Should Humidifier be on the Floor? (Find Out)

should humidifier be on the floor

Dry air is nobody’s friend even if you don’t consider yourself sensitive, you may find it difficult to sleep when the humidity is too low, and you may need a humidifier. Not only will this enable you to sleep better, but it also prevents damage to your walls and floors.

But you may wonder of humidifier should be on the floor as the placement greatly affects its effectiveness. You should place your humidifier depending on how many people sleep in the room and how big your unit is. The right spot to place your humidifier also depends on the type.

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Should Humidifier be on the Floor

Placing your humidifier on the floor is a bad idea. This is because you can easily tip it over, causing it to break. Even if you don’t have children or pets, tripping onto your humidifier can be dangerous.

Not only do you risk breaking your humidifier, but there is also a risk of getting burned. Most humidifiers use steam, making them quite hot, so if someone accidentally knocks one down, they risk burning themselves with hot water.

Placing your humidifier on the floor can also get your floor dirty easily, your humidifier should be kept squeaky clean at all times.

When your humidifier is placed on the floor, it gets dirty twice as quickly, so you’ll need to clean it quite more often. To save yourself some time and effort, avoid placing your humidifier on the floor.

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Where to Place your Humidifier

It is recommended that you use a hygrometer. This device will tell you how much humidity there is in your bedroom air. It will enable you to find the perfect spot for your humidifier in the area with the least amount of humidity.

Bedroom Placement

Placing a humidifier in your bedroom is a great way to improve the quality of your sleep. Using the humidifier every night can even improve your overall health in the long run.

However, the placement of the device is important if it’s going to be effective. Do not make the mistake of putting it right next to your bed, as it is not a good idea. Instead, place it a few meters away from your bed in a safe and secure location, far from anybody’s reach.

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Bathroom Placement

Placing a humidifier in the bathroom isn’t always necessary as these machines are used to restore moisture in a room with dry air. The bathroom, however, is a water-rich environment and contains air with enough moisture.

If you have a large bathroom or are suffering from a cold, using a humidifier will help to improve the air. So like with the bedroom placement, ensure to use a hygrometer to check the humidity and place the machine in the right area.

Do not turn on the humidifier after showers or baths; this is to prevent the creation of excessive vapor, which could lead to mold or mildew. To avoid mold accumulation, it is also recommended that you vent the bathroom afterward.

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Kids’ Room Placement

Placing a humidifier in your kid’s bedroom is a great way to prevent dry skin and also keep airborne viruses and allergens at bay. But you have to consider the number of children that sleep in the room and the size of the machine when placing it.

If it’s a large room with much kids, you will need a bigger humidifier and vice versa. Always use the hygrometer to find the perfect spot, and be sure to keep it at least 3 feet away from the beds.

Placing the humidifier high off the ground will prevent it from tipping over or the kids from meddling with the settings.

Please keep in mind to never use a warm-mist humidifier in the kid’s room. This is because if they accidentally knock it down or get too close, they can receive burns.

Nursery Placement

Humidifiers are not only beneficial to children and adults; they have the same benefit for babies as well. But again, with the nursery, you need to find the spot where moisture is needed.

Do not place the humidifier on the nightstand near the crib if your baby is older. This is to prevent them from waking up during the night, and knocking it down, or even pulling it into the crib. You can place it on a dresser opposite the bed if you have one.

When you turn on the humidifier, leave the door ajar. This is to prevent the air from becoming too moist, which can create a damp environment, which isn’t good for your baby.

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Should humidifier be on the floor? This is a question you may be desperate to find an answer to so you can find out the right spot to place your humidifier.

Well, placing your humidifier isn’t a great idea and could cause your machine to get dirty twice as quick. Instead, use a hydrometer to find the perfect spot that is at least a few meters from your bed.

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