Laminate Floor Discoloration Under Rug (3 Strong Reasons)

laminate floor discoloration under rug

Most homeowners prefer placing a rug over their laminate due to their aesthetic outlook. But in some cases, the backing of the rug ends up discoloring or even causing damage to the laminate floors.

This would lead us to the discussion; laminate floor discoloration under rug. There are many reasons laminate floor gets discolored by rugs and they include; the fact that the backing is not suitable for laminate floors or the backing doesn’t permit airflow into the rug.

Read on, as we throw more light on laminate floor discoloration under rug.

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Reasons for Laminate Floor Discoloration Under Rug

Here are a few reasons why some rugs discolor laminate floors.

The Backing Blocks Ultraviolet Light

One of the major reasons why some rugs discolor laminate floors is because the backing of some rugs prevents the ultraviolet light from making contact with the floor. Ultraviolet light is a form of illumination from the sun.

The Backing Doesn’t Permit Airflow

Another reason is that some rug backing does not give room for airflow into the rug. This is especially so for area rugs that have thick backing.

Some Are Not Suitable for Laminate

Some rugs are low quality and are not suitable to be laid over the laminate floor. While some rug backings are not made for laminate floors; hence, they discolor the laminate over time.

Some also contain chemicals that trigger the chemical property of the laminate floor. Some of these rugs have a chemical component called oil ballot clay fillers.

While it also has to do with the adhesive used on the rug. They tend to trigger the chemical reaction of the laminate floor, making stains pop out.

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What is the Best Way to Prevent Rug from Discoloring Your Laminate Floor?

The best way to make sure the rug doesn’t discolor your laminate floor is by making use of rug pads. You would need to place rug pads underneath your rug. This would help prevent direct contact between your rug and the laminate floor.

You should also note that not all rug pads suit the laminate floor. They might even end up discoloring the laminate floor. So you have to be careful with your choice of rug pads.

Reasons to Put a Rug Pad on a Rug Laid on Laminate Floor

Here is a reason why you should put a rug pad on a rug over the laminate floor.

1. Rug Pads Are Slip-Resistant

Almost all area rugs come with a form of backing and this backing is what ends up discoloring the laminate floor in the long run. So, you should make use of a rug pad, they help protect your rug from discoloration. It is also slip-resistant.

You can search online for rug pads that suit the laminate and read their reviews to purchase the best rug pad.

2. Rug Pads Adds Cushioning to Your Rug

Rug pads are like added cushions and they make the floor more comfortable to walk on and feel. Rug pads also give style and beauty to your rug. It makes them look more costly than they are.

Advantages of Using Rug Pads Under Your Area Rug

These are the advantages of using rug pads under your area rug and over the laminate floor. They are well detailed, below.

  1. It gives the area rug an air of luxury and class.
  2. Rug pads are eco-friendly and can cope with most weather conditions.
  3. Most rug pads are also smell-resistant. It is hard to perceive odor from the rug pads.
  4. Rug pads also make the rug sturdier and increase its lifespan. It makes the rug weather places with high traffic comfortably and still maintains its aesthetic outlook.
  5. Rug pads also prevent floor water spillage.
  6. They also prevent one from tripping over. It is even the best for places with kids, elderly persons, and pets.
  7. It is also easier to cut the rug pads into your desired shape, using scissors or a knife. This is done to suit the rug perfectly.
  8. It prevents the area rug from slipping.
  9. It also makes the rug look more expensive than they are due to the added coating.
  10. It also works perfectly for those who have very sensitive feet. The rug pad helps make the floor feel soft and delicate to the feel. So you can walk around the rug as free as a bird.
  11. It also makes the laminate floor last longer and prevents it from discoloration. This is because it prevents the rug backing from having direct contact with the laminate floor. Thereby, increasing its lifespan.
  12. It also adds cushioning to your floor without making the presence of the rug pad underneath obvious. The rug pad is about ¼ inch thick, so it doesn’t add much height to the rug.

How to Maintain Rugs on Laminate Floors

This is a detailed approach on how to maintain rugs on your laminate floors.

Vacuum the Rug Regularly

In your best interest, you should vacuum the rug regularly. The vacuuming should be on top and beneath, this is done to prevent unnecessary build-up of dust and dirt. It is done to avoid the laminate floor from getting scratches and marks due to dirt.

Wipe Off Any Spillage Immediately

In a case where there is a liquid spillage, you should wipe off the spillage immediately. Dab or press on the wet area with a neat cloth.  This is done to remove the moisture from the surface.

Also, pull off the rug and the rug pad to wipe away any liquid about to permeate the laminate floor. Give the rug time to dry before placing it over the laminate floor.

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Laminate floors on some occasions get discolored due to the type of rugs placed over them. And there are many reasons for that. Not to worry, we gave a detailed list on how to tackle laminate floor discoloration under the rug.

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