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6 Best Outdoor Rugs For Wood Decks (2022 Review)

outdoor rugs for wood decks

Not all rugs are created equal. Some are made for indoor use, while some rugs are suitable for outside use. Choosing the right rug meant for outdoor use is very crucial, especially when you have a wood deck.

Outdoor rugs are built to withstand heavy wear and tear; they are often waterproof and designed to stand up to weather and other elements. Before choosing a rug, ensure that it will not stain or ruin the surface area it is placed on.

To aid your decision making, some of the best outdoor rugs for wood decks are Superior Modern Rockwood Area Rug, Smart Design Reversible Outdoor Rug, Santex Ttoo5 Outdoor Area Rug, and more to be discussed later.

To enjoy all the benefits of outdoor rugs and even more, you need to opt for the best available option, and to save you the stress of combing through the multitude of outdoor rug options on the market, here’s a list of the best outdoor rugs for wood decks.

These quality rugs are definitely going to add a touch of beauty to your outdoor living space.

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Best Outdoor Rugs For Wood Decks

You definitely want an outdoor rug that is durable and can protect your deck surface. Many people also place outdoor rugs on their wooden deck to add a colorful and beautiful touch to their living space and protect it from grime and dust as well.

There are a variety of unique and luxurious textures, patterns, and colors of outdoor rugs that can make it difficult to pick a particular product.

Each rug type offers its unique feel and functionality, so to help your decision making, here are some of the best outdoor rugs for wood decks to help brighten up your outdoor space.

1. Superior Modern Rockwood Area Rug

Superior Modern Rockwood Collection Area Rug, 8mm Pile Height with Jute Backing, Textured Geometric Brick Design, - Slate, 8' x 10' Rug
  • PLUSH AND SOFT FEEL: This modern rug is made of a soft, plush and comfortable polypropylene material, so it's cozy and family-friendly
  • UPDATE YOUR HOME: This 8' x 10' area rug will look stunning in your living room, bedroom, or basement
  • DURABLE MATERIALS: Made of 100% polypropylene fibers and a durable jute backing, this living room rug stands up to regular traffic and use
  • MODERN DESIGN: The modern and fresh design of this area rug looks great in a range of home and decor styles
  • EASY TO CARE FOR: The fibers in this modern rug are easy to clean and are moisture-resistant so they're easy to care for and designed to last

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Going for as low as $40 and under, the rockwood area rug is an absolute steal, considering how high-quality and durable this rug is. This rug has raked in over 3000 customers review, which only tells you that the rug is well-loved by homeowners.

The rockwood area rug is exceptionally durable because it is made from a synthetic polypropylene material, so it can withstand extreme outdoor conditions.

The rug also has high resistance to any damaging agent like water, spills, fade and shed. Its tough jute backing holds it in place, but the surface is covered by very soft fibers that provide warmth and comfort to your underfoot.

The rug is available in a wide range of modern styles and is also very easy to clean and maintain.

2. Smart Design Reversible Outdoor/Indoor Rug

SMM005 Reversible Indoor/Outdoor Plastic Rugs,Easy to Clean Outdoor Patio Mats-(Blue,8x10)
  • Reversible (Product size:244x305cm)
  • Double weaving
  • Easy to fold and store
  • Prevent fading and sun damage
  • Portable bag-making the rug easy to carry

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This is a double-sided rug that is made from a double weave. It’s almost like having two rugs because when one side of the rug gets dirty, you simply need to flip it and continue its use; this significantly reduces how often you clean the rug. 

Smart design reversible rug is made from recycled plastic–a type of synthetic material; it is suitable for use as outdoor rugs because of its dependable and easier maintained material.

This rug can be used for wood decks, as well as for camping, picnics and beach visits because of how easily foldable the rug is, so transporting it from one place to the next isn’t very tedious.

This rug is available in different color shades: green, blue, white and grey; it is also resistant to sun, fade, water and mold, all of which contribute to its durability.

