How to Fix Melted Area of Carpet (2 Easy Approach)

how to fix melted area of carpet

Melted areas on carpet can be caused by cigarette burns, hair straighteners, candles, and heating irons. They are really not good to look at, hence the need to have the melted parts fixed. It can be easily patched, but you would have to be prudent and detailed in your approach.

This post would show you how to fix melted area of carpet. Firstly, sand and vacuum the area, then trim the melted part of the carpet. Use tweezers to pull out some carpet fibers and apply carpet cement to the hole

Journey with us as we throw more light on it, below.

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How to Fix Small Melted Area of the Carpet

Some smaller burns like that of cigarettes might lead to the carpet melting and this is anything but good to the sight. We would give a detailed way to fix the melted area of the carpet.

1. Sand the Area with Sandpaper

Firstly, you would need to sand away the melted or burnt area with sandpaper, to level the carpet

2. Vacuum the Carpet

You would need to vacuum the area to get rid of dirt, debris, and any fuzz from the carpet.

3. Cut Off the Burnt Part

Using scissors, cut off the melted or burnt part of the carpet. If there is still a burn mark, you would have to soak a cloth in a cleaning solvent. Dab on the melted area. Start the dabbing from outside till you get to the middle.

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4. Apply Water and Dry it

Spray water on the cleaned area, and give the carpet time to dry off.

5. Make Use of the Tweezers

Using the tweezers, pull out some fibers from a different section of the home. It is best in a well-hidden place like under a couch, bed, table, or places that are not in view. Then roll the carpet pile into the shape that fits into the hole.

Apply good carpet cement to the hole, then push the carpet fuzz into the hole. Cover it with paper and place a heavy book on top of it.

6. Give it Time to Settle

Give it time to settle for a few hours, then remove the paper book. Carefully rub on it with a wide-tooth comb to blend the carpet pile into the existing carpet.

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How to Fix Large Melted Area of the Carpet

These are larger burns that have made the floor melt under its heat and it is unsightly to look at. Not to worry we would show you how to fix these large melted areas.

1. Vacuum the Carpet

To begin with, you would have to first vacuum the area with the burnt mark, to get rid of any dirt or debris on the carpet.

2. Trim the Melted Part of the Carpet

Using a utility knife, trim the melted part of the carpet. Trim it till you get to the backing of the carpet, but be careful not to tamper with the padding under the carpet.

3. Combine Your Carpet Scrap

It is now time to link up your carpet scrap. Trim it to the right shape, so it would fit into the removed part of the carpet. Make sure that the fabric is set towards the same direction and pattern to avoid being too glaring.

4. Trace the Pattern on Carpet Scrap

Using the removed part of the carpet, trace a pattern on the carpet scrap and trim it. Because you would need two parts that have the same shape and color, so as not to be noticed easily.

5. Get Rid of Any Fibres, Dirt, or Debris

It is best to vacuum-clean the section to get rid of fibers, dirt, and debris. Place the carpet scrap on the hole to ensure it fits into it perfectly. Using scissors, you can make corrections where necessary. Put the carpet adhesive to the padding in the hole.

6. Put Together the Carpet Scrap

Place the carpet in an even line and press it to the right form. Place a heavy book over it, to protect and press on the spot for a few hours. After it is settled, remove the paper and books. Using a wide-tooth comb, brush over the carpet scrap till it fits in perfectly with the rest of the carpet.

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One of the issues faced by carpet users is carpet melting. This is sometimes caused by cigarette burns, candles, heating irons, or hair straighteners and it can be unsightly to the eyes. But not to worry we gave a detailed format on how to fix melted area of carpet.

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