How to Remove Red Clay Stains From Concrete (2 Easy Fix)

how to remove red clay stains from concrete

Red clay soils can be found in many places around the world. Red clay soils are responsible for red clay stains. In areas where red clay soils are dominant, stains on concrete floors are inevitable.

Removing red clay stains from concrete can be done either by using bleach or acid based cleaners.

Red clay stains are pretty much difficult to remove. Patios, garages and walkways, are some of this menace’s biggest ‘benefactors. Let’s dive into detailed steps on how to remove red clay stains from concrete.

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What Are Red Clay Stains?

The chemical composition of red clay soil includes silica at 59.32%, calcium at 2.1% and iron oxide at 4.29%, and a host of other compounds.

The problematic nature of red clay stems from the fact that it contains iron dioxide.

The iron dioxide is responsible for the rusty nature of red clay. Iron dioxide’s presence in red clay is the reason it can be so challenging to remove.

How Does Red Clay Stain Concrete?

Red clay stains concrete floors in several ways. Stains are bound to occur in locations where red clay soil is dominant.

When there is a heavy downpour. The clay gets carried into the concrete floor.

Concrete floors are highly porous, which makes it all the more problematic. Red clay stains are also taken through various footwear.

How to Remove Red Clay Stains From Concrete

One of the most practical ways of removing red clay stains is with a combination of an acid-based cleaner and a power washer.

Bleach also is quite helpful against red clay stains. When red clay seeps into concrete floors, it forms a bond with the concrete, making it very difficult to remove.

A potent acid-based cleaner or bleach breaks that bond and forces the red clay to come out.

This article will touch on the various ways to remove red clay stains on concrete floors.

1. Bleach

Bleach contains oxalic acid, and oxalic acids are the principal ingredient of most rust removers.

Before using bleach, ensure the stained concrete floor is properly wet. Apply the bleach generously on the affected concrete floor and leave for an hour or two.

Rinse off with a pressure washer. Repeat the procedure until it is to your satisfaction. 

2. An Acid Based Cleaner

Get an acid-based cleaner from a store close to you. Avoid buying a highly concentrated acid as that might end up damaging your floor.

Get an acid-base cleaner that isn’t too corrosive. An acid-based cleaner that is slightly diluted would do just fine.

If you’re not too sure, one would be recommended for you. The right acid-based cleaner gets the stain off your concrete floors without causing any significant damage.

The process is similar to the first. Wet the affected area and apply the floor cleaner directly on your floor.

The acid cleaner immediately reacts with the clay upon introduction.

You’ll notice a few bubbles on the floor with the red clay dislodged and driven to the surface. Leave for a while before rinsing off with your pressure washer.

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Can a Pressure Washer Remove Red Clay Stains?

You might be wondering if the pressure washer isn’t enough to get the job done. The answer is no; Red clay stains are stubborn, period.

The concrete floor is porous, especially when it isn’t sealed. Red clay seeps in through these pores and feels at home instantly.

Red clay stains make the floors look ugly. When a power washer combines with an acid cleaner or bleach, the result is magical. 


  • Let them dry on the concrete floor, forming a cake
  • Once the mud is dried up, scrub as much as you possibly can out with the help of a brush.
  • Use a soft cloth to apply oil soap over the affected area.
  • Allow resting for 15-30 minutes.
  • Rinse with sufficient water to get rid of the clay stains.


You pour some white vinegar directly onto the stained floor and let it sit for 20 or 30 minutes. Scrub with a brush until the entire stain is gone.

This method of cleaning is both pocket and environmentally friendly.

This method doesn’t leave a dent in your pocket, and it is 100% natural. When all else fails, give this method a try.

How Do I Prevent Red Clay Stains From Getting on My Floor?

Simple! Move to a new location.

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In this article, we touched on several ways to remove red clay stains on concrete floors.

When using the acid-based floor cleaner, remember to wear protective clothing such as gloves, eye goggles, nose masks, and make sure it is well ventilated.

We explored the effectiveness of bleach on red clay stains. We also tried to explain the chemical composition of red clay and why it’s so difficult to remove.

When next you see red clay stains on your concrete floors, you know how they came about, and you know what to do.

This article was written to enlighten you on how to remove red clay stains from concrete.

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