Is Roomba Safe for Vinyl Plank Flooring? (9 Benefits of Roomba)

is roomba safe for vinyl plank flooring

The vinyl plank floor is a type of flooring that is very sensitive and easily gets scratched. So, it requires you to be extremely careful.

Is Roomba Safe for Vinyl plank flooring? Yes, Roomba is safe for the vinyl floor. This is because of the rubber wheel that prevents it from scratching the floor.

But you should note that not all Roomba vacuums are recommended for the vinyl plank. So, when you make your choice, you should be careful to avoid damaging your floor.

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Is Roomba Safe for Vinyl Plank Flooring?

Is Roomba safe for vinyl plank flooring? Yes, it is very safe for the vinyl flooring. Most of the Roomba vacuum cleaners are made with rubber wheels and this helps prevent them from scratching and causing harm to the floor.

You should also be aware because it is very easy for vinyl plank flooring to get scratched, so, you have to know the sort of Roomba vacuum you are purchasing for the floor. You have to be very careful in this regard.

What is the Best Roomba Vacuum to Use on Your Vinyl Plank Flooring?

Some Roomba vacuums are not safe for the vinyl plank floor. It is an even more sensitive issue because the vinyl plank floor is susceptible to scratches. So, you need to be careful of your choices when shopping for the Roomba vacuum to use on your vinyl floor.

The best Roomba vacuum is iRobot Roomba 675 This model of Roomba vacuum works effectively on the vinyl plank floor. It is very safe to use on vinyl plank flooring and even on other flooring types. It is not hard to use and also cleans pet hairs, too.

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Benefits of Roomba on the Vinyl Plank Floor

The vinyl floor is very sensitive and is very susceptible to scratches. But some Roomba vacuums easily vacuum the vinyl floor without causing harm to the floor. Not all Roomba is recommended for the vinyl floor. But there are ones that work effectively on the floor.

1. It Is Easy to Use

The Roomba vacuum is very easy to use when vacuuming your vinyl plank floor. You do not need to break a sweat for it to effectively vacuum your vinyl plank floor.

Most Roomba vacuums work effectively on the floor and don’t frustrate your effort. In as much as every vacuum cleaner has its weakness, but most of the Roomba vacuums are highly recommended.

But you should remember to use the guidelines as stated in the manual of the vacuum. This would help give you direction when vacuuming.

2. It Doesn’t Scratch or Leave Marks on the Floor

The Roomba vacuum does not scratch or leave marks on the floor. Some of the Roomba vacuums are exclusively made for floors that are susceptible to scratches and other weaknesses, like the vinyl plank floor. It works perfectly on the vinyl floor not minding the sensitive nature of the floor.

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3. It is not too Costly

Roomba vacuum cleaner can cost quite a lot of money, especially, if it doesn’t suit your budget in the list. But then, there are cheaper ones you can get from the shop or Amazon. Just that, cheap Roomba vacuums tend not to last long enough and their battery condition can be frustrating.

One unique thing about the Roomba vacuum is that it is not too costly, nor is too cheap. It is something almost everyone can afford if they put their mind to it.

4. It Cleans Pet Hair Very Well

Another benefit of the Roomba vacuum is that it cleans pet hair from the vacuum floor extremely well. This is for those that groom pets in their homes.

In a situation where your pet hairs are lying around in various areas of your floor, Roomba vacuum got you covered. It is highly recommended for people who have vinyl plank floors and also grooms pets.

5. The Noise Made From It Is Controlled

Another amazing benefit of the Roomba is how controlled the noise that emanates from it is. Some of the Roomba vacuum doesn’t make an annoying sound that leaves you annoyed and your ear buzzing.

6. It Doesn’t Break Easily

One of the benefits of the Roomba vacuum is that it does not break easily, especially ones that are of high-quality grade. It is durable and even when it makes contact with the ground it remains in perfect condition.

7. It Also Multi Tasks

You can vacuum your vinyl plank flooring and other sections where you have an area rug in your home at the same time without worries. This comes in handy when you are tired without the strength to specially clean your floors. The Roomba vacuum cleaner got you covered in that aspect.

8. It Lasts for Long

Most Roombas last for quite a long time during vacuuming. Some last for as long as 60 minutes or even more. For high-quality Roomba vacuums, their battery lasts for quite a while and doesn’t frustrate your efforts.

9. It Notifies When It Is Done Cleaning

Another of its advantages is that the Roomba vacuum notifies you when it is done cleaning your vinyl plank floor. Most Roomba vacuum comes with an app that rings out a notification once it is through cleaning the floor.

It even informs you if there is a mishap in the course of the vacuuming. Some of the Roomba vacuum also shows areas that have been cleaned.

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Is Roomba safe for vinyl plank flooring? Yes, the Roomba floor is safe for the vinyl plank floors. The Roomba vacuum is made with a rubber wheel that prevents it from causing harm to the vinyl floor. But not all Roomba is recommended for vinyl plank floors, so you should be careful.

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