What Is Vintage Hardwood Flooring? (4 Easy Ways to Achieve It)

what is vintage hardwood flooring

We may all be familiar with the wholly historic hardwood flooring, but what is vintage hardwood flooring?.

Vintage Hardwood Flooring is a hardwood flooring style with a feel of oldness, flooring with an old, beautifully stained hardwood.

Back to the question; what is vintage hardwood flooring, you could say vintage hardwood flooring is either old wood flooring or new wood flooring that has undergone the process of aging, so it looks and feels like an old wood floor.

Before we dive into the various styles of Vintage Hardwood Flooring, let’s first explore some important factors you need to consider before going for Hardwood Flooring.

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Factors to Consider Before Choosing Hardwood Flooring

Here are some important factors to note:

1. Preference and Lifestyle

As beautiful as hardwood flooring may seem, it needs to match your personal preference and notion first, before that of the public.

If you’re uncomfortable with floor stains or have a lot of kids( in their active years), or you own disturbing pets, or your home is prone to humidity or stands in a high-humid area, you might as well have to take into consideration other flooring types. Hardwood flooring is most likely not the most ideal for you!

2. Select Solid or Engineered Flooring

Traditionally, hardwood flooring came in thick planks of solid timber, what we know as ‘solid hardwood flooring. Solid hardwood is still widely used today, but many companies also offer engineered hardwood flooring.

Solid hardwood flooring is a type of hardwood flooring in which the floorboard comprises one piece (kind) of wood, i.e., planks made up of a single piece of timber (not combined).

On the other hand, engineered hardwood flooring, just as the name implies, is a put-together kind of hardwood, a combination of solid hardwood and a layer or layers of a plywood core.

While deciding on what hardwood flooring type to use for your new apartment, it’s important to note that solid hardwood flooring is more expensive to install and less durable.

In contrast, the engineered hardwood flooring is more durable, and less expensive but cannot be finished and sanded more than once or twice due to the thin layer of the hardwood on the surface.

Engineered hardwood flooring is ideal for high-humid parts of the house and parts that are mostly water-affected, such as the kitchen and bathroom. Although engineered flooring has advantages, many people still prefer solid wood.

As Miller puts it: “There’s something about a solid hardwood that’s a tangible difference,” “You can feel it underfoot, and it’s quieter.”

Whether you prefer a solid hardwood flooring option or engineered hardwood flooring, your home floors will thank you, as both options give an adorable outlook.

3. Site-Finished or Prefinished

Floorboards can be prefinished (i.e., before installation) or on-site finished (i.e., after installation). Solid hardwood is almost always available without stain and sealer or any form of pre-finishing.

Prefinished hardwood usually arrives with the stain and topcoat applied on the floorboard. On-site finishing is simply finishing, top coating, applying stain on the job/installation site.

While prefinished hardwood flooring gives the homeowner a pre-information on what interiors to augment the flooring style/design, on-site allows the homeowner some creativity and personal preference styling on the floorboards. Both finishing options are ideal.

What Is Vintage Hardwood Flooring and Its Available Options

A hand scraped flooring may be the perfect flooring for you if you’re someone who prefers the feel and looks of hardwood flooring, but you’re in search of something a bit different then.

Note: Vintage hardwood flooring is not a type of hardwood flooring; it’s a style. A style that appears quite different and ancient, even.

Vintage flooring is either old wood flooring or new wood floor that has undergone the process of aging, so it looks like an old wood floor.

Vintage hardwood flooring style is mostly predominant in old, historic, and rustic locations. In recent years, the vintage hardwood flooring Style has grown more popular.

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The following are the most popular methods to achieve a Vintage look on your Hardwood Floor:

Scraped/Distressed Method

A vintage hardwood flooring Look can be achieved by hand-scrapping the planks/floorboards with a machine or hand, to give a distressed look/feel.

Hand-scraped flooring is a type of hardwood flooring achieved by intentionally scrapping hardwood flooring surfaces to achieve a rustic, old-world, and distressed look and feel. 

The planks of hand-scraped hardwood flooring are always the same way as any other hardwood flooring; only the surface has been scraped by hand before the planks are finished with oil or lacquer.

Hand scraped wood flooring is the best match for any home, especially if you look for a floor with a rustic appeal and some extra character and flavor. Hardwood can be scraped with a hand or a machine to give an old, antique look.

Reclaimed Hardwood

A Vintage Hardwood Flooring Look can be achieved by using reclaimed hardwood.

Reclaimed hardwood is old processed woods that have been formerly used and renewed for reuse. Reclaimed hardwood is wood with a past life used for a new purpose.

Reclaimed woods effortlessly gives a feel of oldness, history, style, and character. Reclaimed flooring planks usually come from derelict and demolished recycled beams and joints.

Knotty Woods

The vintage hardwood flooring Look can be achieved by using knotty woods. Knotty woods are woods with lots of character. Using knotty words is a simple way to achieve Vintage Hardwood Flooring.

Oiled Hardwood Floors

In cases like this, a vintage look can still be achieved using prefinished oiled floors or refinishing with Rubio monocoat. This type of floor is not only more expensive to achieve, but they also require more maintenance, and the advantage is that they are always a beauty to behold.

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Hardwood Flooring is an exotic and elegant flooring option for all building types. From industrial to residential, modern to antique, and family to the individual.

A beautiful, durable, and yet affordable flooring option for almost every class of human. It’s believed that hardwood flooring gives an aesthetic feel to home interiors, though there are still some setbacks to this flooring type.

Vintage Hardwood Flooring is a style of hardwood flooring, that gives a more beautiful and historically appealing look: the character, the charm, the uniqueness, and the touch of antiquity give it an unmatched elegance.

Vintage Hardwood Flooring is a timeless and stately hardwood flooring style; its uniqueness and beauty cannot be adequately explained in words; you’ve got to see and feel it for yourself.

We’ve come to the end of what is vintage wood flooring, and we believe we’ve done a great job outlining how. We also believe this article is both helpful and informative. If you feel the same way, kindly share it across your social media pages and engage us in the comment section.

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