How to Clean Plaster Dust Off Laminate Floors – 3 Quick Steps

how to clean plaster dust off laminate floors

If your home has recently undergone construction, you know you’ll be dealing with a handful of mess, one of which is cleaning plaster dust off laminate floors. Hence the question, how to clean plaster dust off laminate floors.

Even if your home was prepared beforehand, you risk having a fine layer of dust build up all on your flooring. This, however, can be undone and you can get your house professionally cleaned, even if you are getting the job done yourself.

Cleaning plaster dust off laminate floors requires a broom, a mop and a vacuum cleaner. Start with sweeping chunk of dust with a broom, vacuum the area, then finally mop the area.

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How to Clean Plaster Dust Off Laminate Floors

When cleaning plaster dust, you need to have a system this is to prevent you from moving the dust around the house without completely getting it out. Here’s how to clean plaster dust off laminate floors.

Before cleaning plaster dust, you need to wear protective equipment, like goggles and filter masks. This is to prevent irritation, coughing, and breathing difficulties the toxic construction dust can cause. 

You Will Need:

  • Broom;
  • Vacuum cleaner preferably wet and dry
  • Mop
  • Dust mop treatment or vinegar. 

1. Dust Lightly

Start by removing any big chunk of dust with a broom, but avoid swiping the dust too vigorously. After dusting, lightly allow the dust to settle for 15-30 minutes.

2. Vacuum

Next, with a wet and dry vacuum, suck up the dust. This process should not be done with a regular vacuum cleaner as plaster dust can be lethal for your home appliance. Wet and dry vacuums have a bigger container and use no filter, which prevents the dirt or dust from being collected.

But if you are out of options, you can risk using your regular vacuum but check the filters regularly and clean them once they become blocked by dust; this should be done at intervals to prevent the risk of overheating, which damages your vacuum cleaner.

Clean the window sills, around the skirting boards, door frames, or any other surfaces where the dust might have collected with the vacuum cleaner. 

3. Mop the Floor

Vacuuming may be unable to completely get rid of the dust fully, so you will need to thoroughly clean the floor. You can use a dust mop, or a dry mop for this step, or any mop with a flat head, which allows you to reach the corners of the floor.

You can purchase a treatment online or make a homemade version by mixing two cups of white vinegar with five liters of water; when using a dry mop, apply the dust mop treatment on the microfibre surface before cleaning.

Once the mop head has gathered enough dust, do not just dump it in water, as it may be difficult to remove the dust from the mop afterward; instead, vacuum the microfiber.

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How to Clean Plaster Dust Off Wood Floors

If you notice some plaster stain on your hardwood floor, you should act as fast as possible to remove those stains.

Left for too long, and you will need to resand your floor; this is due to the acidity of plaster which leaves a permanent mark on untreated wooden surfaces. Here’s what to do to plaster dust off wood floors

Clean With Soap And Water

If the plaster is still wet, you can use a damp sponge to gently rub it and clean up the stain.

Scrub With A Non-Abrasive Sponge

If the plaster is still fresh but has slightly hardened. Apply any degreasing solution on an abrasive sponge, apply some of the solution on the plaster as well and give it a good scrub. When using a degreaser, you will need gloves, as they can cause skin irritation. 

Scrub With A Sandpaper

If the plaster has completely hardened, you can try scrubbing it with a piece of sandpaper. But this should be done with caution as sandpaper can damage your wooden surface.

To avoid this, use the sandpaper wrapped around your fingers; this will minimize the chances of you damaging a clean surface. As you scrub, wipe the area with a cloth saturated in warm water and oil mixture, this will prevent the plaster dust from spreading.

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If you recently had some renovations done in your home, you are bound to deal with plaster dust; this article, however, discusses how to clean plaster dust off laminate floors so you can get your home sparkling clean and you can enjoy the new project you just finished.

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