How to Clean Hair from Bathroom Floor (4 Quick Methods)

how to clean hair from bathroom floor

The issue of having hair strands litter our bathroom floor can be unavoidable most times because the bathroom is where we do most of our groomings and shavings. The hair might have fallen from a person’s hair or an animal and then find its way to the bathroom floor.

In this article, we would show you how to clean hair from bathroom floor. Firstly, vacuum the bathroom floor, you can also use a large reusable sticky roller. You can equally make use of a rubber squeegee broom or a dry and wet mop.

Journey on with us as we throw more light on this.

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How to Clean Hair from Bathroom Floor

The sight of hair strands littering is anything but pleasant to the sight. It is disgusting and annoying to look at. We would give a detailed format on how to clean hair from the bathroom floor, below.

1. Vacuum the Floor

To begin with, vacuum the floor of your bathroom. If you are in possession of a vacuum that works both on carpet and floor, use it solely for the floor. Vacuum as much hair as possible. Then, using the attachment suck up any hairs found at the corners, spaces, and rifts.

Do not vacuum ceramic and stone tiled floors because the vacuum can cause destroy the surface of the floor. You shouldn’t also use vacuums on. Vinyl floors can be damaged by the spinning beater bar, so do well to switch it off.

If you don’t have a large vacuum, you can equally make use of a hand-held vacuum in your bathroom to get rid of hairs from the floor.

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2. Use a Large Reusable Sticky Roller

Make use of a large reusable sticky roller on an even surface. Make use of the sticky roller the same way you would use a mop or vacuum. Roll the sticky roller across every side of the bathroom floor.

Start from the center of the bathroom and then towards the outer area of the bathroom, to avoid hair from clinging to your shoes and scattering around the floor.

Ensure to clean the reusable sticky roller after every round of cleaning with soap and water. A Sticky roller can clean every surface and get rid of littered hair on the bathroom floor.

But it is not so for uneven surfaces like stone and tiled floors. You can purchase a large reusable sticky roller at any supermarket with a home cleaning section or a hardware store.

3. Make Use of a Rubber Squeegee Broom

You can get rid of hairs from the bathroom floor using a rubber squeegee broom. Make use of a rubber squeegee broom-like any normal broom. As you swipe it backward in short, calculated strokes.

It is advisable to start sweeping from the edges of your bathroom and sweep it towards the center of the bathroom. Then sweep the hair into a dustpan and get rid of it in a trash bin.

Wash the head of the broom in running water to get rid of dirt, after each round of using it. Rubber squeegee brooms are best at use when getting rid of hair on hardwood, vinyl, ceramic, stone, and linoleum floors.

In cases where the floor is uneven like ceramic and stone tiles, use a bristled rubber broom, they work best on uneven floors.

4. Dry-Mop Your Bathroom Floor

You would have to dry-mop your bathroom floor before you consider damp-mopping. Work over your floor with a dry mop to track down hair, dust, and debris.

If you intend to wash your floor, wash it with a normal sponge wet mop. Soak in the sponge the cleaning solution that you feel is safe for your floors and then squeeze it out. Ensure that the mop is not dripping water.

Damp-mopping a floor that is yet to be dry-mopped would only litter the floor with hair and make the bathroom floor sticky. Damp-mopping works effectively on most floors but doesn’t work well on uneven natural stones or tiled floors.

Why do Hair Strands Fall on Bathroom Floor

Many reasons have been attributed to the reason why hairs could be seen lying around on the bathroom floor, but mostly, it is caused by the excess use of shampoo and hair conditioner.

Hair tends to be frail and weak after being sucked of its natural oil. Seeing strands of hair on your shower floor, no matter how small can be irritating.

Some hair strand falls is normal and falls off after showering.

Can the Roomba Clean Long Hairs on the Bathroom Floor

Can the Roomba work effectively to get rid of hairs on the bathroom floor? This is heavily determined by the kind of Roomba make you are using on the bathroom floor.

Roomba is normally used for dry floors. Newer make of Roomba is used to have more suction power and better cleaning attributes. This makes them efficient enough to suck out littered hairs from the bathroom floor.

But in a case where it is a moist bathroom floor, it is not advisable to make use of Roomba, as the moisture has a high tendency of damaging the bathroom floor. However, the added advantage is that the Roomba has rubber brushes and not bristles, so hair strands won’t get entangled to it.

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Best Tool to Use While Cleaning Hair from the Bathroom Floor

The best tool to use while cleaning hair strands is the rubber squeegee broom. The basic use of a rubber squeegee broom is to get rid of hair strands from the floor.

The rubber squeegee broom does not need any special maintenance and is the best for those in search of an easy and simple tool. It also works on both even and uneven floors.

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Bathroom floors are mostly covered in hair strands, it is even unavoidable because it is where we do our grooming. And most people are confused about what to do about it, as the sight of it can be irritating and unpleasant to the eyes. But do not worry, we gave a step to step approach on how to clean hair from bathroom floor.

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