Matte vs Satin Finish Hardwood Floors (2 Quick Differences)

matte vs satin finish hardwood floors

Hardwood floors are known for their long-lasting feature and their aesthetic outlook. However, the designs used on the hardwood floors do have their strength and weaknesses.

The two wood finish are trendy and in high demand by homeowners. They also have their strengths and weaknesses. So it is meant for you to make your choice based on taste and choice.

Two factors that differentiate matte and satin hardwood floors are their appearance and maintenance.

Journey on with us as we discuss more on this.

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Benefits of Matte Finish Hardwood Floors

Here are the benefits of matte finish hardwood floors.

It Is Appealing to the Eyes

If you need a natural and aesthetic look, a matte wood floor finish is your best bet. It gives you a more realistic outlook. Not shiny, just rustic and pleasing to the sight.

Also, matte flooring is in vogue and in high demand in the market, so it would give your home this trendy and current outlook.

It Is Durable

Another wonderful attribute of matte flooring is its longevity. It gives your room time to look aesthetic for a long period. It puts away scuff marks and dirt well enough.

Even with the presence of pets and kids in your home, matte flooring got you covered. The imperfection on your floor would barely be noticeable.

It Camouflages Imperfections

Another benefit of matte flooring is its ability to hide imperfections. It makes scuff marks and dirt barely noticeable. It hides imperfections more than the shiny finish. It helps make the dirt on the floor barely noticeable until you decide to clean it.

It Compliments Rustic Scenery

Natural-looking sceneries or home tends to look more natural and plain with the presence of matte flooring. If you have the idea of making your home have the outlook of raw wood or nature, matte finish hardwood flooring is your best bet.

Benefits of Satin Finish Hardwood Floors

Here are the benefits of satin finish hardwood floors

It Is Simple to Maintain

Satin finishes don’t require much rigors and vigors in the name of maintaining them. Just ensure you regularly sweep, dry, and mop your floor. And from time to time make use of wood cleaners, that is all you need to maintain your satin finish.

Gives Your Home a Modern Outlook

The satin finish gives your room this glimmer and aesthetic outlook. A feeling of something in vogue. Many house owners love its neat and attractive outlook. It even proves more useful in modern homes.

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It Is an Easy Compromise

Satin finishes are known not to reflect light like high-gloss finishes, but they reflect a small amount of light still. This gives your satin finish the room to show the beauty of your floor, without showing dirt and scuff marks that might be on the floor.

Matte vs Satin Finish Hardwood Floors

Here are the differences between matte and satin hardwood floors.


One of the factors to put into consideration between matte and satin finish hardwood floors is their final outlook and what they represent in your home. It is a matter of taste and choice for the homeowner. The right finish can do justice to the outlook of your home.

The satin finish is shiny and tends to add a little luster to the home, so it suits modern homes and entryways so well. As for the matte finish, provides a traditional and rustic wood look that makes the scenery more real and natural.


While choosing between these two wood finishes, you should also consider how easily they can be maintained.

The sheen of a satin disperse light and conceals dust and dirt more easily. While matte finish hides imperfections like scuff marks, dirt, dust, scratches. This makes the matte finish a more preferred option for places with high traffic.

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Both matte and satin finish hardwood floors are good wood finish and are in high demand in the market.

You can make your preference between both depending on your choice, taste, and the pressing need at the moment. We gave a detailed explanation on matte vs satin finish hardwood floors.

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