How to Get Bumps Out of Rug (8 Fun Ways)

how to get bumps out of rug

One of the issues rug users experience is the problem of bumps on the rug. Have you tried various means to get rid of the bumps on your rug all to no avail?

We will be showing you how to get bumps out of rug as we proceed. firstly, add some weight, make use of a rug pad, and reverse roll your rug. You also need to give your rug time in some cases.

Read on as we throw more light on how to get bumps out of rug.

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How to Get Bumps Out of Rug

Does your rug have bumpy areas? It is even more annoying when you do not know how to go about the whole procedure. We would feed you the details on how to get bumps out of area rugs.

1. Add Some Weight

Your main aim is to ease the rug of its tensions and make it loosen up, so it can go back to its natural shape, pattern, and state. This can be achieved by adding heavy objects like books, pieces of furniture, pot plants, coffee tables, and other heavy objects you can get your hands on. You have to allow the heavy object to sit on the bumpy area of the rug overnight.

2. Make Use of a Rug Pad

Another option you can pick from is making use of a rug pad. The rug pad protects your floor and also makes it last longer. It also makes your floor secure as it is slip-resistant. It also reduces the hazard of tripping.

Also, a rug pad helps keep your floor in the right position. If the rug retains its original form, you won’t have cause to complain about a bumpy area on your floor.

3. Stick it Down

You can also make use of a double-edged gripper tape to hold your rug down on the floor. This works well when trying to get rid of a bumpy area on your rug.

You first have to try out other methods before you resort to this method. It is more like something you venture into when you are out of options. It helps get rid of bumps from your rug. It even helps keep your rug floor in the right position.

4. Give it Time

You might need to give your rug time, especially in a situation where it was just purchased. Naturally, some rugs get wrinkles and bumps during transporting the rug to your home.

So, you need to be patient and know if it would straighten by itself. Just give it time to adjust to your weather condition. The bumps might go away within a few days.

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5. Seek the Aid of Professionals

After you have resorted to so many means all to no avail, you might consider seeking the help of professionals. They are in the best position to help you out.

6. Reverse Roll Your Rug

This procedure entails you rolling your rug from the opposite end of the bump. You would need to leave the rug folded through the night. You might even need to leave it for a few days. When you unfold the rug, it is expected that the bumpy area should have been leveled.

While folding the rug, if you hear any tearing noise or you come across a stiff resistance while folding the rug, you should stop immediately.

7. Cool the Rug Down

This process might require you to make use of ice cubes. All you need to do is place the ice cubes on the area with the bump. Leave the ice cube on the rug over the night.

When it has melted down, use a clean towel to absorb the excessive moisture. Do not forget to take the rug outside for it to dry or you can air dry it with a fan. If you do not try the rug, it might develop foul odors and molds.

8. You Can Steam it Up

You might need to apply some heat and force to the rug, it might help loosen up the bumps on the rug and make them return to their original form, using a steam cleaner.

Before you make use of a steam cleaner, ensure you test it out in enclosed areas of your home. This is done to avoid damaging the rug.

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Do you experience bumps on your rug that keeps appearing dramatically no matter how hard you try to get rid of them? It is even more frustrating because it is anything but good to the eyes. But by following the ways outlined our how to get bumps out of rug piece, you’re sure to get rid of these bumps from your rug.

Above, we gave a detailed list on how to get bumps out of rug and we hope it was of great help to you, furthermore, we implore you to share it across your social media pages.

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