Turkish Rugs Vs Persian Rugs (4 Clear Distinctions)

turkish rugs vs persian rugs

While trying to get the best rug type for your home, you might be confused about which rug type would serve the best purpose. This is also true in the case of Turkish and Persian Rugs.

So, we will be discussing Turkish rugs vs Persian rugs. The major difference between the two rugs is the Turkish rug is simple, aristocratic, and durable, while the Persian rug is very elegant.

In our honest opinion, none of these rugs supersedes the other, so choosing either has to do with choice and taste.

Read on as we throw more light on Turkish rugs vs Persian rugs.

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Turkish Rugs

The history of the Turkish rug can be traced to old Persia. They were solely manufactured to adorn the homes of nobles and mosques.

It was also the first rug type to be shipped to Europe during that era. Then, rug-making was a common practice and not really seen as a money-spinning machine.

At first, the Turkish rug was manufactured to protect the floors and tents of the people. Its main use then was to shield them from insect bites, unfavorable weather conditions, and grime.

It was also manufactured for their comfort. The color of the Turkish rug tends to change when exposed to direct sunlight.

The Turkish rug is made up of geometric patterns that include symbolic motifs. The symbols on the Turkish rug are a historical reflection, as it is believed that the symbolic motifs always tell a tale.

The symbolic motif on the Turkish rug can signify many things, they include wealth, health, love, or other display of feelings.

The Turkish rugs are known to be of high quality. The number of knots used when manufacturing the rug is what classifies its level.

A rug with numerous knots is regarded as a high-quality rug, while a rug with not-too-many knots is taken as low quality.

Persian Rugs

The history of the Persian rug can also be traced back to old Persia, they can also be referred to as oriental rugs.

Like the Turkish rug, they were also manufactured to shield the people from harsh weather and other unfavorable condition.

It was first manufactured 2,500 years ago, and since then has been in transit from one age to another.

The best symbol used to recognize an original Persian rug is known by its tag, which solely signified that it was manufactured in Iran.

The Persian rug is a real example of class and elegance, they are popularly used in important places like the palace and museums.

It has a well-rounded design that displays varying colors and shapes. This makes it more appealing to the eyes.

The rug is made in a rounded pattern and comes in a single knot. It is done that way because it is way easier to deal with a single knot.

It also has to do with the influence of their culture. The Persian rug is also widely known for its durability. They also last very long, especially when taken care of.

Pros of Turkish Rugs

Here are the advantages of Turkish Rugs

1. The Turkish rug can be used for various purposes. Since they are versatile, you can use them for any setting, both home, Museum, or palace.

2. The Turkish rug is of high quality. The number of knots used during its manufacturing process makes its quality to be high.

3. Another of its advantage is its durability. The Turkish rug is sturdy and can weather harsh weather conditions and still remain as beautiful as ever.

4. The Turkish rug also can stand its ground against wear and tear. The reason it can last for decades without succumbing to pressures from foot traffic.

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Cons of Turkish Rugs

Here is a disadvantage of Turkish rugs.

1. One disadvantage of the Turkish rug is that it is very expensive. Since it showcases so many symbols and is made of high quality, its market price is very high. It is not budget-friendly

Pros of Persian Rugs

Here is a detailed list of the advantages of Persian rugs.

1. One of its major advantages is that the Persian rug is very aesthetic and elegant to the sight. The reason it is used in museums and palaces is due to its glamorous nature.

2. Persian rugs are very durable and long-lasting. It can weather harsh conditions without breaking a sweat. This is because it is made from natural materials.

3. Having Persian rugs in your home is a great investment, that is if you are lucky to have purchased the authentic one without being defrauded.

4. Persian rugs are known to be rich in colors. They come in varying colors and patterns to suit the taste of your home.

Cons of Persian Rugs

Here is one of the disadvantages of Persian Rugs.

1. They are known to be very costly. Due to the great time taken to make it a high-quality rug, it is very costly.

Turkish Rugs Vs Persian Rugs

As regards Turkish rugs vs Persian Rugs, there are four notable differences we would be exposing you to below.

Turkish rug uses the double knotting style, also referred to as the Turkish knot. While the Persian rug makes use of the single knot pattern also known as the Persian knot.

Turkish rugs are manufactured by making use of wool, silk, cotton, and other fine and exquisite materials. While the Persian rug is made from one of the finest wool, silk, cotton, and other fine materials.

Turkish rugs can last for as long as a decade with the proper care and supervision, this is based on their knotting number. While Persian rugs can last for up to 100 years with proper care, this is due to their constitution.

The Turkish rug’s geometric pattern contains symbolic motifs, while Persian rugs are made with rich, rounded patterns.

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When trying to purchase the best rug for your home you might hit a rock while trying to make make the best choice for your home.

Hence, the reason for Turkish rugs vs Persian Rugs. None of the two rugs is better than the other. It depends on your choice.

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