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10 Best Broom for Pet Hair – 2022 Review

best broom for pet hair

Keeping your house clean after your pet can be quite a difficult and time-consuming process. This can especially be a problem if you have a pet that sheds a large amount of hair.

And this shedding hair somehow finds its way to every part of your home, making it difficult to keep your house clean and pet hair-free.

Using a simple and standard house broom can spread the hair even more, and this creates an even bigger mess than before. You need a broom to avoid this, here’s a review of the best broom for pet hair on the market.

Best Broom for Pet Hair Review

1. Homemaxs Broom and Dustpan Set

Homemaxs Broom and Dustpan Set, [Newest 2021] Long Handle Broom with Dustpan, Upright Dustpan with Upgrade Combo for Thorough Sweeping, Dustpan and Lobby Broom for Pet Hair
  • Easy to Use: HOMEMAXS broom and dustpan set has an upgraded height of 52 inch, which is more convenient. Now you can clean just by standing instead of bending over.
  • Complete Cleaning: The broom has upgraded high-toughness PET bristles, which are soft and dense, perfect to remove fine dust. It also does not absorb water, which gives it a longer service life.
  • Wonderful Dustpan Design: With a securely fastened rubber lip on the bottom and the 4cm longer combs/teeth on the top, it will be easier to capture tiny particles into the box with one pull on the teeth. You don't have to use your hands to remove pet hair sticking to the broom anymore!
  • Compact Storage Broom Dustpan Set: New compact design lets you hang the broom and dustpan together on the wall. It’s a great way to save storage space and keep your home or workspace clean and tidy!
  • 【Lock Design & Stand-up Storage】 The upgraded dustpan lock in open position makes the dustpan and broom upright a perfect space safer! It can also be stored in the gaps of refrigerators, cabinet, washing machines or any other corners,saves space and keep your home or work space clean and tidy.

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This broom has upgraded high-toughness PET bristles, which is soft and dense, enabling it to perfectly remove the finest particles. This broom has an extra-long handle measuring up to 52 inches allowing you to clean without having to bend or put a strain on your back.

The bristles of this broom are water-resistant, which gives it a long lifespan. It has a 10-inch wide broom head allowing you to cover a large area with only one swipe. This broom comes with a comb along the bottom, which helps to remove debris stuck to the bristle, making it easier to sweep dirt and dust up into the dustpan.

It also makes it easier to capture tiny particles into the box with one pull on the teeth. You don’t have to use your hands to remove pet hair sticking to the broom anymore!

It has a compact design that allows you to hang the broom and dustpan together on the wall, which is a great way to save storage space and keep your home or workspace clean and tidy!

  • It has a 52-inch handle length
  • The bristles are water-resistant
  • It has a 4cm teeth at the top of the dustpan
  • The dustpan does not stand on its own
  • The edges of the broom could scratch your baseboards.

2. Chouqing Dust Pan and Broom

Chouqing Dust Pan and Broom, Self-Cleaning with Dustpan Teeth, Ideal for Dog Cat Pets Home Use, Super Long Handle Upright Stand Up Broom and Dustpan Set (Gray & Orange)
  • [Extendable Pole Design] -The optional extension pole makes the broom length from 35 to 49 inches, People can choose the appropriate length according to their height. And long handle allow you to Stand upright for comfortable sweeping.NO MORE BENDING!
  • [Heavy duty Broom bristles] - 2020 Upgraded four-row bristles design, high quality broom bristle construction, More dense and durable. Eco-friendly fiber made from recycled PET bottles. Chouqing insists on working hard to protect the environment.
  • [Easy Stand-up Storage] - The clip-on feature makes the broom and dustpan upright a perfect space safer! Compact storage keep your home or work space clean and tidy. Works perfectly for multi-surface, Suitable for indoor use.
  • [Self-Cleaning Dustpan Teeth] - Built in scraper and comb/Teeth for easy to Clean Broom into Dustpan , Clean Pet Hair and Human Hair with one Pull on the Teeth. The rubber lip of the dust pan is flush with the floor and the teeth clean out the bristles easily.
  • [Powerful After-Service] - Every customer can enjoy 30 days refund or replacement, No question asked. Please contact us firstly when you have any questions, risk-free guarantee provides a reliable purchasing experience, your satisfaction is our boundless motivation!

