Can you Lay Vinyl Floor Over Tile? (13 Easy Installation Steps)

can you lay vinyl floor over tile

Floor remodeling often comes with new design changes. If the current flooring is a tile floor, installing a new flooring over it is preferable than removing the tile. Tiles support almost all sorts of flooring put over it.

Then comes the question; can you lay vinyl floor over tile? Yes, you can lay vinyl floor over the tile perfectly. But then, you would have to spread leveling compounds or lay plywood or hardboard to reduce the floor level. Also, not all vinyl flooring can cope with a house installed with radiant heat; hence the need to be careful.

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How to Install Vinyl Flooring Over Tile

These few tips would guide you on how to install the vinyl floor over tiles.

Step 1

Get the tools required for the installation process ready. A Brad nailer gun, chalk line, tape measure, utility knife, pencil, paper, white silicon caulk, and caulk gun. These tools would come in handy.

Step 2

Patch everything in your tile to create a smooth ground. This is because you won’t like your sheet vinyl to form cracks and holes in the subfloor. Fill in the grout lines with a mortar using a putty knife.

Step 3

Once the mortar is dried after 24-48 hours, sand the uneven area with medium-grit sandpaper.

Step 4

Sweep the floor and get rid of dirt with a dustpan because you won’t want to entangle any dirt below your sheet vinyl floor.

Step 5

Pull out the quarter rounds and baseboard with a crowbar and hammer. Then place the baseboard and quarter rounds aside to be reinstalled later.

Step 6

Using a measuring tape, measure the periphery of your room and draw a diagram on the paper using the measurements. Include measurements of the obstacles in the room as well.

Step 7

Measure it two times and check properly to ensure the measurements in the diagram are correct.

Step 8

Roll out the vinyl floor. And using your drawn diagram, mark your measurements using the tape measure on the periphery of the vinyl floor to form a template.

Step 9

Mark the lines within the measurement of the periphery of your room using a chalk line.

Step 10

Cut the sheet vinyl with a sharp knife or a utility knife. After the vinyl floor has been cut into the desired measurement, clean off any chalk line.

Step 11

Toss the already cut-out vinyl floor into the room and spread it out. Trim any remaining spot with a utility knife.

Step 12

Reinstall the baseboards and quarter round with a nail gun. This would hold the floor’s periphery in its right spot. You might also need an adhesive, depending on the type of vinyl floor you are using.

Step 13

Finally, apply white silicone caulks to fill gashes on the reinstalled quarter round trim.

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Installing a new flooring over old flooring might prove hard, as the height of the surface tends to increase. And this normally leads to the question; can you lay vinyl floor over tile? Yes, you can lay it over tiles because the problem of surface rising in vinyl floors is very rare.

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