How to Keep Dog From Peeing on Rug (6 Easy Ways)

how to keep dog from peeing on rug

Dogs are adorable pets and help keep the home lively. But everything tends to turn out sour when you start perceiving the hanging smell of urine and stains on the affected area. Hence the need to prevent such occurrence.

We will be outlining how to keep dog from peeing on rug; firstly, you need to train or retrain your rug, take your dog outside regularly, also, keep a close watch on your dog. Making use of carpet sprays and special repellant does a great job too.

You would also need to give the dog potty breaks, and other necessary steps are listed below.

Read on as we throw more light on how to keep dog from peeing on rug.

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How to Keep Dog From Peeing on Rug

If you succeed in figuring out why a dog pees on the rug, the next step to take is to figure out how to keep dog from peeing on rug. You need to find ways to stop your dog from messing up your rug with urine.

Hence, we gave a detailed list of how to keep dogs from peeing on rug.

1. Train Your Dog

It is of the essence that you train your puppy or full-grown dog that is yet to be potty trained. You should teach your dog how to urinate in the bathroom or outside of your home.

Also, in a situation where a dog you have already potty-trained starts urinating all over the floor again, you should retrain the dog.

You should retrain your dog so it can get adapted to its previous routine. You can use the scheduling method, potty pad method, kennel method, and other methods to help checkmate your dog. They would help train or retrain your dog the right way.

2. Take Your Dog Outside Regularly

Another way to keep your dog from peeing on your rug is by constantly taking it outside. If you have noticed your dog always soils your rug with urine, you should form a routine of taking them outside.

You can make schedules to take your dog outside every 3 hours to urinate. Then you would have to follow up with that format consistently.

You might not need to do it every often and on once the dog starts to grow. It would learn how to hold the urine till it is outside your home.

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3. Keep a Close Watch on Your Dog

Another way to keep your dog in check and prevent it from peeing on your rug is by keeping a close watch on it.

It is very necessary, especially if it is a puppy or a new dog you just got. They would need time to get acquainted with the structure of your home, so you would need to keep an eye on them.

Be on the lookout so you can carry it to the puppy pad or outside to relieve it. This procedure would help position your dog to avoid peeing on your rug.

4. Give the Dog Constant Potty Breaks

You would need your dog to give your dog constant potty breaks. Your dog normally won’t pee in a place where it naps or eats.

But it can pee on its crate or kennel if it is restricted in that place for too long. So you must give your dog a break from time to time, this is done to keep your dog from urinating indoors.

5. Use Carpet Sprays

Another way to keep dogs from peeing on the rug is by using carpet sprays. Aside from the fact that carpet sprays can get rid of dog pee stains, they can also prevent the dog from peeing on the rug.

Commercial rug cleaners are made of ingredients whose smell is strong enough to keep the pet from urinating on the rug.

6. Make Use of a Special Repellant

You can equally make use of a dog repellant to keep the dog from urinating on the rug. You can get dog repellants online or at a pet store.

Dog repellants are products that prevent your dog from urinating on the rug. Dogs have a very strong sense of smell and so, they avoid areas with the smell.

One of these ingredients is vinegar. Vinegar not only gets urine out of the rug, but it also would keep the rug from urinating on the rug. Dogs dislike the acidic smell of white vinegar and try their best to avoid contact with them.

You also have lemon juice. Lemon juice has an alluring smell, but many dogs find it rather unpleasant. To apply the lemon juice; just mix some lemon juice in water and spray it on the affected area.

Another ingredient the dog finds repelling is alcohol. Alcohol is another repellant you can use to keep your dog from urinating on your rug. Alcohol also acts as a disinfectant. It gets rid of bacteria and microbes.

Another ingredient to use is pepper. Some people might find the scent of pepper appealing, but it is not so for dogs. They find the smell of pepper repulsive. Dogs try to stay clear of areas where there is pepper. So it keeps the rug from urinating on rug.

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Prevention is way better than cure, so you have to find a way to prevent your pet from being urinated on by your rug. So, we gave a detailed list of how to keep dog from peeing on rug and we believe it’d be of great help to you.

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