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This broom has a clip-on feature that enables the broom and dustpan to be stored in an upright position, making it a perfect space saver! This Compact storage feature helps to keep your home or workspace clean and organized.

It can be used on different types of floor surfaces. The broom has an extension pole that helps to increase the broom handle from 35 inches 49 inches, so you can use the broom comfortably without having to bend.

This broom also has an upgraded four-row bristles design made from high-quality bristles construction and eco-friendly fibers, which is dense and durable. This broom comes with a dustpan that has an in-built scraper and teeth for easy removal of pet hair that might have stuck to the broom.

There’s also a rubber lip underneath the dustpan that enables the pan to stick to the surface, properly preventing dust and hair from getting underneath the pan.

  • It comes with a 30 refund or replacement policy
  • It has an upgraded four-row bristles design
  • It has a 49-inch long handle
  • The rubber lip doesn’t stick to surfaces properly causing dirt to go underneath it

3. ElectroSilk Silicone Bristle Push Broom

ElectroSilk Silicone Bristle Push Broom Carpet Rake Squeegee for Dust, Human and Pet Hair Remover, Multi-Tool Mop for Floor Cleaning, Adjustable Handle Up to 64 in Long, Cat Dog Fur Cleaning Supplies
  • THE NEXT GENERATION OF CLEANING TOOLS: Patent pending technology. Revolutionary innovative replacement for all types of brooms. The only silicone carpet rake / bristle push broom in the market, best results for fur, pet and human hair removal. Ideal dust and dirt non-scratch sweeper where high level of sanitation is needed.
  • EASY & EFFIECIENT MULTI-PURPOSE SWEEPER: The silicone due to its electrostatic properties works as a magnet, attract, collect and remove pet hair, fur, dirt, lint, ash and more. Sweeping without raising dust clouds or leaving dirt trails. The built-in squeegee edge makes it ideal for wiping water and liquid spills. The contour bumper belt prevents harm to furniture.
  • MULTI-SURFACE CLEANER: Proved efficiency for wet or dry surfaces such as carpet, rug, hardwood floor, tile, concrete, glass, window, shower, windshield and more. Indoor and outdoor places such as: private house / household, garden, balcony, garage, deck, clinic, salon, nursing home, hospital and more.
  • FEATURES: Easy to install, The long extendable handle splits into 4 parts of 30.7” each, allowing 4 different heights of (including broom’s head): 17”/ 32”/ 52”/ 64” which makes it easy to use for any user height and get to hard to reach areas and small places. Italian Screw / Thread. Durable and sturdy steel handle with powder coated finish. Broom head dimensions (width x length): 2.8” x 9.1”
  • SILICONE Vs. RUBBER: The silicone bristles are more elastic than any rubber bristles and don’t wear off, collapse or deform, being durable up to 260ºC/520ºF it can be used/sterilized with steam, hot water, dishwasher safe. The silicone creates static electricity which works as a magnet to different particles and micro-organisms and helps to alleviate allergies.

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This broom has a silicone electrostatic property that acts as a magnet to attract pet hair, dust, debris, and dander effectively. This broom can be used for easy sweeping without leaving any trail of dust or raising dust clouds.

The fact that the bristles of this broom are made from silicon helps to increase its longevity and resistance towards high temperature and pressure. This broom is ideal for cleaning all types of surfaces and can be used for scrubbing different surfaces with water to remove tough stains.

 After this, you can simply flip it over to remove excess water with its in-built squeegee placed at the other side of the broom’s head. This built-in squeegee feature also allows the broom to be for cleaning liquid spills, windows, windshields, and showers.

This broom also has long extendable handles that allow it to be adjusted from 17 to 64 inches.

