Rule of Thumbs for Rugs under Dining Table (5 Great Rules)

rule of thumbs for rugs under dining table

When trying to purchase a rug to be placed under your dining table area, there are some factors you should into consideration. This is because these considerations would go a long way in making you pick the best rug for your dining table area.

Let’s examine the rule of thumbs for rugs under dining table. The set of rules to consider is the size, pile, and decoration of the rug. You should also consider the shape and finally, how to purchase the rug.

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Rule of Thumbs for Rugs under Dining Table

Below outlined are the rule of thumbs for rugs under dining table.

1. Size

One of the rules for rugs under the dining table is the size. To ensure you have the right size, you need a rug where all the four legs of the chairs would fit into the rug without breaking a sweat.

If you are using the dining table as a yardstick to measure the size of the rug, you would a rug that is 20-30 inches wider than the table at all angles.

If your dining room isn’t wide enough, you have to make sure you leave enough space between the perimeters of the rug and floor perimeters. You need at least a 6 to 18 inches gap to avoid everything appearing enclosed and clumped together.

2. Pile

You should choose a low-pile rug or a flat-weave rug installed under the dining table. This is because the chairs normally get entangled in the fibers of high pile fluffy rugs. This can lead to falls in a home where there are pets, children, or aged people.

Also, there is no way you can prevent food particles from lying around on a rug under the dining table. These particles tend to get stuck in high pile fluffy rugs. This makes the cleaning process a rigorous one.

3. Shape

It is best the shape of your rug matches perfectly with the shape of the dining room. You would need a round or square rug in a square-shaped dining room. In a case where your dining room is rectangular, then, you would need a rectangular rug.

This is also applicable to the shape of the dining table. An oval-shaped dining table would need a rectangular-shaped rug. While a round dining table would require a round or square rug.

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4. Decoration

When you plan on installing the rug under your dining table you should be on the lookout for what would match the wall color, its pattern, and design. So you would need a rug that blends perfectly with the room makeup.

You can equally match your rug pattern and style with the cushion, curtain, and any furniture present in the room.

5. Purchase the Rug Last

After you are done buying your cushion, curtain, and other dining room furniture, then you can purchase the rug.

This is done to get a rug that blends in perfectly with the furniture and the shape of the room. It will equally make you buy the exact rug size since you already have everything in place.

What is the Best Rug Under Dining Table?

The best rug to be placed under the dining table is Earthall Cotton Buffalo Checkered Area Rug. This rug is made from cotton and is also a very durable rug.

It is equally easy to clean and it is the best for areas with high traffic. This means the rug would last for quite a long time. It is a handmade rug.

Also, the pattern it is made from makes it easy for it to blend into any home decoration. Its pattern and design are made in a way that aside from the dining room, it can also be used anywhere.

Its fabric comes in various colors like grey, red, blue, white, and even black. The fabric is also fade-resistant.

Alternatives to Rug Under Dining Table

In a case where you can’t afford the cost of a rug or the rug doesn’t blend properly with your home decoration, are there other alternatives you can pick from? It is not a must that it a rug should be placed under the dining table.

Other alternatives serve the same purpose and they include mats, carpets, or floor clothes. They can be used in place of a rug.

How Do I Keep My Dining Room Rug Clean

Having food particles, dirt, or liquid spills on our floor is something unavoidable. There would be such cases on several occasions.

But with the right step, you can always keep your rug in proper condition. We gave detail on how to keep my dining room rug clean.

1. Vacuum Regularly

Your first bet is to vacuum the dining room rug regularly. You need to get those food particles and crumbs off the floor.

Since they are unavoidable, endeavor to always vacuum the rug to keep food crumbs off the rug. Do not give the particles time to be walked over as they become harder to clean.

2. Spot Clean

In a scenario where you are faced with a stubborn stain, you would need to spot clean it immediately with a damp cloth. Be careful to avoid scrubbing on the fiber of your rug in a too-hard fashion, dab on it gently.

3. Clean Off Spills

Having liquid spill on the rug is something unavoidable. If there is a spill on the rug, the best approach is to avoid the spread of the stain.

Make use of a dry towel to get rid of excess liquid. Then make use of a commercial stain remover to get rid of any remnant stain.

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The rule of thumbs for rugs under dining table entails the rules and regulations you are expected to follow when choosing a rug for your dining table section. We gave a detailed list of these rules, above and how they are applied.

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