How to Clean Karndean Floor (3 Easy Steps)

how to clean karndean floor

Karndean floor is a type of vinyl flooring with a glowing and aesthetic outlook. It is even made easier because its maintenance is simple and not costly.

In this post, we will show how to clean karndean floors. Firstly, you would have to sweep the floor, then form the cleaning solvent. Finally, mop your floor with cleaning solvent regularly.

Read on as we journey more on this.

How to Clean Karndean Floor

Like every other flooring type, the karndean floor requires thorough and regular cleaning to maintain its glossy look. We gave a detailed explanation of how to go about it.

1. Sweep the Floor Regularly

Sweep the floor clean with a soft-bristled brush regularly. This is the first step to getting rid of dirt and dust particles from the floor before you even consider mopping. Sweep the dirt into a pile and get rid of the dirt using a dustpan.

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2. Form the Solvent

Combine karndean clean with water in a bucket. The mixture may not be foamy, but it gives your floor this glowing effect. You can equally use other cleaning solvents, but it is best to use karndean solvent to avoid causing harm to your floor.

3. Mop Your Floor with the Cleaning Solution

You would have to mop your floor with the cleaning solution. Place your mop into the cleaning solvent you have in hand. Start your mopping from the spot that is far from the floor, so you don’t end up backed into an edge.

You can allow your floor to air dry. You can also dry it with a rag or a dry mop.

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How to Maintain Karndean Floor

Maintaining the karndean floor is not difficult if the requirements are well met. We gave a clear guide to maintaining karndean floor, below.

1. Mop Up Spills Immediately

Liquid spilling is something unavoidable, especially in a case where we have kids and pets around. Hence, you need to mop up the spill immediately and not give it room to settle on your floor.

2. Use Floor Protectors to Protect Against Scratch

To prevent the issue of scratching, it is important to avoid dragging furniture, especially the heavy ones on the floor. Also, use protector pads at the underside of the furniture items and chair legs to protect the karndean floor.

3. Make Use of Mats

Also, place mats at your doorway to avoid trailing mud and dirt into the house. The mat would also make visitors take off their shoes at the doorstep.

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4. Use Heavy Load Castors

Make your karndean floor look sparkling neat and new by using heavy load castors to prevent indentation from heavy furniture.

5. Do Not Use Bleach

Do not make the mistake of using bleach on your karndean floor. Using cleaning solvents that have bleaching components discolors the floor.

6. Use Karndean’s Cleaning Product

To make the best out of karndean floors, use cleaning products that are particularly made for it. It is even way better because these cleaning products are best for it and won’t cause discoloration or harm to the floor.


Karndean floor is a type of glossy flooring and it’s not hard to clean and maintain. It is even made easier when the cleaning tips are more detailed and explained. Following our guide on how to clean the karndean floor, you’ve got yourself covered.

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