  • It has a contour bumper belt that helps to prevent damage to furniture
  • It can be used as a squeegee for windows and mirrors
  • Its handle can be adjusted up to 64 inches
  • It doesn’t attract hair effectively

4. VANHO Pet Hair Remover

VANHO Pet Hair Remover - Best Car & Auto Detailing Brush for Pet Hair Removal -Rubber Dog & Cat Hair Remover Brush for Couch,Furniture,Car Interior and Carpet (Green)
  • EASY TO CLEAN - The pet hair remover brush can remove your dog and cat hair easily from furniture,car interior,carpet and mats.The soft and easy grip handle makes removing pet hair and lint a comfortable and effortless experience
  • MULTI PURPOSE-Our pet hair remover brush can be perfectly used in our daily life. It can remove the hair and lint from the surface of all types of furniture, car interior,fabric and clothes. It also can be an ideal massage brush for cats and dogs
  • SAFE AND RELIABLE - Durable and soft rubber will get deep into fibers and will not cause pilling or damage your pet skin,furniture or rugs
  • REUSABLE - The pet hair remover brush can be used again and again. No refill needed,unlike lint rollers. It is extremely economical and environmentally friendly
  • EASY TO STORE - The pet hair remover is easy to store anywhere and doesn't take up much space .Perfect to keep in your bag or car

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This is a pet hair removal brush that is very versatile and can be used to clean furniture, car seats, and even carpets, making sure your home and car are free from every loose pet hair that could be hanging around.

It has a soft and easy-grip handle that makes the cleanup process of pet hair a more comfortable and effortless experience. The bristles of this broom are made from soft silicone, which is durable enables the brush to get deep into fibers without causing piling or damage to your furniture, car seats, or carpets.

This is a handy pet hair removal brush that can be stored and carried about with taking up much space. Aside from cleaning up pet hair, this brush can be used to massage your pet, in order to improve blood circulation and reduce excess shedding.

  • This is a reusable brush that doesn’t require refills like lint rollers
  • IT is made from soft and durable silicone material
  • It can be used to massage your pets
  • It is very easy to store without taking too much space
  • It is only great for cleaning small areas
  • It tends to get damaged easily

5. GLOYY Long Handled Push Broom

GLOYY Long Handled Push Broom with Soft Rubber Bristles Squeegee Edge 60 inches Use for Pet Cat Dog Hair Perfect for Cleaning Hardwood Vinyl Carpet
  • Pet Hair Remove- You can use this to clean dog hair from your large throw rug that your dog lays on. It is fantastic for picking up the dog hair.
  • Effortlessly Sweep- It worked nicely on the flat open areas,soft enough not to scratch the windows, and it electrostatically attract dust and pet hair! Collects dirt, paper, or whatever is on the ground with easy and the brush is easy to clean.
  • Better than Vacuums- When your dog's hair gets embedded into your rugs and carpet. And your vacuum does get up quite a bit of it but not all. This long-handled rubber brush broom helps to dislodge much of the hair . Recommend if you have pets.
  • Long and Adjustable Handle- 30 inches to 60 inches adjustable length suit for different tasks. Set up just snap the pole pieces together and go.
  • Contain a Small Bush- This small brush is Convenient and easy-to-carry.All-in-one fur remover, grooming, and lint brush

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This broom can be used to remove pet hair, debris, or lint from your rug, upholstery, and clothing. This broom can also function as a squeegee for cleaning windows, mirrors, and windshields. 

This brush works effectively on flat surfaces, and it has soft edges that prevent it from leaving scratch marks on your floor or windows. It uses electrostatic energy to attract dust, debris, and pet hair, making sure no particles escape its grasp.

This is a long-handled brush with a 30 inch to 60 inches adjustable handle length that allows you to customize the length of the brush to suit your cleaning needs.

This brush helps to get deep into your carpet or rug fiber, making sure to remove every last pet hair embedded in it that even your vacuum might find it difficult to remove. It is also easy to assemble as all you do is snap the pole pieces together, and it is ready to use.

