How to Remove Really Old Carpet Stains (8 Super Fast Methods)

how to remove really old carpet stains

Having to tackle old stains glued firmly to the carpet can be hard and frustrating. Especially in a case where there is limited information on how to get rid of the old stains from the carpet.

We would give you a detailed explanation of how to remove really old carpet stains. There are several approaches to get rid of old stains, these various methods include using: dish soap, ammonia, white vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, and a whole lot of other methods that were carefully explained below.

Read on to get the details of it.

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How to Remove Really Old Carpet Stains

These would show you the various steps to remove really old carpet stains from the carpet. And it is left for you to make your choice from these options.

1. Dish Soap

You would need to form a homemade cleaning solution with, liquid dishwashing detergent, ammonia, white vinegar, water, spray bottles, and a shop vacuum or a clean cloth.

Mix liquid dishwashing soap with 1 cup of warm water, do not make use of a detergent that has bleach on them.

Then, spray the cleaning solution on the stain and suck out the stain using a shop vac or a piece of clothing. Also, rinse the stain with warm water. Keep repeating the process until you are sure the stain is completely removed. This works just so well on pet stains.

2. Ammonia

Mix a tablespoon of ammonia and a cup of water in a spray bottle to form a solution. Then apply it to the stain. Extract the stain using a clean rag. Repeat the process severally until you are sure the stain has all been drained out.

While using ammonia, make use of hand gloves because it can be hazardous. It should also be done in a ventilated or open place.

3. White Vinegar

Combine two tablespoons of white vinegar and 2 cups of warm water. Apply the white vinegar sparingly to the stain. Suck out the stain using a clean rag.

Continue dabbing on the stain till you are certain all the stain has been drained out. Rinse the stain with warm water and leave the carpet to air-dry.

4. Hydrogen Peroxide

If your carpet has been troubled by an old stain for long, then, a few sprinkles of hydrogen peroxide might do the magic. You would need to get hydrogen peroxide, a bristle brush, and a piece of cloth.

Firstly, test the hydrogen peroxide in a hidden area of your carpet. Because it has a bleaching component, it could lead to a light spot if it is not properly tested out. Then vacuum the stain to get rid of the stains. Pour the hydrogen peroxide into a spray bottle and apply it to the old stains.

Moisten the stain in to loosen the stain components. Give it time to settle for about 5 to 10 minutes. Using a still brush, work on the stains to help it loosen a bit more, then with a steam vac, suck up the whole hydrogen peroxide solution from the carpet. Also, you can use clothes or towels to soak up hydrogen peroxide.

Rinse the floor with water and give it time to air-dry.

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5.Baking Soda

You would need to get the materials like baking soda, white vinegar, dawn dish soap, spray bottle, and vacuum cleaner. To begin with, vacuum the stain properly, then spray the area with baking soda.

Using a tablespoon of white vinegar and 1 cup of warm water, form a cleaning solution that would be effective against old stains.

Apply a drop of dawn dish soap to aid the process, then spray the mixture directly over the baking soda. Watch the foam rise in the process. Give the solution time to settle and allow the baking soda to harden and dry up. This would likely take a few hours.

Then absorb it with a vacuum. Rinse the carpet and allow it to air-dry.

6. Club Soda

Club soda is another highly effective cleaning agent. You would need salt, club soda, clothes, a scrub brush, and a vacuum. Firstly, spray the club soda over the stain and allow it to sit for some minutes. Then work on the stain with a brush. Use a clean cloth to dab up the stain and club soda.

Also, sprinkle salt to help draw out the stain and club soda. Leave it for around 30 minutes, then vacuum up the salt.

7. White Wine

This is solely used to remove old red wine stains from the carpet. To get rid of the old wine stains you would need white wine, cloth, and steam vac.

Your first move is to apply white wine to the red wine stain. The white wine would duplicate the earlier happening of the stain. This would make the red wine stain easier to remove.

Then suck out the wine with a cloth. Continue repeating this process until the stain has been drawn out. You would also need to rinse the area with water or a steam vacuum. Give the carpet time to air-dry properly.

8. Borax Powder

To remove old stains from the carpet with borax, you would need borax, ice water, cloth, and a vacuum. Simply, vacuum up the stained area to remove loose components.

Then wet the stain with ice water, equally add borax to the stain. Give it time to settle and dry up. Vacuum up the borax.

Keep repeating the process until the stain has been pulled out successfully.

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Things to Note While Removing Really Old Stains from Carpet

1. When you are cleaning the old stain from the carpet, blot from outside of the stain to the center. This prevents the stain from spreading and causing damage to the carpet.

2. Be sure you do not leave any solvent behind after you are done cleaning the carpet of its stains. Equally, give the carpet room to dry immediately after you are done cleaning.

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Getting rid of really old stains from the carpet can be quite tasking since it has seeped into fibers of the carpet. It is even tougher when it has to do with stains that are not water-soluble.

But with the right step, the challenge can be solved and your carpet would be as good as new. Following the detailed approach on how to remove really old carpet stains, you should have yourself a beautiful and glittering carpet.

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