How to Clean Drywall Dust Off Wood Floors – 6 Quick Steps

how to clean drywall dust off wood floors

After completing renovation work, you are unable to appreciate the beauty of your efforts until the area is completely clean. And if your renovation included wall repair, drywall dust is one thing you’ll be dealing with. Hence the question, how to clean drywall dust off wood floors.

A vacuum can be used to clean drywall dust off wood floors; this is an effective way to prevent the fine dust from spreading into cracks and gaps in the flooring. That said, vacuuming isn’t just enough. Read on as we share tips on how to clean drywall dust off wood floors.

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Before you begin this cleaning process, you need to wear a dust mask to prevent you from accidentally inhaling the harmful dust. Here’s how to clean drywall dust off wood floors

1. Open Up the Windows

Open up the windows and doors in your entire house to allow fresh into the area and increase ventilation in the house. You also need to turn off all the vents, heating, and air conditioning systems.

This is to prevent the drywall dust from circulating in the house as you clean it up.

Please make sure to have your dust mask or respirator on to protect your lugs from the harmful drywall dust that gets kicked up in the air as you clean.

2. Direct Dust Out With a Fan

As you sweep some of the dust into piles to collect it, some dust escapes into the air. To direct most of that dust outside, place a fan at the window and position it to face outside.

This step will be more efficient if two or more windows are open, and if possible, a fan is placed in each. But if you don’t have enough fans for that to work, simply open the window.

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3. Eliminate the Bulk of the Drywall Dust

Use a broom to sweep most of the drywall dust into a pile, then use a dustpan to collect it in dust bags. You can spray a water mist onto the dust to make it less airborne.

Although you might not be able to collect all the dust this way, you should be able to get most of it. After collecting the drywall dust in a garbage bag or pail, wait for about 15 minutes to allow the dust to settle before proceeding to the next step.

4. Vacuum Up the Dust

Using a good vacuum capable of handling drywall dust and a brush attachment, clean the entire house from top to bottom, left to right, moving at a slow pace because drywall dust usually clings to walls.

You cannot use a regular vacuum if you had previously sprinkled water onto the dust; instead, you will need a strong dry/wet shop vac to clean up the drywall dust, so the HEPA filters do not get clogged.

5. Clean The Floor With Mop and Water       

After using your shop vac to clean the floor, you need to give your floor a final wipe with a damp cloth or a wet mop; use a microfiber cloth if you’re cleaning a hardwood flooring and a normal wet mop for concrete flooring.

When damp, the cloth will easily pick up the dust residue without stressing about it turning into mud. Wipe the drywall dust off rough surfaces like the masonry and tile grout using the damp cloth.

6. Allow Proper Ventilation

Properly ventilate the room before using it and check to ensure no new dust particles have settled onto other areas of the house before you begin occupying it.

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Cleaning drywall dust off wood floors might become messy and spread everywhere if not handled properly. This article breaks down easy steps you can follow to achieve a super clean home after a renovation.

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