  • This brush can be used for grooming your pet
  • Its handle can be adjusted up to 60 inches
  • It is easy to assemble
  • It doesn’t remove pet hair effectively

6. BristleComb Broom and Dustpan Set

BristleComb Outdoor Broom and Dustpan Set Upright – 49" Long Adjustable Broom and Dust Pan with Long Handle, Self-Cleaning Comb & 2 Interchangeable Heads of Different Stiffness - Medium and Coarse
  • 2 INTERCHANGEABLE BROOM HEADS: BristleComb Outdoor Broom and Dustpan Set comes with 2 interchangeable heads of different stiffness – with Medium (light grey) and Coarse (dark grey) bristles. Twist locking mechanism makes changing heads quick and easy.
  • HEAVY-DUTY: The Broom and Dustpan set interface is made of heavy-duty plastic and the handle is made of stainless steel, durable enough to use in outdoor conditions. Shorter and stiffer broom bristles effectively whisk coarser surfaces and grab debris that is heavier than dust and dirt.
  • EASY STORAGE: Expandable broom and dust pan lock together for upright, compact storage either folded up for slim areas or flat. It can be stored in the gaps of refrigerators, sinks, washing machines, etc. to save space and keep your home clean and tidy.
  • UNIQUE DUSTPAN COMB: The BristleComb Outdoor Broom and Dustpan Set features unique self-cleaning comb to remove debris from broom bristles. The unique dustpan comb pulls out hair and debris so that you no longer have to pull it out manually.
  • EXTENDABLE HANDLE: The BristleComb Outdoor Broom and Dustpan Set with a sturdy, stainless steel, twist-and-lock handle extends from 36" to 49" long simply by adding the extension pole; allowing it to reach objects or adjust to various user heights. Broom and dust pan with long handle allows you to stand upright for comfortable sweeping.

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This broom comes with a matching mini sweeper/dustpan with ridged edges for cleaning small areas. This broom has an upright dustpan that tilts to stand up straight so that the collected dirt stays put and does not spill back onto the floor

; the dustpan also features a front-edge ‘comb’ that keeps your broom bristles clean. The broom clips securely to the dustpan handle for convenient and easy storage, you can hang it using the hole in the handle, or snap it into your existing rack.

This Broom and Dustpan set combo is made of heavy-duty plastic, and the handle is made of durable stainless steel. It is a great option for not only cleaning up pet hair but for cleaning the kitchen, apartment, studio, office, warehouse, patio, or anywhere with a hard-surface floor.

This broom also has a twist-and-lock handle, which can be extended from 37″ to 51″ long by adding the extension pole, allowing it to reach objects or adjust to various user heights.

  • IT comes with a mini sweeper set for smaller cleanups
  • The dustpan has a unique cleanup comb
  • Its handle can be extended up to 51 inches
  • The bristles of the broom is a bit thin and light

7. Broom Indoor/Outdoor

Broom Indoor/Outdoor - Strongest 30% Heavier Duty - Angle Broom with Extendable Broomstick for Easy Sweeping - Easy Assembly Great Use for Home Kitchen Room Office Lobby Floor Pet Hair Sweeping Etc.
  • SIMPLY THE BEST BROOM ON THE MARKET - With our easy to use Broom you get only what you need, quality and long lasting durability in an easy to use
  • THE PERFECT HEIGHT: Forget about brooms that are too short and inconvenient! This lobby broom is extra-tall at 50’’ so you will never have to bend down ever again! The long broomstick will also allow you to reach every corner and spot, even under the couch, so you can keep your space spotless!
  • SPACE SAVING DESIGN: The smart design of the broom makes it perfect for small storing closets as it is very compact for maximum space saving. The broom can snap on the wall for upright storage and it is also foldable so it can be easier to store and to move.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: The broom are crafted with special care and the best quality materials so you can enjoy unique durability. The steel handle is ultra-strong so it can stay in top condition for years to come no matter what and is made with sturdy ABS plastic for flawless results.
  • LIFETIME GUARANTEE: Zalik is a USA based business that’s will make sure your satisfaction comes first. We strive to provide you with the best quality products and service. So if for any reason you are not completely satisfied with the broom, please contact us so we can ensure 100% satisfaction.

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This lobby broom has an extra-tall handle, which measures 50 inches, so you will never have to bend down will cleaning with this broom. The long broomstick handles also allow you to reach every hard to reach corner and spot, even underneath furniture, so you can keep your space spotless!

This broom has a smart design, which makes it perfect for small storing closets as it is very compact for maximum space-saving. The broom can be snapped securely on the wall for upright storage, and it is also foldable so it can be easier to store and to move.

