How to Fix a Buckled Rug (10 Easy Ways)

how to fix a buckled rug

You have gotten that rug of your choice and it has been serving you real fine, only for your rug to start twisting, buckling, and warping. And you are now caught in a dilemma on what next to do.

There are several methods of how to fix a buckled rug at your disposal like using a rug pad, using a rug tape, and you can hold down the rug with a piece of furniture. You can equally make use of a dehumidifier or ventilate your home.

These methods and more are the various methods outline in this piece of how to fix a buckled rug.

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How to Fix a Buckled Rug

Here are a few tips on how to fix your a buckled rug properly. Having to solve the problems of a buckled rug in your home can be a headache. But with the right step, you have little to worry about.

1. Make Use of a Rug Pad

To fix your buckled rug you would need to get a rug pad. You should purchase a non-slip rug pad, it would help keep your rug in the right form. To salvage this problem, you need to get the right rug pad.

Also, aside from making your rug maintain its right position, rug pads also have some merits accrued to them. It puts a layer of extra security on your rug. It prevents the color from fading.

Also, rug pads also absorb a whole lot of pressure, hence, making the floor last longer. It also improves th3 inflow of air. Lack of airflow can bring about bacteria and mold.

2. Use a Rug Tape

You can use the rug tape to add a layer of protection and grip on the rug. If you are making use of double-edged rug tape, begin by sticking one edge of the rug tape to the rear of the rug. Then, press the rug pad atop the rug tape.

You should not place the rug tape on top of the rug, it will leave marks and residue behind when you remove it.

3. Hold Down the Rug with a Furniture

This is a very important tip, this is because it is widely used by rug owners. You can make use of furniture to hold down the rug to get rid of the buckling.

You can place the leg of a dining table over the rug to keep it in place. If the area rug is laid outside you have a pot plant to hold it down.

Do not forget to make use of a rug pad, it would help protect the carpet from the full brunt of heavy objects. This is especially if the furniture is moveable.

4. Use a Dehumidifier

Sometimes, the reason your rug buckle is due to excess moisture. The dehumidifier helps remove surplus moisture in the air, making everywhere dry and convenient. Excess moisture leads to molds and a foul mildew smell on the rug, and it also leads to buckling.

5. Ventilate Your Home

To prevent the issue of buckling, you should properly ventilate your home. Here are things you can do to increase ventilation in your home; put on your air conditioner during humid weather to make the rooms cool down, hang wet clothes outside, keep house plants, and do not overwater them.

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6. Dry it with the Sun

You can also take your rug outside from time to time to experience the sun’s rays. In a situation where there is a liquid spill on your rug, also take it outside to dry out.

7. Make Use of Charcoal

You can also use charcoal to straighten your rug. It has a high absorbent component so it sucks in moisture from the air. It is also known to be very economical and cost-free.

It can last for about 3-4 months before you dispose of it. You can also use rock salt for this same purpose. It has a high absorbency rate.

8. Clean the Rug Properly

If your rug has had its fill of moisture that it is beginning to buckle, you might solve this problem by cleaning the rug thoroughly. You can either water it with your hands, vacuum it, or use a washing machine.

You can choose from the above option depending on the type of material you are using. Not all rugs can be washed with a washing machine or steam cleaner So, you have to follow the ideal guide that suits your rug.

9. Make Sure the Pieces of Furniture is Installed Properly

You have to ensure your piece of furniture is installed properly. It is especially so for heavy objects that are moveable. They can bunch up the rug if not moved properly. You can slip in carpet sliders under the furniture for easy movement.

10. Ensure the Rug is Installed Properly

You have to ensure that the rug is properly installed. Ensure the floor the rug is laid over doesn’t have any defect that would cause the rug to bunch up or buckle. You have to examine this properly before installation.

Can You Iron a Rug to Flatten it?

Yes, you can iron a rug to flatten it. If you are out of options on what your next option would be, you can flatten the buckle using an iron.

Set the iron to a low frequency and place a towel over the rug before you start ironing. The impact should be minimal to avoid the rug from getting burnt or scorched.

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You can imagine a scenario where you think you have gotten the perfect rug type for your home only to realize it has started to warp, twist, and buckle.

It can be a headache and is very annoying. You might even be stuck on how to go about fixing the buckle on your rug. Not to worry, we got you covered.

We gave a detailed explanation of how to fix a buckled rug.

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