How to Get Sap off Hardwood Floor (2 Easy Methods)

How to get sap off hardwood floor

Undoubtedly, everyone likes a fresh-cut Christmas tree in their home, but no one likes to be left with sap drippings on their hardwood floors.

After having a fresh-cut tree in your home, you are likely to be puzzled about how to get sap off hardwood floor. Your best bet is to remove sap using ice cubes or wash the sap off using oil soap.

The good news is that the Sap can be removed using the homemade products and DIY methods outlined in this article.

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Materials Needed to Get Sap off Hardwood Floors

If you are faced with this challenge, here are the materials you will use to get Sap off your hardwood floors:

  • Ice cubes
  • Plastic razor blade or knife
  • Oil soap
  • Paper towel
  • Clean cloth
  • Soft brush
  • Sponge

How to Get Sap off Hardwood Floor

Below are the steps you can take to get Sap off a hardwood floor

Method 1: Remove Sap With Ice Cubes

Ice is one of the most effective materials to get Sap off hardwood floors. Let’s lookout until it is done.

Step 1: Place the Ice on the Affected Area

Place an ice cube over the affected area and allow it to settle for about 15 minutes. The ice will harden Sap and make scraping easy.

Step 2: Gently Scrape off the Sap

After about 15 minutes, gently scrape off the frozen Sap using a plastic object or your fingernail.

Do the scraping gently to avoid scraping into the wood’s surface. If scraping off the Sap is still difficult, try re-freezing.

Step 3: Clean the Affected Area With a Clean Cloth

Before wiping the hardwood floor with a clean cloth, we advise you to run your fingers over the affected area to ensure you properly scraped the Sap.

After which, you can use a clean cloth to wipe the affected area thoroughly.

If there are still sap residues, you may have to repeat the entire process.

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Method 2: Remove Sap Using Oil Soap

This is an alternative method to get Sap off hardwood floors.

Step 1: Soak the Sap in an Oil Soap

Using a small quantity of oil soap, soak the affected area for about 15 minutes.

Pour the oil soap into a paper towel and gently scrub the affected area using a soft brush. Ensure you use an oil soap suitable for wood floorings.

Step 2: Rinse the Area

After scrubbing the area, use a sponge or clean cloth to remove soap residues.

Ways of Preventing Sap From Damaging Your Hardwood Floors

You don’t have to go through the hassle of getting Sap off your hardwood floors if you take these preventive measures.

1. Keep Your Fresh-Cut Trees off the Floor

This is one of the most effective ways of preventing Sap from damaging your floor. You can achieve this by using a tree stand.

Tree stands add beauty to your tree and provide a water reservoir.

2. Use an Artificial Tree

Many artificial trees look so natural and breathtaking. If you don’t want to go through the trouble of getting Sap off your floor, you should consider using an artificial tree.

3. Use a Tree Skirt

A tree skirt will not only prevent Sap from dripping on your hardwood floor, but it also provides a soft surface where you can keep presents.

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You can get Sap off hardwood floors by using any of the two easy methods outlined in this article. Remember, you don’t have to go through the trouble of getting them off your floor if you take the preventive measures outlined in this article.

Finally, avoid using sharp objects; they can damage your hardwood floors.

We’ve come to the end of how to get Sap off hardwood floor, and we believe we’ve done a great job outlining how. We also believe this article is both helpful and informative. Kindly share it across your social media pages if you feel the same way.

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