Do Hardwood Floors Make Your House Colder? (3 Reasons Why)

do hardwood floors make your house colder

Hardwood floors are a big hit and a favorite for modern homeowners. They are desired by many for their home flooring because of their classy, aesthetic, and elegant look. Bear in mind that wood also increases the value of your home.

Back to the question; do hardwood floors make your house colder? Yes, hardwood floors can make your house colder if there is a floorboard problem, poor insulation, or maybe just convection at work.

Wood and other solid materials like concrete, tile, and laminate considerably reduce your home’s temperature change as they’ve been known to absorb and store heat, while light carpet fibers become a hindrance to the heat flow.

Although they feel chilly, they are well known to help conserve energy and have the heat circulate in the house, unlike carpets and rugs, which make the heat stay situated at a point.

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Why do Hardwood Floors Make your House Colder

Hardwood floors can be easily cared for, and they go well with almost any décor. Like other non-carpeted flooring types, though, their surface can feel chilly at times.

However, if the floor is too cold, it might be more than the cooling effect of wood on the floors. There could be other reasons attached to it. Here are some reasons why your hardwood flooring is colder than usual:

Your Floorboards Could Have a Problem

Colder weather and changing humidity levels can affect your homes’ hardwood floors in various ways. Your hardwood floor may not just be cold. It might have other underlying problems.

Some obvious signs of bigger problems could be cracks and spacing in the wood.

Could Simply Be Convection at Work

Naturally, whether in the home or elsewhere, hot air rises to the ceiling, which in turn causes cold air to be pulled in. This convection takes place and leaves the floor colder where the hot air used to be.

Colder air comes in through leaks in the home’s exterior, especially for floors with basements underneath.

Poor Insulation

As said above, floors on the first story of a home are usually the coldest. This is because these floors are directly above the basement. Many times, these basements lack proper insulation therefore it shows in the temperature of the floor above.

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How to Mitigate Hardwood Floor Making Your House Colder

How can we retain the stylish and modern look of hardwood floors while still having the warmth we need, especially in cold weather? Here are some ways below:

Rugs Are Your Best Bet

Find some nice, machine washable area rugs. Some good ones will even save you energy costs. Plus, you have the added advantage of classy that a beautiful rug gives any room.

It doesn’t matter if it’s the living room, bedroom, or kitchen. It gives that extra touch of beauty and creativity.

To the Basement Again

Going back to the basement, this can easily be handled to settle the matter of cold floors if an expert has helped you ascertain that it’s the cause of your cold floors. Insulating your basement can also save you a lot of costs.

Also, you can decide to put insulation on only the ceiling or ask an expert to put insulation in the windows and walls. To insulate just the ceiling, you most likely don’t use your basement very often, but the second option is for you if you do.

Space Heaters to Heat Spaces

At times, there is nothing you can do about it. You’ll have colder places in your house. It could be windows or doors areas and so on. Some parts of your house are just naturally colder than others.

Socks for the Win

Over the years, we’ve noticed that the most obvious solutions are usually the most overlooked. Don’t look down on getting a good pair of socks to keep the little piggies warm. You can even indulge yourself by getting those cute, woolen, fuzzy slippers complete with a robe.

All you need to do next is relax like someone in a kingly estate, preferably with a hot cup of chocolate. Make sure whatever you wear has enough to keep you on your feet and off your bum.

This particular way is effective for keeping your beautiful hardwood floor look and being comfy at home.

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Hardwood floors make your floors colder, but if it gets too cold or problematic, you should get an expert to look into it.

It might be more than just cool floors, which just needs insulation. Whatever the cause, there are many ways to make use of your hardwood floors and still let their elegance shine through.

Back to the question: do hardwood floors make your house colder? We believe we’ve done a great job outlining how. We also believe this article is both helpful and informative. Kindly share it across your social media pages if you feel the same way.

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