Do Matt Porcelain Tiles Need Sealing?

do matt porcelain tiles need sealing

Porcelain tiles are one of the most common types of tile worldwide. Porcelain tiles are made from clay exposed to extremely high temperatures to discard all forms of moisture to become rigid.

Do Matt Porcelain tiles need sealing? Depends! Some professionals believe that since matt porcelain tiles are unpolished and incredibly resistant to stain, they don’t need to be sealed while others say otherwise.

The popularity of porcelain tiles stems from their ability to mimic natural stones. With porcelain tiles, you get some of the elegance of natural stones without the stress associated with that. Porcelain tiles come in various designs, styles, and colors.

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What Are Matt Porcelain Tiles?

You can install matt tiles in any area of the house. Matt tiles have a unique topmost layer that gives it a subtle, less shiny look.

Matt tiles are slip-resistant tiles suitable for any room in the house. Due to its non-slippery nature, many people consider it ideal for their kitchens, patios, bathrooms, et cetera.

Besides places with high water spillage, matt tiles are suitable for your sitting rooms, bedrooms, et cetera.

If you favor the rustic, natural look for your homes, you should consider matt tiles.

Are Matt Porcelain Tiles Hard to Clean?

Matte Porcelain tiles do not need frequent cleaning. They do a better job than most tiles at hiding stains.

They do not reflect light, so they are exceptionally good at hiding stains, smudges, et cetera. Matt tiles require less maintenance than most tiles.

Because they conceal stains better than others, cleaning them does require more time and effort than most tiles.

How to Clean Matt Porcelain Tiles

The most effective way of cleaning your matt porcelain tiles is to use a mixture of tepid water, a small quantity of detergent, and white vinegar.

Mix in a mop bucket and apply a brush on your matt porcelain floor tiles. Scrub thoroughly to remove the old stains and hidden smudges.

Rinse with water and dry with a soft clean cloth. Baking soda is another practical way of cleaning your matt porcelain tiles if you’d prefer that method.

Do Matt Porcelain Tiles Need Sealing?

Some professionals believe that since matt porcelain tiles are unpolished and incredibly resistant to stain, they don’t need to be sealed.

At the same time, some believe that all floor tiles need sealant. They argue that since they are likely to accumulate dirt and grime, it is necessary to seal them with a sealant.

The other school of thought believes otherwise. The matt porcelain surface can do without sealants, especially the darker variety.

Are Matt Porcelain Tiles Water Proof?

Matt porcelain tiles are often regarded as waterproof. This means that they possess water-resistant qualities. Matt porcelain tiles are impervious to humidity.

They are unlikely to get damaged when exposed to areas with lots of moisture or extreme weather conditions such as heavy rainfall or sunshine.

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Pros and Cons of Matt Porcelain Tiles

As with most flooring options, there are pros and cons. In this article, we’ll be listing the pros and cons of matt porcelain tiles.


Some of the pros include;

1. Matt porcelain tiles require low maintenance. They do not require regular cleaning as a result of their non-reflective nature.

2. Most matt porcelain tiles favor a more natural outlook. Porcelain tiles will be right up your alley if you fan the rustic or natural look.

3. Matt porcelain has better friction than most tile floors. It is incredibly non-slippery and very suitable for moisture-prone areas. Less slippery tiles mean fewer domestic accidents.

4. They are beautiful. Matt porcelain tiles are some of the most beautiful tiles available. They mirror the natural look so well.

5. They are durable and cost considerably less than most floor tiles. An adequately maintained porcelain tile can last for decades.


Some of the cons include;

1. It requires more time and effort to clean than most tile floors.

2. Matt porcelain tiles are non-glossy. They are not shiny; instead, they look rusty and natural. They do not reflect light, making them a terrible fit for dark rooms.

3. While matt porcelain tiles are excellent at concealing dirt and scratches, they certainly do not prevent them.

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Matt porcelain tiles are made from clay, and they are exposed to high temperature to get rid of the moisture and then takes their current form.

They are unpolished tiles, less porous than most tiles, and highly resistant to water, making it unnecessary to apply sealants.

The article revealed that porcelain tiles are some of the most popular tiles available, and a key reason for that popularity is their grip. It simply means that they are non-slippery.

If you’ve recently installed matt porcelain tiles and you’re wondering if you should seal or not, whichever decision you take is acceptable.

It is our sincere hope that this article helped make the decision easier, if it does, kindly share it across your social media platforms.

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