This broom has Hundreds of rubber bristles that easily remove pet hair from carpets and rugs. It works Gently to lift dust, dirt, debris, and pet hair from those high traffic areas that your four-legged friends frequent.

  • It has a 50-inch long broom handle
  • It can be folded and stored away easily
  • The bristles are made from premium quality material
  • The handle cannot be screwed securely into the broom which causes it to fall off frequently

8. MR.SIGA Soft Bristle Rubber Broom

MR.SIGA Soft Bristle Rubber Broom and Squeegee with Telescopic Handle- 12.4" Width
  • 2 in 1 TPR RUBBER BROOM & SQUEEGEE - Made from TPR rubber, a durable material which is not easy to get deformed, they are economical and practical, stain and odor resistant. Flexible TPR bristles collect dirt and hair with ease yet the built-in squeegee can be used safely on hardwood floors or windows without the risk of scratching. Works great on carpet, rug, tile, hardwood, marble, window.
  • VERSATILE & EASY TO MAINTAIN - It is tough enough to handle any scrubbing jobs, yet gentle enough to be used on shower glass doors and windows without damages. Rinse the brush head and clean with soap if needed and air dry after use. Keep in cool place can extend their lifespan.
  • PET HAIR REMOVER - Capture dog and cat hair on the carpet like a magnet, help dislodge the hair which embeded in to the rugs effortlessly which vacuums couldn't clean throughly. Multi-purpose rubber broom & squeegee is not only your household cleaning assistant, but also a great gift for your friend who owns adorable pets.
  • EXTENDABLE HANDLE - Comes with sturdy steel handle with a powder-coated finish, can be extended from 29.5" up to 57" and locked to any available position, which offers a comfortable pickup and hold for different person, makes cleaning the floor without having to bend down.
  • MR.SIGA's mission: Make your housework easier, and make the world cleaner. Should you have any questions about the product or after-sale service, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here for support and advice!

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This broom might have a simple design, but it has a lot to offer. It’s a rubber broom that comes in two pieces. It also features an in-built squeegee that can be used for cleaning your shower, windshields, and even the windows in your house.
Since the squeegee is built into the broom, it can be used to wipe away excess liquid from flat floors or even on decks. This broom is easy to assemble and is built with high-quality materials. The handle of this broom is made out of powder-coated steel tubing, which increases its longevity.

On the 12-inch head, natural TPR rubber is used. This is resistant to water damage and performs well when picking up pet hair; this allows you to wash the clumps of pet hair from the broom and dry it quickly for the next use.

  • It is resistant to water damage
  • It has an in-built squeegee
  • The handle of this broom is made out of powder-coated steel tubing
  • It has a 12-inch wide head
  • It cannot be used to clean closed-off corners

9. O-Cedar Power Corner Large Angle Broom

O-Cedar Power Corner Large Angle Broom
  • Features Double Bristle Technology: firm black bristles thoroughly pull dirt from corners while semi-soft grey bristles capture and move dirt effectively, so you don’t have to double sweep.
  • Cleanly sweeps up messes on everything from hardwood floors to garage floors. Flare-Tip Technology captures fine dust and hair.
  • Memory Bristles resist bending and hold their shape.14" sweeping width.
  • Bristles made from 80% recycled plastic. 55.5 inch total height
  • Proudly built in USA

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this is one of the best broom for pet hair; it has a high bristle density and offers double the number of bristles in regular brooms; this broom has firm black bristles that move and hold unto dust, dirt and pet hair effectively.

This broom’s bristles are firm but not hard; they are semi-soft bristles that always retain their proper shape regardless of your usage level. This broom has a generous sweeping path of about 12 inches, this broom also has an 11 inches wide dustpan that attaches to the broom handle firmly, it has a 55 inch long handle for convenience.

This broom has an angled shape that allows it to get into tight spaces and cracks; the high amount of bristles on this broom allows it to pick up small particles without leaving any dust behind.

