How to Cut VCT Tile (With and Without a Tile Cutter)

how to cut vct tile

Vinyl composite tile, popularly known as VCT tile, is a standard tile choice for floors in high-traffic areas such as corridors, bathrooms, and kitchens.

It’s long-lasting, easy to clean, and it’s available in a wide range of colors and designs. It’s simple to lay, but cutting it might be tricky; when cutting the tiles, you can make use of a knife or VCT tile cutter.

Let’s look into how to cut VCT tile as well as share a little insight on how to cut VCT tile around door jambs, so you can create the perfect tile outline around door jambs and door frames.

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How to Cut VCT Tile

If you intend to tile a large area, you’re going to need a VCT tile cutter, which you can purchase or rent from a local hardware store.

A VCT tile cutter features a metal base with a fence and an adjustable stop perpendicular to the fence that keeps the tile in place. It also features a movable sharp blade that you use to cut by pushing down on it using a lever handle.

With a marker, draw a line on the tile where you wish to cut it. With one edge of the tile against the cutter’s fence, gently place the tile into the cutter. Align the cut mark directly under the blade. Regulate the stop to prevent the tile from moving too deep into the cutter.

Deep press the handle of the cutter. This brings down the upper movable blade to meets the lower fixed blade. Doing this produces a straight cut on the tile.

Continue until you’ve cut enough tile.

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How to Cut VCT Tile Without a Tile Cutter

Without a tile cutter, there are three ways to cut a VCT tile. Making round cuts with a grinder, using a grinder and using a wet saw.

Make Round Cuts With a Grinder

For this method, you have to use a circle template or rounded edge. This is to get an accurate line.  Place the circle template on the tile and use a pencil or marker to outline the cut line.

Note: you can use a strip of masking tape to outline the line for a dark tile. Draw the line on the tape. This will make the line visible on the tile.

Use a C-clamp to secure the tile to a flat workbench. The tile’s edge can dangle off the bench to avoid leaving a cut mark on it. It is a measure that prevents you from cutting into the bench.

With the grinder, make numerous passes through the tile. Pull the grinder along the cut line, slowly and cut.

When operating a grinder, wear safety goggles and a dust mask because there can be a lot of particles in the air.

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With a Glass Cutter

You also need to draw a straight line in this method. Using a square, pencil or marker, draw the lines at the point you will be cutting.

However, you can purchase a square from your local hardware store, but you can use anything straight or a scale if you can’t find a square.

With the glass cutter, carefully score the tile. As you move the glass cutter along your defined line, have a firm grip on it. The plan is only to cut a portion of the tile to prevent cracking tiles.

Place it beneath the cut with a wire hanger or a substantial piece of wire. This process should be carried out on a flat surface.

Carefully snap the tiles together such that the snapping is flawless and the tile is free of cracks. If the tile does not snap using the above strategy, continue scoring in the same manner as before.

Smooth out any rough edges with sandpaper.

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With a Wet Saw

Mark the cut line with a square using a pencil or lead and not a permanent marker. Fill the wet saw’s tank with water—this will cool the wet saw blade.

Lay the tile on the saw table or flat surface. Align the saw’s blade and the cut line together, and maintain a space of about an inch between them.

Use the lock plate to hold the tiles; this helps to ensure a smooth straight cut, after which you can begin your cut. Ensure you’re wearing a safety goggle and dust mask.

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How To Cut VCT Tile Around Door Jambs

Create an outline using a piece of paper or cardboard and place it by the opening. Arrange in the desired pattern and hold down with tape, then fill out the template.

Once you have gotten a template that fits appropriately, place it on a tile and trace the outline. Use a pair of heavy-duty scissors to cut out the line.

Next, test it. Before removing the paper backing, make sure the fit is correct. Make a note of where you’re having trouble if it’s not a perfect fit. Then repeat the trimming process until you get the ideal fit.

Lastly, remove the paper and position the tile in its appropriate place.

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Tile cutting isn’t an easy process, but it doesn’t mean it can be done. If you are doing it yourself, ensure you have a few spare tiles as breaking can occur. For safety reasons, ensure to put on safety goggles, and a dust mask to prevent bodily harm as you carry out these procedures.

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