the Rug

Once the cycle ends, take out the bath mat from the washer. Then check the care tag for recommended drying methods. Some manufacturers suggest tumble drying the mat on low and taking it out while it’s still damp, then air dry it completely; this is usually to avoid a peeled backing.

Some manufacturers also recommend laying the rug flat to dry or hanging it on a shower bar. Do not hold memory mats with clothespins; as they pinch the foam and leave compression marks.

Once the bath mat is dry, you may need to gently tug and stretch out the memory foam in order to restore its original dimensions.

It may take your foam mat quite a while to dry completely; this is due to its porous nature and ability to absorb water, so be patient and allow the mat to dry completely.

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Are Bath Mats Machine Washable?

Yes, most bath mats and rugs are machine washable. But if you have plastic or rubber-backed mats, you need to avoid exposing them to heat, so no hot rinses and should be hung dry.

How Often Should You Wash Bath Mats?

How often you should wash your bath mats can be subjective, as this depends on how frequently the mat is used. A good rule of thumb to follow is to wash your bath mat at least once per week.

However, if you live in a household that shares a bathroom between two or more people, then it is suggested that you wash your bath mats every 3 to 5 weeks.

If you do not share your bathroom, you may be able to get away with washing your bath mats about every ten days, but no more than this is to avoid the buildup of mold or mildew underneath the mat.



As discussed earlier, the two major ways on how to clean bathroom mats include machine washing as well as hand washing. Both methods are effective yet have their pros and cons.

Bathroom mats made from natural fibers such as sisal or jute are not machine friendly, hand washing is highly recommended for a longer lifespan of natural fiber mats.

On the other hand, machine washing requires temperature regulations for different types of mat. A memory foam mat requires a cool temperature as opposed to cotton, nylon and plastic rugs which requires a hot temperature.

With all these fairly noted, you can rest assured that your bathroom mat will remain clean and last long.

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