  • It has memory bristles which retain its shape after use
  • It has double the amount of bristles of regular brooms
  • It has a 55-inch long handle
  • The dustpan cannot properly collect dirt

10. RAVMAG Silicone Rubber Broom

RAVMAG Silicone- Rubber Broom Incredibly Tough & Durable Build- Adjustable Knuckle Joint- Integrated Squeegee- Comfortably Long Handle- Washable- Scratch Free Bristles- Perfect for Pet Hair!
  • - ADJUSTABLE JOINT: The handy adjustable knuckle joint allows you to effortlessly clean underneath furniture, making this the perfect rubber broom for pet hair.
  • - BRILLIANT BRISTLES: Ravmag’s slanted bristles impressively get the dirt along walls, are scratch-free and use static charge to amazingly collect lint, hair and dust.
  • - SQUEEGEE EDGE: Whether you’re cleaning spills or drying up your patio, you’ll find the integrated squeegee on our silicone broom to be incredibly handy.
  • - COMFORTABLY LONG: We’ve fitted this silicone broom with a 55-inch handle, giving you remarkable comfort that other rubber brooms simply can’t match.
  • - EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY: Hardwood, cement, tile or glass, the single cast natural silicone broom build guarantees unwavering service for years to come. Click ‘Add to Cart’ now!

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This broom has a rectangular shape of head that enables it to catch loose pet hair along the edges of a room. It has soft single-cast silicone bristles that work very well on all types of floor surfaces and won’t cause damage to your floor surface.

This broom has a handle length of 55 inches that makes it suitable for users with different heights and also gives you better control over the broom and provides an excellent angle for cleaning. This is a lightweight broom weighing only two pounds, and this allows you to use it for longer cleaning sessions.

This broom has a wide head that allows you to cover more area at a time. It is also less than 16 inches, which makes it the perfect broom head size to maneuver around your home. This broom has A joint between the head and the handle that allows you to get the right angle every time you sweep.

 All you need to do is set it to your desired position, then Twist the knuckle joint to lock your broom into place and make it rigid.

  • It is a lightweight broom
  • IT has an ergonomic and comfortable handle
  • It has a wide cleaning head
  • The bristles are very soft and won’t work efficiently on carpets

Types of broom for pet hair

There are mainly two types of broom suited for pet hair, which is upright and push brooms.

Upright brooms

These types of broom need less space for storage; they are lightweight, which makes them suitable for longer cleaning sessions, they are also easy to maneuver and fit underneath furniture, and they work well on different floor surfaces. This type of broom can be used for both regular house cleaning and picking up pet hairs.

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Push broom

This type of broom has a wider head compared to upright brooms, and this enables them to cover a wider area with a single pass. This makes them great for cleaning large spaces as they help to shorten your cleaning time.

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This type of broom norm has Silicone or rubber bristles that effectively attract and collect pet’s hair. This type of broom makes use of electrostatic energy to attract dirt and hair, and this prevents tumbleweeds from forming and skittering away during cleans. This type of broom makes cleaning fast and easy although they may be quite difficult to store or use in small areas.

Buying Guide for Broom for Pet Hair

It can be overwhelming to find the perfect broom for cleaning up pet hair when there are so many to choose from; here’s a helpful guide that will help you choose the right broom.


You want a broom that is reliable. So You want to consider the level of effectiveness of a broom before purchasing it, you want the broom to be able to clean up your pet’s hair, but the first thing you need to consider is how much fur your pet sheds.

If it’s light shedding then you can go for a broom with basic design whereas, if you are going to be dealing with a lot of shedded fur then you want a broom with more quality and effectiveness.

An attached dustpan will help with your cleaning process by helping to collect sweep up dust and hair, but you want to make sure the dustpan has a rubber edge, which helps to secure it to the floor and enable it to collect dirt effectively.

Another great feature that can increase the effectiveness of your broom is a broom upper teeth comb, which helps to remove trapped hair and debris, and this helps to keep your broom clean.


Brooms for pet hair are pretty inexpensive, but that doesn’t mean you need to buy anyone you lay your hands on, you want something that is effective as it is affordable and if you plan on using your broom for everyday use, it isn’t advisable to go for cheap options.

You want to expand your budget and go for a durable broom with great features, the last thing you want to happen is having to replace your broom early because the previous one wasn’t functional or up to the task.


