Can You Put Engineered Hardwood in Bathroom?

can you put engineered hardwood in bathroom

When renovating or redesigning the bathroom, homeowners, in view of getting the best possible floor for their bathroom, usually ask this question.

Can you put engineered hardwood in bathroom? The short and simple answer is YES! There are wide range of choices, options, and considerations when it comes to renovating or designing the floor of your bathroom.

Homeowners ask this question for them to be sure of choosing the best possible option for flooring their bathroom.

To get the best option, you must do well to choose a floor that can meet the functionality of your bathroom. Look beyond the feel and aesthetics else; you will have to regret your choices in a few months to come.

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Can you Put Engineered Hardwood in Bathroom?

Although, some people consider and champion the opinion that putting engineered hardwood in the bathroom is a bad idea due to the potential havoc of moisture.

Moisture is dangerous to wood, and we all know that the bathroom has a lot of moisture as it is the most humid place in the home.

The vision of an engineered hardwood floor in the bathroom is a great idea. However, you should be sure that it is perfectly and flawlessly installed because if it is not, moisture will destroy it.

The perfect wood to use in the bathroom is engineered hardwood. Yes, you can use engineered hardwood in the bathroom.

The different species of engineered hardwood you can put in the bathroom are white oak, red cedar and redwood.

What Is Engineered Hardwood?

Engineered wood is produced by layering wood on top of one another and covered by a decorative covering of wood material (veneer) with thickness varying from 5mm to 10mm.

It consists of a real wood veneer on top of a plywood core. Each layer of the wood is perfected and endowed with special wood glue to prevent dampness and bending. 

Flooring your bathroom with engineered hardwood is recommended because it is dimensionally stable and cannot be altered by humidity.

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Reasons Why You Can Put Engineered Hardwood in the Bathroom

There are numerous reasons to choose engineered hardwood over other options in bathroom flooring.

1. One of such reasons is that it is more universal; this means that you can fix them on top of the already existing floor surface as they are about three-eighths to a five-eighths inch thick.

2. Engineered hardwood has more stability and resistance against moisture compared to normal solid wood.

3. Engineered hardwood is flexible and not difficult to install. It is very easy to install. Maintaining engineered hardwood is easier compared to other flooring alternatives.

4. Engineered hardwood flooring gives you the details of classic material with no stress attached.

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If you’re looking for the perfect flooring for your bathroom room, take your time to investigate and be sure to put engineered hardwood on your top list.

Whatever type of flooring you decide to use in your bathroom, care must be taken to avoid water damage.

So ensure that humidity level is constantly in check. You may need to install a fan or ensure the bathroom has great ventilation.

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