Karndean Loose Lay Flooring Problems (11 Basic Issues)

karndean loose lay flooring problems

If you’re thinking about Karndean’s new, cutting-edge luxury vinyl tile flooring (LVT): Karndean Loose Lay Flooring, and if it has its problems and downsides.

The answer is an emphatic YES! Loose lay is an amazing, easy-to-install, seamless luxury vinyl tile flooring option. A perfect choice for DIY-lovers.

Loose lay, just like every other innovation, has its downsides. Karndean loose lay flooring problems include the growth of mold beneath the plank, its limited design, hostility to the environment, installation difficulty and a few more.

Before we plunge right into ‘the problems of Karndean Loose Lay,’ you (my highly-esteemed, dear reader) may need me to do some definition and enlightening, especially if you’re hearing about this entire subject for the first time. Let’s jump right in:

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Fact About Karndean Floor 

You have nothing to worry about if you haven’t heard about the word before (which we doubt). Below is a comprehensive and extensive run-down of what Karndean stands for. Here we go: 

We would like to first state that Karndean is not a type of floor, it’s a brand (a company) that produces quality and affordable luxury vinyl tile flooring products.

Karndean is the biggest and most renowned name in vinyl tile flooring industry. That being said, let’s move right into some historically relevant information.

Karndean is a British company that started operating over 40 years ago, particularly in 1973. Michael Walker formed the business.

What Does Karndean Do?

These global brand manufacturers and suppliers very high-quality Luxury Vinyl Tile flooring products.

From the very beginning, Mr Walker wanted to offer something unique, inspirational, creative, practical, and different from what the vinyl flooring industry offered back in the 1970s.

Karndean had a goal: to produce and offer a vinyl floor that was always practical but beautiful at the same time. Karndean, the renowned luxury vinyl flooring tile (LVT) brand, is also known as Karndean design flooring.

Loose Lay Flooring

Loose Lay Flooring is a method (and a product) requiring installation without fasteners, adhesives, or glue.

As the name suggests, it is loosely laid on an even floor. Loose Lay Floorings will stay put as a result of friction.

Note: Karndean Loose Lay Flooring is a luxury vinyl tile that requires no fasteners or adhesives manufactured and distributed by Karndean design flooring.

Karndean Loose Lay Flooring Problems

Below are some of the drawbacks of Karndean Loose Lay Flooring products:

1. Only Available In Plank Format

One of the major drawbacks of this luxury vinyl tile flooring installation method/product is that its format is limited. Karndean Lay Loose Flooring is only available in planks for now.

2. Growth of Molds And Mildew Beneath The Planks

Luxury Vinyl Tiles are usually water-resistant. But the growth of molds and mildew is a common complaint among homes with Loose Lay Luxury Vinyl Tile(LVT) flooring.

This is usually a result of leaks in the seal of the floor. Just a tiny leak is enough to house water underneath the floor, which will eventually lead to the growth of molds and mildews.

However, in most cases, the chances of mildews and molds developing beneath the vinyl planks are higher in areas such as a kitchen and bathroom.

3. Using Regular Cleaning Agents is a No-No

To clean and maintain your lay loose VT flooring, you may want to use some detergents or abrasive papers, or some typical shining products.

It’s all a wrong move, as these regular and popular cleaning products can cause your lay to lose to become dull in texture and color. Maintenance of lay loose is quite difficult and costlier due to this.

4. Can Be Tricky To Install

Lay loose is easy to install, yet it requires great care, detail, and tenderness.

If not carefully installed, it can emit negative air to your home interiors.

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5. For a Small, Private and Not-So-Busy Family

Loose lay is not a flooring option if you own a large, busy and chaotic family. Here is why: continuous and regular movements on your loose lay flooring will, over a short period, make some seams between the planks visible.

And I am sure you don’t want such damage to your home’s aesthetic. Loose lay will work perfectly for a quiet, private, less-crowded house/family.

6. Limited Designs 

Remember: Loose Lay flooring option is relatively new in the market. Loose lay vinyl floor planks come in a limited number of designs. At least for now.

7. Difficulty In Replacing Damaged Planks

Loose lay LVT comes only in planks. No tiles for now. This poses a challenge for homeowners that seek to replace a particular damaged section or part, as they will have to purchase and replace a whole plank, even if the damaged area is just small.

When a tile in other flooring systems gets damaged, it can be replaced just by purchasing a tile, but it’s different for the loose lay flooring system. It would be best if you changed the whole plank for a loose lay vinyl floor.

8. Discoloration

Lay loose vinyl floors are susceptible to discoloration under direct sunlight. This is one of the major reasons you should avoid using lay loose LVT for the outside sections of your house.

That is why they are not suitable for the outdoors at all.

9. Visible Seams and Random Lifting

If you eventually opt for the lay loose vinyl flooring product, you may need to apply extra care and tenderness both in the installation process and using it.

I bet you will never want to have the seams of your floor coverings exposed, as this will mar and certainly dent the beauty of your home.

10. Source of Volatile Organic Compounds

Vinyl flooring products, in general, emit a Volatile Organic Compound into the air that is harmful to humans. Whether loose lay or any other form, vinyl flooring is a potential health hazard.

11. Hostile to Environment

Because of the Volatile Organic Compound, it emits, Vinyl flooring products, loose lay-in inclusive, are harmful to the environment. They are non-biodegradable materials.

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Loose Lay LVT has many advantages, which I think outweigh its drawbacks. From its installation ease to its affordability to its water-resistant nature to its versatility.

Loose Lay LVT by Karndean DesignFlooring is an amazing flooring option for every small, private home. We must note that there is a bad side to every amazing thing in life.

And Loose Lay Luxury Vinyl Tile flooring is no different. If you own a small home with less crowd and not many activities — and you are inspired and motivated by DIYs — you should get yourself a Loose Lay Luxury Vinyl Plank(s) for your home. And thank me later.

The downsides shouldn’t deter you. And oh, I almost forgot to state: Loose Lay Luxury Vinyl Tile flooring options are the best for temporary spaces.

So if you’re looking to live, in a particular apartment, for a short period. Loose Lay got you covered for the time being. Loose Lay has got its perks and good sides. Such that you truly can’t dwell on its negatives.

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