How to Clean Outdoor Rug with Mildew (Our 4 Secret Steps)

how to clean outdoor rug with mildew

Outdoor rugs, though built to stand the harshest of weather, would at some point succumb to the outdoor elements like the infestation of mildew. Mildew and mold are very lethal to health.

In this post, we will show you how to clean outdoor rug with mildew; to begin with, vacuum the rug, combine a vinegar or bleach solution, then apply the solution and rinse it. Finally, rinse the rug and dry it.

Journey on with us as we throw more light on this.

How to Clean Outdoor Rug with Mildew

Mildews in our outdoor rug is something hard to avoid. And it is lethal because mildew and mold have health consequences if the situation is not salvaged. We would give a detailed format on how to clean an outdoor rug with mildew.

1. Vacuum the Rug

To begin with, you have to vacuum the rug. Using a vacuum cleaner, go over both sides of the rug and filter out mildew stuck to the rug. It is even more effective if the vacuum is wet. This is important so that the spores don’t travel to the non-affected parts of the rug when you rinse it later.

Do not forget to wear a mask and a pair of gloves, even an overall, if possible, because mildew and mold do have health implications.

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2. Combine a Vinegar or Bleach Solution

You can choose between a vinegar or bleach solution, depending on your type of rug. Using the solution, form a mildew killing solution. Also, to be on the safer side, test the solution in an inconspicuous area of your house to be sure the solution doesn’t discolor or harm your rug.

To use bleach, form a 10 percent solution by combining it with water. Then for white vinegar, you have to make the solution as concentrated as possible.

Test out the reaction of the rug by dripping some solution on the tip of the rug to check its reaction after some minutes.

3. Apply the Solution you have Chosen and Rinse

Put your preferred solution in a spray bottle and spray it all over the rug on both sides. Allow it to sit on the rug for about 15 minutes or so. This would allow it to work effectively and kill the mildew and mold on the rug. After the 15 minutes, rinse the rug with clean, running water.

After rinsing, pick a bucket, fill It with water, and apply enough detergents. Use the mixture to form a solution that would be used to wash the whole rug. Wash the rug with a scrubbing brush to get rid of all the dirt from the outdoor rug.

Do not allow the detergent, soap, vinegar, or bleach solution to run into your plants, grasses, or lawn as they might cause damage to them.

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4. Rinse the Rug and Dry it

When you are sure the mildew in the outdoor rug has been removed, you would have to rinse the rug. You can rinse the rug with running water from a water hose or spray water on the rug using a bucket.

Rinse your rug until you are sure it is clean enough. You can equally run a vacuum cleaner over the rug to filter out most moisture.

After you are done rinsing and vacuuming, dry the rug. You can hang it out to be dried by the sunlight.

Outdoor Rug Maintenance Tips

Here are a few tips on maintaining outdoor rugs to protect them from mildew and mold. These simple tips would go a long way to give you a straightforward way to maintain outdoor rugs and protect them from mildew invasion.

1. Store up your rug when it is not in use by rolling it up and packing it in a tarp. Do not forget to ensure your rug is clean and in perfect condition before packing it away in a tarp.

2. Check out the manufacturer’s instructions to know the best way to care for your rug, especially the outdoor rug. Some rugs might need special and intensive care. Most of them are long-lasting and need no special care, just the normal sweeping and cleaning.

3. Get rid of dust and dirt buildup by constantly vacuuming the outdoor rug. It is a good idea always to wash, sweep, and vacuum your rug before storing it when not in use.


One of the most googled questions about flooring is; how to clean outdoor rug with mildew. Mildew sticking to an outdoor rug is normal due to being exposed to the elements. We gave a detailed way to clean mildew out of the outdoor rug, follow the steps and you’ve got yourself covered.

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