Are Waterhog Mats Safe for Hardwood Floors?

are waterhog mats safe for hardwood floors

It is necessary that you keep your floor safe from the permeation of moisture. And also the problems of slips and falls. This is where the Waterhog mat comes in. It has been debated whether Waterhog mats are good enough for hardwood floors.

Are waterhog mats safe for hardwood floors? Yes, they are safe for hardwood floors and Their style suits the hardwood floor, also because of its water resistance and lastly because it is easy to care for.

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Are Waterhog Mats Safe for Hardwood Floors?

To keep our hardwood floor safe, we might go in search of the best mat backing for our floor. This is because you need a mat backing that rhymes perfectly with the hardwood floor. A wrong backing would only cause harm to the floor.

This would lead to the question; are Waterhog mats safe for hardwood floors? If you are in search of a perfect matting type for your hardwood floor, then you should consider Waterhog mats.

The Waterhog mats are the best choice for any entryway and they also work just well on the hardwood floor.

The Waterhog mat is aesthetic, easy to clean and maintain, very safe, and protects the floor. They are one of the best entryway mats for miles around.

Reasons Why You Should Use Waterhog Mats on Hardwood Floor

While purchasing a proper mat backing for your hardwood floor there are a lot of things to put into consideration. Firstly, is if the mat is the right mat for your floor. And also, the qualities that make it the best for your hardwood floor.

We listed the reasons why you should use Waterhog mats on hardwood floors.

1. Style

It is not every day you see an entrance mat that traps dirt, dust, and moisture yet looks as aesthetic as ever. Waterhog mats serve all these purposes, yet, still, maintain their usual glamour and beauty.

They are made available in a variety of colors, patterns, sizes, and textures. This makes it easy to fit into your choice, taste, and need at the moment.

Since they are versatile, a Waterhog mat that can serve an outdoor purpose also stands a huge chance of being used indoors.

2. Safety

Another reason you should use the Waterhog mat as a backing for the hardwood floor is that it is very safe. The Waterhog mat traps dirt and dust and doesn’t allow them to spread all over your hardwood floor.

Hence, it would help reduce the frequent sweeping of the hardwood floor with a hard-bristled broom, just to get rid of dirt. Hard-bristled brooms are not safe for hardwood floors, they cause damage to the floor.

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3. Water Resistance

Another reason you should purchase a Waterhog mat for your hardwood floor is that it is water-resistant. A Waterhog mat can absorb and conserve water.

It can hold up to 1.5 gallons of water per square yard. This is to show that it doesn’t allow water to leak on your hardwood floor. It traps the moisture and doesn’t let go.

The Waterhog holds the water at the bottom of the mat, hence, it can’t spill out when marched on. The mat tends to dry out on its own unless it is totally soaked up. You can make use of a jet sprayer to get rid of the excess moisture from the Waterhog mat.

4. Mat Backing

Also, is the protection of your hardwood floor. As we said above, not all mat backing suits the hardwood floor. The wrong backing can only cause damage to the floor. The Waterhog mat is just the perfect backing for the hardwood floor.

You should make use of the smooth backing on smooth surfaces like the hardwood floor. It can grip the floor perfectly. Do not make use of the cleated backing, it can’t grip the hardwood floor, due to the smooth nature of hardwood.

5. Easy to Care for

Most matting types can do all we just listed above but would be hard to clean and maintain. You would need to constantly clean and maintain them.

A lot of matting floors fall into this category. Hence the need to be on the lookout while purchasing your choice of mat for hardwood floors.

But this isn’t so for Waterhog mats. Waterhog mats do not need much stress to be maintained and cleaned. With the right care, the Waterhog mat would retain its aesthetic outlook. You do not need to clean your mat often. When you do, it is just a simple process.

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Are Waterhog mats safe for hardwood floors? If you are in need of a good mat for your hardwood floor, we recommend Waterhog mats.

It works just so well on the hardwood floor. It would not only protect your hardwood floor from moisture but also traps dirt and dust. Even with all these workloads, it still maintains its aesthetic outlook.

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