How to Keep Outdoor Rug From Blowing Away (5 Great Ways)

how to keep outdoor rug from blowing away

It can be a serious headache seeing an outdoor rug you took time to keep in place be seen in a weird, misplaced position, after a windy day. Woolen rugs are more susceptible to strong winds because wools are not sturdy.

You can keep your outdoor rug from blowing away by securing the edges of your rug with a washer, using potted plants, applying the weight of your furniture or making use of woven mats.

Read on as we journey on this.

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How to Keep Outdoor Rug From Blowing Away

These are well-detailed steps on how to keep outdoor rugs from blowing away. Journey on with us.

1. Secure the Edges With a Washer

Securing the edges of your rug is a very good idea. When you secure your rug with a washer is the best idea. It helps protect the rug from damage and overweight.

This is even more important because, even if one or two edges of the washer get caught up due to the gust of wind, the other edges would keep the rug safe.

You can go about it by using a soft drill bit to cut holes on the rug. It should be in the four corners of the rug, then, insert a screw in each hole and fasten it with the washer under the rug. Do this for the other holes on the rug.

It is best you make use of transparent screws so that it doesn’t appear bad to the eye. You shouldn’t consider using this method if your rug is expensive and rare.

However, fastening the washer to your rug proves effective when it is windy. So it is best you follow this method, if possible.

This works only on a wooden patio or porch, when it comes to concrete floors, it can be a hard decision. Concrete floors can be hard to drill into with your soft drill bit.

2. Carpet Pads With Adhesive

Since it can be hard to secure the edges of your rug with a rug in concrete due to its hard surface. This step comes in handy to aid the process. You can glue the carpet pad to your concrete using an adhesive.

Peel off the packet and place the carpet pad exactly where you want to secure your rug. You should make use of four pads for the four edges of the rug to ensure it gives you the best result.

Place the rug over the pad so it holds tightly to the fabric. This helps protect your rug from being blown away by raging winds.

Though it might not protect your rug if it escalates into a hurricane. The adhesive pad suits the concrete floor perfectly. It also works well on wooden floors.

3. Use Potted Plants

You can equally use potted plants to secure your outdoor rug if they are placed in strategic places. You may put two potted plants in opposite directions. While setting up the potted plants, be sure it meets the interior demand. 

The pots are made available in varying shapes and sizes, with unique designs, depending on your choice and taste. The plants also help enhance the beauty of your outdoor rug and make its color vibrant.

Hence, you do not just need to protect your outdoor rug from being blown away, you are also making your home look aesthetic.

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4. You Can Also Use Woven Mats

You can also use woven mats on your floor in place of rugs. Most outdoor rugs are made from wool and can easily be blown away by a strong wind. It even gets blown off by mild winds sometimes too.

Hence, the need to seek better alternatives if you are not satisfied with your outdoor rug. Here is where the woven mat comes into play.

Most woven mats are made from seagrass, this makes the woven mat way sturdier than the woolen rug. They can withstand stronger windfalls than woolen rugs.

The only problem with seagrass is the fact they don’t last long. Wool rugs tends to last longer than woven mats.

5. Apply Furniture Weight

Strategic and careful placing of your furniture, especially ones that have weight would help prevent your outdoor rug from being blown away by the wind. Ensure that the corners of your rug are placed under the heavy furniture.

You can pick from outdoor sofas, chairs, reading shelves, and even tea tables can suffice. However, the setting of the furniture should suit interior demands and should rhyme properly with its style.

Can You Leave an Outdoor Rug Outside All Year Round?

Definitely, you can leave your outdoor rug outside for a full year without any cause for worry. Patio rugs are made from durable materials and are designed to withstand rain, snow, sun, and sleet.

However, if the rug is not properly cared for, it can garner molds between your door spaces and the back of the rug. This might cause the rug to develop an odor.

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Since most outdoor rugs are made from wool and easily get blown away by strong winds like a hurricane. This can cause lots of headaches, but not to worry, we gave a detailed approach on how to keep outdoor rug from blowing away.

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