3. Santex Ttoo5 Outdoor/Indoor Area Rug

Santex TT005 Reversible Outdoor/Indoor Plastic Rugs ,Perfect for Garden, Patio, Picnic, Decking (Blue,8x10)
  • Materials:Plastic Product Size:8x10ft(244x305cm) Weight:8.26lb
  • Reversible,can give you a fresh look in an instant and increase its useful life
  • Easy to clean and Low-Maintenance,just spray with a hose or sweep up debris with a broom
  • Prevent Sun Damage and Fading,make it adaptable to almost any environment,but these multi-functional rugs won't hurt grass or scratch your deck
  • Easy to fold and store,when you don't want to use it, you just need to roll it up and put it on the side ,they won't take up a lot of space for you

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Santex area rug is made from 100% plastic polypropylene material and is double-sided, meaning it can be used from both sides, all thanks to its double-weave design. The rug is great for outdoors because it is durable, easy to clean, and water-resistant.

This rug’s cleaning and maintenance involve simple procedures like hosing it down with water to remove dirt and debris; you can also sweep it with a broom.

This is a multi-purpose rug that is suited for different outdoor spaces like the patio and camping picnics apart, not just for wood decks only.

This rug is easily foldable, and you can do so without damaging its fibers, so they are easy to store whenever the run isn’t in use. This also makes them easy to transport around from one place to the next.

4. Nuloom Ripple Contemporary Sherill Runner Rug

nuLOOM Contemporary Sherill Wind Runner Rug, 2' 6" x 12', Grey
  • Sleek and functional 0.43” pile height allows for convenient placement in entryways, underneath furniture and will not obstruct doorways
  • Designed with resilience against everyday wear-and-tear, this rug is kid and pet friendly and perfect for high traffic areas of your home such as living room, dining room, kitchen, and hallways
  • Easy to clean and maintain, we recommend vacuuming regularly and spot treating for any mild stains with carpet cleaner. Dry cleaning recommended for major stains
  • A solid neutral Grey color ensures the rug can be seamlessly integrated into any existing décor
  • Welcome home a touch of cozy comfort when you place a casual rug in your space. Relaxed patterns make these the perfect finishing touch for spaces that need a covering that’s not too chic

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This is another ideal outdoor rug for wood decks; it is a runner rug and can also be used in other outdoor spaces like entryways and patio or even indoor spaces like the kitchen, dining room and hallways. Its comfy surface makes it kid and pet friendly.

The rug is made from polypropylene material and is very easy to clean using simple methods like vacuuming, sweeping, spot cleaning and can be hosed down with water as well.

The rug is available in a blend of black and grey color which helps to keep dirt and stain marks hidden.

5. Nourison Aloha Multicolor Transitional Outdoor Area Rug

Nourison Aloha ALH05 Indoor/Outdoor Floral Natural/Blue 2'8" x 4' Area Rug (3' x 4'), 2'8"X4',
  • EYE-CATCHING DESIGN: This indoor/outdoor rug showcases a beautiful and bold floral design and brings a cool tropical vibe to your home
  • ENHANCE ANY INDOOR OR OUTDOOR SPACE: This collection offers area rugs that suits all indoor and outdoor spaces. Living room rugs, bedroom rugs, rugs for the entryway, office rugs, dorm rugs, outdoor patio rugs, deck rug
  • EASY CARE & MAINTENANCE: The lightweight, durable, easy to clean polypropylene material is low maintenance. To clean: shake, spot clean, vacuum or hose off as needed. Roll the rug for quick and easy storage throughout the year
  • Rug pad recommended
  • Due to the detailed construction of our rugs, both handmade and machine-made, sizes may vary by up to three inches in width or length

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This is a highly durable rug, with qualities such as high resistance to stain, water, weather fluctuations and the fading effect of the sun, all because it is made from 100% polypropylene material.

This rug has a soft and comfy surface, which is comfortable to your underfoot and keeps you warm and cosy.

It is available in differing beautiful multi-colour patterns that add a beautiful touch to your wood deck and gives your home a classy and expensive look.

6. Ottmanson Multicolor Area Rug

Ottomanson Ottohome Checkered Rug, 3'3" x 5', Multicolor
  • Size: 3'3" x 5' |Pile: 0.2 in.|Color: Multicolor
  • Material: Nylon | Rubber Backing
  • Machine Made in Turkey | OekoTex Certified
  • LOW PROFILE: These rugs are produced with a thinner profile to avoid trip hazards for your pets and loved ones. Low profile rugs allows for a seamless transition of your cold floors to a warmer space.
  • Care Instructions: Vacuum regularly and spot clean with damp cloth, DO NOT machine wash. DO NOT use strong liquid cleaners or hot water.

