What Is Hand Scraped Hardwood Flooring?

what is hand scraped hardwood flooring

If you are a lover of wood floorings and looking for something extra, you can try the hand scrapped flooring option.

What is hand Scraped hardwood flooring? Hand scraped hardwood flooring is a special type of wood flooring that has defined style and texture added to its surface.

This is usually done by hand scraping the surfaces of wood flooring planks before it is finished with lacquer or oil.

Hand scraping is used to make new wood look faded and antiqued. This can be dated back to the early history of woods, before using machines on wood. Woods planks were hand sawn. 

If you opt for this type of flooring, you should note that no two planks come out the same. This is because of the uniqueness associated with each hand artwork. All hand-scraped woods tend to have a rustic textured look as a result.

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Hand Scraped Flooring: Pros and Cons

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of hand scraped wood flooring


Beautiful and Rustic Aesthetics 

Unlike other hardwood with smooth finishes, hand-scraped wood is the direct opposite, it doesn’t feel or look smooth.

It has a rougher texture and looks, which makes it stand out, attractive, beautiful, and gives the environment a different look

Easy to Maintain

Maintenance of hand-scraped hardwood floors is quite easy, and you can use a dust mop with a microfiber fitted head for basic weekly cleaning.

Use a wet mop and a mild cleanser for a deeper cleaning monthly. Quickly dry up pooled water and wipe any spills on the floor.

Wipe claws and paws of your pet if you own one, and placemats at door entrances to reduce dirt tracked inside.

Highly Durable

Hardwood is durable. Because of its natural color and texture, it does not reveal flaws that might ruin the look of other hardwood floors. Scratches and dents tend to blend in because of their rough features.

 Anti-Scratch Finish

Anti-scratch finishes are used on hand-scraped wood surfaces with a span of 20 years .you don’t need to worry about regular refinishing.

Most hand-scraped woods have a rough look and feel. Most dents and scratches are not easily visible. This is a suitable option if you have kids and pets.


It is Costly

If you opt for hands-scraped woods, you need to budget for a higher price. Making hand-scraped woods is not automated like the production processes of other woods; it requires a craftsman’s touch, which gives it a personal style, thereby increasing prices in the process.

Difficult to Install

Having the right tools can make hand-scrapped installation less difficult for one. It takes time to install hand-scraped wood. It takes more time for larger areas.

Loss of Investment

Not everyone might share your views on hand-scraped wood, property owners might run into circumstances in the future that might require them to put up their property for sale, some shoppers are likely to underprice you because of your hand scrapped floorings.


You need the services of a professional to install hand-scraped woods because it requires artistry, patience, and skills.

Choosing a cheaper option like that next-door neighbor or a relative can leave you with regrets and ugly work if it’s not correctly done.

Best Way to Clean Hand Scrapped Woods

Cleaning hand scrapped hardwood floors is simple. You need to have the right cleaning products to achieve this, and a weekly vacuum is necessary to keep dust and dirt away and to ensure dirt is not trapped in the nooks and crannies created on the surface. A dry mop should handle this.

A monthly cleaning can be carried out using a wet mop and mild cleaning products.

Always dry up any liquid as soon as it spills on the floor. This is to avoid the wood soaking up moisture in it.

Good cleaning practices help in maintaining your hand-scraped floors

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Cost of Installation

There are many things to consider in the installation of hand-scraped hardwood floors

  • Area size
  • Type of wood
  • Material delivery
  • Installation labor
  • Cost and sales taxes
  • The cost of labor rates in specific geographic areas are likely to affect the final cost
  • Underlayment installation on a subfloor plus the difficult process of culling and blending followed by the binding nail to wood flooring can also affect the final cost
  • You might also want to consider the possible remediation of surfaces and subfloors that require leveling
  • Complex building structures can be an additional cost

There are online tools to calculate the cost of installing hand scrapped woods; you need to input the square footage of the area of installation, zip code, and factor in variables to come up with an estimate of the cost required to start the project.

How to Get the Best Deal for Your Hand Scrapped Floorings

  • Consult and get estimates from different wood manufacturers, and choose the best option for you.
  • Source for different wood from supply houses and negotiate a better deal from each. Pick the one more suitable for your budget. Make sure you don’t settle for inferior quality.
  • When planning your budgets, give room for fluctuation of prices. Expect the price of materials to differ between companies as they operate under different policies and procedures.
  • Don’t deviate too far from your budget as this may be an inconvenience cost.

FAQ: What Is Hand Scraped Hardwood Flooring

What Is the Difference Between Hardwood Scraped by Hand vs Machine?

A machine can try to replicate the scrapes and pits of hand scrapping, but it can never compare to the original look of hand-scraped wood. It cannot give you that rustic look.

Also, you can customize hand scrap wood to different varieties but can’t do that with a machine as it tends to rely on repetition.

What Type of Wood Is Best for Hand-Scraped Woods?

You can use any wood of choice for hand scrapping, and each wood has its feature which separates it from others. Most wood varieties are durable and are perfect for hand scraping.

However, common hand-scraped woods are oaks, pecan, pine, and walnut. Other woods like maple and teak are good but can be very difficult to work on, thereby spending more time on installation. When it comes to looking, bamboo gives the best appearance.

Engineered woods are less durable than solid woods for hand-scraped works but can be an alternative option for those who don’t mind.

How Long Does It Take To Hand-Scrape a Floor?

It can be done between a few hours and a couple of days. This largely depends on the area of installation. More hands mean more work done.

Why Do People Scrape Woods?

Hardwood is intentionally scraped to give it a different look. People like the warm natural rustic and ancient look that comes with hand scrapping

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Hand scraped wood flooring might just be the change you need to enhance the look of your home. Each piece of work is unique and a beautiful piece of art. When used as interior décor, it feels like having nature in your home.

This article was written to help you understand every detail pertaining to what is hand scraped hardwood flooring and subsequently help you make informed decisions about them.

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