Vinyl Plank Flooring Cupping (3 Easy Fix)

vinyl plank flooring cupping

Vinyl flooring is a kind that many would love to use for their homes. It is luxurious and beautiful for home structures.

The challenge most people find discouraging and challenging about this flooring is that it cups. This has made some withdraw from using this beautiful floor though they love the look it gives the house.

What is Vinyl plank flooring cupping all about? Cupping is the unpleasant condition where the edge of the of Vinyl floor rises above the middle part of the floor making the planks have a concave shape.

Read on as we throw more light on this.

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Vinyl Plank Flooring Cupping

As said earlier, the major challenge with the vinyl floor is cupping. Although there are some other challenges like bucking and more, the major one we will be discussing is the cupping effect.

Do you have a Vinyl floor, and you’re concerned either about how to prevent your floor from cupping or cure your floor that has cupped.

This section will address both cases of prevention and cure of cupping on the Vinyl floor. But before we do, let’s go through what cupping means and the fundamental causes.

What Is Cupping and Its Causes?

Cupping is the unpleasant condition of installed floors whereby the edge of the floor rises above the middle part of the flooring material so that the planks show a concave shape.

Vinyl floors experience cupping a lot. It is one of the most typical issues with vinyl flooring. It is, however, essential to know that this problem is a result of the change in atmospheric conditions.

Therefore, it is essential to know the suitable measurement for maintaining a vinyl floor when seasonal weather interruptions.

You can stop weather changes, but you can know how to control the effects in your house so that it doesn’t damage your properties, floors especially.

Cupping occurs when there is a varying temperature between the upper surface of the plank and the lower surface.

Here are the causes of vinyl cupping:

Seasonal Changes

Change in season is the fundamental cause of vinyl cupping. Summer periods, for instance, produce moisture in the atmosphere, which causes an accumulation of moisture under the base of the plank.

This causes floor cupping because the vinyl floor expands and compresses with a change in moisture.

Wet Subfloors

This is a common cause with people having high humidity in their homes. And this causes the seeping of water into the floor bed of the plank.

Liquid Spill

Water can leak into the grout of the vinyl plank even though it is water-resistant and waterproof. In this case, water tends to settle at the base part of the plank so that it begins to deform in shape.

This cause can be very much avoided if users can ensure that water is not poured on its surface frequently and in excess or even for a long time.

Bad Plumbing and Leak

This is one of the causes of cupping on the vinyl floor due to ineffective Installation, caused mainly by the plumbers.

Users during the Installation should ensure they monitor the plumber so that they install well, leaving no space between the planks.

If this isn’t prevented, that will be a suitable pathway for water to flow and sink into the bottom of the floor.

Most times, when we see vinyl floor cupping during a stable atmospheric condition, we find out that it is a result o poor plumbing.

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Moisture Content for Installation

Just as we have known how much say the moisture has on this flooring type, it is therefore compulsory to ensure that the Installation is done during a relative moisture content.

This is the number one moisture precaution to take when in an attempt to use a vinyl floor. Should in case you are setting your home during the summer when the moisture seems high, and you can’t wait…

Get moisture stabilized in your house or room you will be doing the Installation. This is important because if the Installation is done at unfavorable moisture, the problem gets rooted in the Installation. Hence, it won’t last long.

How to Prevent the Vinyl Floor from Cupping

Having underscored the possible causes of cupping of vinyl floor, you can quickly know what and what you should do and do not in other to maintain your floor and the beauty it gives you home.

For emphasis, ensure that you do the Installation in a relationship humidity; during seasonal change, always maintain the inside humidity.

Avoid pouring water often on your floor or even for a long time. During Installation, monitor your plumber so that there isn’t space between the planks.

These are the measures to ensure to prevent your vinyl from cupping. If you are using and already, your floor is cupping, this is the solution to overcoming the cupping effect that the above-stated causes might have caused.

Here is what you can do to get rid of cupping and recover the perfect structure of your floor.

You should be able to do your capacity to recover the right image of your floor if you are very much concerned about it.

1. Ensure you are constantly turning on the AC to reduce condensation. In simpler terms, keep your room cool and in moderate humidity

2. In an environment of high humidity, get a dehumidifier to control your room’s humidity.

3. Invite expect to check the floor and the status. Expects you can call are better from the company of the product.

They’ll have a better understanding of what you can do or apply to it to make it back to normal and what you must attempt to apply in other not to aggravate the condition of the floor.

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Vinyl floor can be prevented from cupping if you can take the above measure. If you are battling with it already, you can have solutions you can admit as well.

However, you should know that not all vinyl floors recover from cupping, especially when the situation is complicated.

We wrote this article about vinyl plank flooring cupping to not only give you clarity when faced with cupping in your vinyl flooring but also to equip you with both preventive measures and solutions to cupping.

We hope you found it helpful and informative. If you did, please share it across your entire social media pages.

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