Karndean Flooring Problems (7 Basic Issues)

karndean flooring problems

One of the floors a user can be proud of using is Karndean. This is a part of luxury vinyl tile, constantly in different forms like granite, wood planks, slate, marble, etc.

There is no doubt that so many love this kind of flooring because of the easy installation and low-cost maintenance, unlike some other floor that requires waxing and several other maintenance processes.

Several people want the kind of flooring that doesn’t require much stress in maintenance, which will still retain the basic structure.

However, Karndean flooring problems like discoloration, lack of waterproof and scratch resistant nature, duration of warranty and peeling of floor edges are peculiar disadvantage that may dissuade potential users.

Every flooring material has its unique good side and base side. For the one of Karndean, this article will do an excellent job exposing you to all you need to know or even prepare for using the flooring.

The problem doesn’t devalue it, therefore Karndean’s problem is not that overwhelming that it should stop you from using it if you like the aesthetic contribution it gives your home.

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Karndean Flooring Problem

It is better to know early or late, which is even better than never, that Karndean floor fades or decolor with time, especially when exposed to sunlight or any form of scratches.

When this begins to happen, users begin to find maintenance stressful and demanding, but until then, they don’t have an issue with maintenance.

You don’t need to wait until such happen before you start to maintain some precaution against fading the floor.

We seem to talk about this first because users face this primary problem in using the floor.

We should, however, know that there are still a lot more problems users may likely face with Karndean. For clarification, let’s check some of these problems;


As said earlier, the fundamental problem faced by some users of the Karndean floor is decoloration.

Research shows that brighter color Karndean fades away more quickly than those of dark color. Hence, you can do more painting or repainting your Karndean floor with dark paint.

Karndean Floor Is Not Waterproof

Another possible challenge users will likely face concerning Karndean is that the floor is not waterproof, unlike vinyl flooring.

And because of this, there are certain places of the house that this floor can not be used. Places like kitchens, toilets, or bathrooms are dangerous places to install Karndean.

Even those installed in a waterless environment should prevent water from the floor’s surface and avoid direct contact with water for a long time, especially on the floor.

Karndean Floor Is Not 100% Scratch-Resistant

Among the qualities of Karndean is scratch resistance. We find this actual, however, not resistant bad we discover some decoloration due to scratches.

Therefore, we conclude that Karndean, though made in a scratch tolerant way, is not one hundred percent.

There is a certain level of scratches that it can withstand, and as well some, it obviously can not withstand hence causing fading.

Peeling of Karndean Floor Edges

This is often an unusual case caused by angle or cutting the installation form with the wall or the old/previous installation.

It happens due to water flowing through the space at the angle into the inside of the installation and causing unrepairable damage to the floor.

Peeling effects is not quickly addressed or, better still, are not possible to address. Therefore users are expected to be extra careful in ensuring that this does not happen.

Separation of Karndean Floor

This is an issue commonly called buckling. And which is caused by the uneven or unleveled sub-floor surface. The subfloor surface is the floor on which the newest installation is done.

When the surface is unleveled, it causes buckling. This particular problem is generally to all Vinyl floors.

The painful part of this problem is that it is incurable. The only curation is removing and reinstalling the Karndean floor.


One of the annoying parts of Karndean problems. This is when the Karndean and the sub-surface area are in no agreement. Separation.

And the primary cause of this is when the room is exposed to a long time of high humidity coupled with faulty installation. To understand when tiles float, it tends to shake or move when you stand on them.

Karndean Floor Warranty and Product Policy

This is the most complained part of the problems. The Karndean company does not give enough time to the product warranty, and the warranty policy can also be frustrating.

Many customers comment that there are not granted a warranty until the 15th year the product was purchased.

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The Solution to Karndean Flooring Problems

There is no need to worry if you are using the Karndean floor and facing some of its challenges. All you need is to stay calm to get the precautions and way out of this problem if you’re already in it.

Having gone through the problems users of Karndean face, here are the solutions to the problems and means to avoid the problem.

If you have been following well, you’ll notice that most of these Karndean flooring problems are unsolvable, except the floor is reinstalled.

This is a severe challenge. However, there are measures you can apply to prevent you from the double cost of reinstalling your floor after damage.

There is a means you can protect your floor from these problems.

1. Before installation at all, ensure the subfloor is leveled

This will prevent tiles from separating and deforming the floor’s structure and ensure the subfloor is not moistured during the installation.

2. Make sure you get a professional plumber to do the installation

Most problems are rooted in faulty installation, resulting from an experienced person installing your floor for you.

This is the foundation, and you can’t afford to miss it from there. Therefore, get an experienced and perfect installer to install your floor.

3. Monitor your installer as he installs the tiles

This is important because you’ll take note of any error that the plumber may not see or may want to shine away, knowing fully well that this is the most crucial stage that can tell how long your floor will be.

4. Avoid water exposure to the surface of your floor

Knowing that this kind of floor is not water-resistant, too much contact with water may make it soak in some water and settle at the installation’s bottom from where the damage begins.

5. Avoid scratching the surface to prevent fading

Scratches come in unexpected ways, especially when kids and pets are home.

Using Karndean gives you the responsibility to prevent your floor consciously from being scratched.

If you have pets like cats or dogs, you may need to ensure their nails are cut, and they are always on leg cover to preserve your floor from scratch.

6. You can choose or paint your floor a dull color

This means that it doesn’t fade away quickly.

7. Prevent the floor from high temperature and exposure to sunlight

Keep the room humid.But remember, too much humidity has its repercussions. Therefore know how to balance and regulate your room moisture content.

The Durability of Karndean Flooring

One of the things these precautions do for you is to help you maintain your floor for a very long period.

If your floor is maintained correctly, there is a particular length of time you should be able to enjoy it without any trauma. That is the primary purpose of giving you the above precaution.

So, now, how long should the Karndean floor stay without any trace of damage? Simple, the product tends to last for thirty-five years, a decade higher than the warrantee from the company.

People have used this flooring for this long, and it can inevitably last up to that if probably maintained.

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Karndean flooring has its unique problem; however, it is something you can always prevent if you can be conscious of it.

We wrote this article about Karndean flooring problems to not only help give you clarity when faced with Karndean flooring problems but also solutions to its problems.

We hope you found it helpful and informative. If you did, please share it across your entire social media pages.

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