How to Clean Carpet Without Machine (4 Easy Ways)

how to clean carpet without machine

Most carpet owners now rely more on steam cleaners and vacuums to get their carpets cleaned. But then, there are other effective and simple ways you can clean your carpet and get the best of results.

The best way to clean carpet without a machine is by using tools like bristled-broom, bristle brush, dustpan, white vinegar, clean clothes, paper towels, etc.

We detailed the different ways you can leave your floor clean and glossy, using the traditional approach.

Read on, as we journey more on this.

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How to Clean Carpet Without Machine

In an age where people now rely on heavy-duty machines to clean their floors, it would really be fun having to clean your floor using the traditional approach from time to time. The simple and homemade approach is quite efficient and leaves your floor sparkling clean.

We listed different approaches on how to clean the carpet with a machine.

1. How to Remove Loose Dirt and Debris Without a Machine

Without the aid of a vacuum, you can remove dirt and debris from your home using the traditional way. You can still make your room sparkling clean with a bristled broom and dustpan. It is easier if you have a low-pile carpet.

If your carpet is thick and high-piled, you might need to be a bit more prudent and gentle to prevent dirt and debris from gluing to the carpet fibers. To make your brooms more effective, wrap the bristles with rubber to make them stiffer.

You can equally get rid of loose dirt and dust, using the snow. This has to be a snowy day and it has to be packable snow and not a fluffy one.

This is best for rugs that are too fragile to be cleaned with a vacuum or any heavy-duty machine, it can be used on carpets that can be moved easily.

Begin with rolling the carpet in an upside-down fashion on the snow. Use your hands and a paddle to beat the carpet till all the loose dirt and dust starts falling off into the snow.

Repeat the process until you are sure your carpet is clean. Give it time to dry off before you place it back indoors.

2. How to Disinfect a Carpet Without Machine

You can disinfect your carpet without having to rent a steam cleaner. This can be done using a homemade solvent and a scrub brush.

Get a bowl or a small container of water, and combine one-part white vinegar and three parts of water into the bowl. Place the bristles of the scrub brush into the solvent and apply them to the carpet.

Rub them into the texture of the carpet, but make sure not to soak the carpet fully. Get rid of excess moisture with a clean rag.

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3. How to Spot Clean Without Machine

You can easily spot clean your home without the aid of machines. It is possibly one of the maintenance steps that doesn’t require a machine for a good job to be done.

In a case where you are trying to get rid of stains that got glued to the carpet for a long time like pet stains or wine stains, simple, homemade approaches got you covered.

If the affected spot is still wet or sticky, begin by rubbing on the area with a rag to absorb as much moisture as possible. You might need to make use of paper towels, they make the work easier, though it might look a bit wasteful.

The next step is to rinse the carpet. You can make use of club soda to loosen the dirt if it is still fresh and sticky. However, you have to follow the guidelines outlined by the manufacturer.

Continue blotting the affected area till you get rid of the stain from the carpet. Do not forget to only rub across the area, do not scrub the area to avoid spreading the stain.

4. How to Remove Pet Fur Without Machine

You can get rid of pet furs using a lint brush. This helps keep your carpet clean and tidy, especially after deep cleaning. Using the brush, clean the affected areas.

More importantly, clean the areas where your pet always lies around, you do find pet furs sticking around. These furs might be tightly glued to the carpet, so the tint brush would do justice to that.

Ensure to always groom and take care of your pets regularly to keep your carpet clean and in the best condition.

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In a time where everyone makes use of vacuums, steam cleaners, and other heavy-duty machines to get their carpet cleaned, it is also nice to remember there are other efficient approaches too.

The simple, homemade approach gives you the same results as the heavy-duty machines and leaves your floor clean and glossy.

We gave a detailed approach on how to clean carpet without machine, above.

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