Jute Rug Shedding and 5 Easy Ways to Stop It

jute rug shedding and how to stop it

Jute rugs add the perfect touch of imperfect texture, giving any room it is placed an earthy beauty. Jute grows in shiny, green stalks that are soaked, stripped, and spun before being woven, giving the fibers a natural brown hue, although they can also be dyed in different colors.

Jute has a comfortable soft feel just like wool; the softness, however, makes jute rugs not very durable and are best suited for low- and medium-traffic areas.

Shedding is one of the issues many owners experience with extremely soft rugs like jute, so how do you stop jute rug shedding.

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How to Stop Jute Rug Shedding


If your jute rug is shedding, do not be tempted to go in with a vacuum with different settings and different attachments, trying to remove the loose pile and stop the rug from shedding.

You may actually be doing more harm than good to your rug and causing it to shed more. Vacuuming your jute rug has to be done right if you want to prolong the lifespan of your rug.

Do not use a brush extension on your vacuum cleaner or a beater bar attachment, as they would only be pulling the fibers out more and more. Also, avoid using your vacuum on a high suction setting!

Vacuum your jute rug; as a first step to stopping it from shedding, vacuum your rug in one straight dimension running against the pile.

Next, vacuum in the opposite direction in a straight line running against the pile; vacuuming using this method will remove any loose fibers and loosen dirt that’s embedded in the rug also.

Change the Rug Placement

Where your rug is placed has an effect on the amount it sheds. Placing a delicate rug like jute in an area with very high foot traffic would cause you to experience more wear and tear; they are best placed in an area with low to no foot traffic.

Jute rugs are best used as décor instead of functionality; place your rug under a coffee table or any area with limited foot traffic.

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Use Anti-Slip Underlay

Attaching an anti-slip underlay to the underside of your jute rug helps to stop your rug from experiencing unnecessary wear and tear by holding it in place.

This is super helpful, especially if the rug is placed in an area with medium to high traffic; when your rug does not slip regularly, the backing of the rug experiences less wear and damage, thereby preventing shedding.

An anti-slip underlay also adds an amount of safety to your home; slipping on a rug could cause minor to severe injuries.

You should, however, be mindful of the type of underlay you place on exotic rugs like jute. Avoid underlays that leave behind an adhesive residue as they could damage your rug.

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Trim Your Rugs

Natural wool rugs like jute can be trimmed when they lightly shed their tufts. You are bound to find loose wool tufts on the surface of the rug, even if its of high quality. It is a completely natural process that comes with purchasing a wool rug.

When you spot wool tufts on your rug surface, do not try to pull them out by hand! This causes more damage to the rug’s surface; fibers and the rug may become fuzzy!

You definitely do not want that for your expensive jute rug, so instead, trim these tufts with a very sharp pair of scissors and pass your hand over the rug’s surface to collect any loose wool fibers and balls.

Only Use Your Rug For Intended Purposes

Not all rugs are designed to be placed on the floor; in fact, most expensive hand-woven rugs made of natural fibers like jute are used designed to be used as wall decor!

So ensure to do your research so you can be fully sure of the rug’s purpose before purchasing. If you place a jute rug on the floor when it has originally been designed to function as wall decor, the rug will get damaged earlier than it should.

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Vacuuming, changing of rug’s placement, and use of anti-slip underlay are only but a few ways to stop jute rug shedding.

Jute is a soft rug made from delicate natural fibers, so it must be handled with care if you want them to last a long time.

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