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It is another outdoor rug for wood decks made from 100% nylon material, which is the most durable synthetic outdoor rug material after polypropylene.

This rug has a checkered pattern which is very beautiful and gives your wood deck a lovely pop. It has a dark color pattern which keeps dirt hidden, although it is adequately resistant to dirt; the rug is also easy to blend with many home décor properties.

This rug can also be used indoors because it is pet and kids friendly and can withstand high foot traffic. It can be used in many spaces in your home, like the kitchen, living rooms and hallways.

This rug has a non-slip backing that keeps it in place on your wood deck or any surface. This helps to prevent slips and fall accidents. Maintaining and cleaning this rug is very easy, and you can use easy methods like vacuuming and spot cleaning.

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Can You Put Outdoor Rugs On A Wood Deck?

Yes, you can, but to prevent having to change the rug ever so frequently, you need a quality rug built to perform well in outdoor living spaces that can withstand use and wear typical in outdoor environments.

There are different brands of outdoor rugs, and they use different textiles and materials which have ranging durability and design. Here are some factors and features to look out for when shopping for an outdoor rug.

Type of Fiber

There are two categories of rugs fibers: synthetic and natural. Synthetic fibers are more durable than their natural counterparts and are available in vibrant colors. Polypropylene, nylon, polyester, and acrylic all fall under the synthetic category and have differing pros and cons.

Natural fiber rugs like bamboo, sisal, hemp, jute, and seagrass are made from natural, sustainable materials and have a soft and luxurious surface that is very comfy to your underfoot. These types of rugs are available in natural hues, and you can dye them to complement your outdoor space.

The downside of using natural fiber rugs is the fading that occurs as a result of being exposed to direct sunlight; they are also less resistant to water, so they are more susceptible to mold and mildew growth.

In general, natural fiber rugs are less durable than their synthetic counterparts, plus they tend to cost more than synthetic rugs too.


Rugs are produced in a variety of ways; they can be hand-hooked, machine-made, or braided. These different construction methods hold varying effects on the rug, so let’s have a look at the differences in the method to help you make your choice.

  • Hand-hooked rugs: They typically feature a short handmade pile and is more expensive than other options because it is made with higher-quality materials and takes a longer time to manufacture. Hand-hooked rugs are available in different color and design options and costs between $200 to $1,000 for a 5-by-7-foot size.
  • Machine-made rugs: These rugs are manufactured more quickly and efficiently using power looms. They are more affordable and come in at a price range of $40 to $750 for a 5-by-7-foot rug. However, their affordability comes at a cost; machine-made floor rugs tend to lack detailing and are made from basic materials that aren’t as durable as hand-hooked rugs.
  • Flatweave rugs: Rugs that falls under this category includes the familiar flat-braided, cable-braided, corded-and-stitched, and kilim style rugs; these rugs all have no pile. Flatweave rugs are not made by tufting; instead, manufacturers knot or weave polypropylene yarns together; these produce rugs with less cushion. These rugs usually lack backing, meaning they are reversible, and you can use both sides of the rug. They are also affordable and costs as much as machine-made rugs.

Colors and Fade Resistance

The last but definitely not least feature to look out for to help you choose the best outdoor rugs for wood decks is their resistance to fading. Both synthetic and natural fiber outdoor rugs are available in different colors and patterns.

Keep in mind that how the color and design was added to the rug affects their durability. Woven patterns offer superior colorfastness and durability; solution-dyed rugs also hold up well in outdoor spaces because manufacturers add the color to the chemicals used to create the fiber instead of it being dyed onto the yarn afterwards.

These rugs are more resistant to fading, which is a major concern for outdoor rugs that are exposed to direct sunlight. Solution-dyed rugs are also greatly resistant to stains and can be cleaned easily without losing their color compared to those colored through other methods.

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There you have it; the best outdoor rugs for wood decks. This isn’t an exhaustive list, and there are several other great rugs for outdoor spaces; you just need to look out for a few features and factors all discussed above to help you make the right choice.

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