You want a broom with a handle that is neither too long nor too short; a broom with an adjustable handle is the best as it gives you the ability to customize the length according to your cleaning needs and height. 

You also want to consider the material the handle is made of, as that affects the overall lifespan and durability of the broom. A plastic handle has a pretty good chance. It is not going to last as much as a handle made out of aluminum or stainless steel, and they are easier to move around. 

You want to go for a broom with a base length of at least 30 inches and can be adjusted up to 60 inches, a handle that allows you to extend or shorten the length makes it easier to maneuver and control, giving you some convenience and versatility.

Kind of Bristles

When getting a broom to use for cleaning pet hair, you want one with soft bristles to avoid damaging your floor as well as effectively pick up the hairs.

You also have to consider the type of flooring in your home as Natural rubber bristles are the best to use on floors like tiles, hardwood or ceramic because they are soft and cleans up debris and dust easily without needing multiple passes. There are mainly two types of bristles, and they all have different efficiency levels;

Unflagged Bristles

With this design, the bristles are stiff and straight. They are the best option for cleaning larger debris. They are also highly recommended for uneven, rough, or wet floors. They are also great to use for sweeping outdoor areas.

Flagged Bristles

With this type of design, the bristles are tattered at the ends. Frayed bristles are very good at collecting small or fine particles.

Flagged bristles will sweep fine powders like flour, dry floors containing dust and debris, and also smooth floors like tiles, hardwood, carpet, and concrete.


The price of a broom often determines the durability of the broom. There are varying durability levels of a broom, and this also determines how often and how much you are going to be using your broom.

Basic brooms with minimal features will do fine if you are just sweeping up your floor once a week. But, if you are cleaning a large space and have many pets, you want something that is much more durable and made with high-quality material with amazing features. 

Brush design

There are two types of brush design common in brooms; we have removable brushes and unremovable brushes. Removable brushes are actually more convenient to use;

This is because not only are they great at picking up pet’s hair, you can easily remove the brush, then soak in a cleaning solution and then start scrubbing to thoroughly remove tough stains and spills on your floor. A removable brush can also be used to serve as squeegee brushes.

Bristles Material

The type of bristle material will make or break your cleaning process, there are several types of bristles material, and you want a delicate one if you are planning to use the broom for mainly cleaning up pet hair, here are the main types of bristles material;


You can use these types of bristles on dry as well as wet surfaces and floors. They have extra resistance to oils, chemicals, and acids. They will not leave scratch marks on your floors.


These bristles are very firm and stiff, but they are also very flexible. They are great for cleaning up small or fine particles on tile, laminate, or hardwood floors.

But they are not completely resilient when compared to polypropylene. So, they are mainly recommended for indoor purposes.


These types of bristles are great for sweeping heavy floors. They offer shear break strength plus superior abrasion resistance.

These bristles are extremely resistant to discoloring, tough stains, bacteria growth, fungus, oils, chemicals, acids, solvents, and water, which makes them a great option for both outdoor and indoor uses.

Natural Corn Fibers

This type of bristles is recommended for cleaning up fine dirt and dust in dry environments. They are made from hewn corn straw. But they can easily cause damage to delicate floors.


Brooms come in many different sizes. Go for a size that best suits the space you intend cleaning and the storage you have available to store your pet broom in.


What types of floor can you use a broom for pet hair on?

This depends on the type of bristles that comes with the pet hair broom, ensure to go through the buying guide to enable you to know what type of broom bristles will work efficiently on your floor.

Do I really need a separate broom for pet hair?

While many people get away with using regular cleaning broom for picking up pet hair, it actually causes more stress as you have to make sure you get every last bit of hair from the broom before using it to clean other areas of the house to avoid spreading the hair.


While we may love our pets to bits and pieces, we don’t love their shedded furs, and they can cause your apartment to look dirty and untidy, that’s why you need to get the best broom for pet hair to enable you to get rid of those pesky hairs laying loose around.

The right broom will save you the hassle of having to use a vacuum all the time when you need a quick cleanup. The buying guide will also help you to get the best broom for your money.

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