Non Staining Rugs for Vinyl Floors (4 Types)

non staining rugs for vinyl floors

Most homeowners fancy the idea of placing rugs over their wood floors and the vinyl floor isn’t left out in this count. But some rugs are not suitable for the vinyl floor and would only cause stains and damages to the vinyl floor.

The non staining rugs for vinyl floors we recommend are cotton backed rugs, jute rugs, cotton or wool rugs and colorfast rugs as these are the best rugs that wouldn’t stain or damage your vinyl floor.

We would detail the non-staining rugs for vinyl floors in this post. Here is a list of rugs that do not stain vinyl floors and they include; cotton-backed rugs, jute rugs, cotton or wool rugs, and finally, colorfast rugs.

Read on as we throw more light on this.

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Non Staining Rugs for Vinyl Floors

Vinyl plank floors in most cases need rugs to be placed over them depending on the choice of the homeowner. But while surfing for rugs to place over your vinyl floor you should be on the lookout for the one that suits the vinyl floor. Some rugs can stain and damage your floor.

We gave a detailed list of non-staining rugs for vinyl flooring.

Cotton-Backed Rugs

Cotton-backed rugs are one of the best for vinyl floors. They are comfortable to use on the vinyl floor and they don’t respond to materials used in producing vinyl floors. Also, its fiber is soft and won’t cause scratches to your floor. Cotton-backed carpet

An example of a cotton-backed rug is the Unique Loom Area Rug. Their products are superb and are in vogue. Some of its unique characteristics are that; they are produced in various colors and designs.

They are made available in vintage, current styles, and even the traditional style. They are made available to suit your taste, needs, and choices.

The cotton-backed rug also does not cause scratches in the long run since its fibers are soft. The cotton-backing is fluffy and well-balanced. It is also quite easy to maintain, you can keep your vinyl floor clean and glowing by simply vacuuming your floor regularly.

Cotton-backed rugs do not harbor smell. Even in cases of spillage, roll them outside for a day or two and the smell is completely gone. They are also stain-resistant; hence they do not give room to stains. They equally are pet-friendly, your dog can lie around on the cotton-backed rug without leading to awful smells.

They are equally less expensive. When you bring its quality and size into the equation you would see the price is very fair. Furthermore, the colors are pleasing to the eyes and fit into every area of your home. They help give life to your home.

Jute Rugs

Another type of rug that won’t cause stains to your vinyl floor is jute rugs. Jute rugs are made from natural fibers. Its weakness is that it can be slippery and scratchy. But this issue can be solved easily if you get a rug pad that is safe for the vinyl floor.

Jute rugs are made from various matching colors and they can fit into any area of your home. They are also budget-friendly and are not hard to maintain. In as much as jute rugs tend to peel over time, they are good for layering.

An example of a jute rug is the nuLoom Rigo Handwoven Jute Rug, this particular rug type is produced in four varying colors. And they can easily match the style of any room without much ado. It is also made available in various sizes and patterns. It is just left for you to make your choice.

You have to remember that you need a rug pad for your jute rug. Like we stated above, jute rugs can be slippery and scratchy on floors like the vinyl floor. You only need to maintain the jute rug by simply vacuuming it to get rid of dirt.

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Cotton or Wool Rugs

Cotton or wool rugs are another rug type that doesn’t stain the vinyl floor. Cottons without backing are also good for the vinyl floor, but you would need a rug pad. This is to ensure that the cotton or wool rugs do not slip because they can be slippery.

Colorfast Rugs

Colorfast rugs are known for not causing stains to the vinyl floor. This type of rug does not spill out colors used to make them even when in contact with sunlight, water, or when pressure is applied. The only problem with colorfast rugs is that they are hard to come by in the market. It is simply the best rug for vinyl floors.

Rugs You Should Not Use on Vinyl Plank Flooring

There are sets of rugs you should not use on your vinyl plank flooring to avoid damaging your floor. These are rubber and latex-backed rugs, and also rugs made with rough and tough backing materials. They would only stain and damage your vinyl plank floor.

Rubber-backed rugs do not slip, because the rubber-backing helps glue them in place. But responds to the chemical components of vinyl plank floors. This is caused due to exposure to sunlight and constant friction on the rug.

The triggering reactions from the sunlight and friction are the gases that affect the vinyl floor and leave sticky remnants in its wake. This sticky remnant can be very hard to get rid of and would only end up staining your vinyl plank floor.

The reaction from the sunlight and friction also affects the air quality. The gases released as the aftermath leaks into different directions of your home. This greatly affects the air and can cause serious health damages and irritations. It is even worse for people with allergies.

Rugs with rough backing also scratch your vinyl floor. This sort of rug includes seagrass and sisal rugs. If you do not have rug pads, they would leave scratches on your vinyl plank floor.

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While making choices of the type of rug to be placed on your vinyl plank floor, you should be prudent. This is because some rugs do not suit the vinyl floor and would only stain and scratch the floor.

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