How to Clean Oiled Wood Floor and 7 Easy Maintenance Tips

how to clean oiled wood floor

Natural oiled wood floors are simple to maintain and will last a lifetime if properly maintained. However, cleaning an oiled hardwood floor requires more care than cleaning a similar lacquered or varnished surface.

For your oiled wood floors, the question: how to clean oiled wood floor must bug you every now and then. The most basic prerequisite for cleaning an oiled floor is to remove surface dust, fluff, and other minor contaminants that gather on the floor surfaces daily.

Read on as we explain ways to clean and maintain your oiled wood floors.

How to Clean Oiled Wood Floor

As mentioned above, the most primary requirement for cleaning oiled floors is to remove surface dust, fluff, and other minor contaminants that accumulate on the floor surface daily.

This is a dry-cleaning job that may be easily accomplished with a vacuum cleaner or a flat mop fitted with a microfiber pad.

The task’s frequency will be determined by the surroundings and the floors’ exposure to it. Dry cleaning should be performed many times per week in areas that receive a lot of foot activity or are near open doors where dust or fine grit can easily enter.

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You can just dry clean your oiled wood floors all the time.  You will have to damp clean every once in a while, and this is where most homeowners encounter some difficulties.

When damp cleaning an oiled floor, the key to a successful job is to avoid using too much water.

Too much water on the floor may cause problems because it will seep into the cracks between the boards and cause the vulnerable wood to swell.

The frequency of damp cleaning will be determined once again by how frequently the floor is used and the intensity of use. In a typical family property with light use, the floor could be damp cleaned to remove surface soiling once a week.

Make certain that the hardwood floor cleaning product you use is appropriate for oiled hardwood floors. For instance, Bona’s Mild, WOCA Natural Soap, and Osmo Wash and Care are all good commercial cleaners for oiled wood floors.

Using a tiny amount as recommended on the product’s packaging, add it to the water and then lightly wash the floor over with your flat mop system, lifting off any surface soiling.

To minimize extra water staying on the floor surface, make sure to rinse and ring out the flat mop head regularly.

To attain the best results, divide your task into small sections. Rinse frequently and replace water and cleaner as soon as the water appears dirty.

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How to Maintain Oiled Wood Floors

Consider the following when caring for your oiled wood floor:

  • To keep your oiled floors looking excellent, use a special oil product for preserving and protecting them, such as Bona’s specially formulated Refresher for Oiled Floors. The oil refresher can be applied as needed, although once a year is generally sufficient. Before re-applying, make sure the wood floor has been well cleaned.
  • Clean your oiled wood floor on a regular basis removing dust and grime before they scrape and dull the surface or wear away the floor.
  • When washing your oiled wood floors, always use as little water as possible. If you spill (food or drink), clean it up right away to avoid permanent damage or stains.
  • Avoid using “all-purpose” cleaners on your oiled floors since they create a dull residue and cause you to use too much water, which is detrimental to your oiled floors.
  • Use only cleaning and care products designed exclusively for oil-finished wood flooring on your oil-finished wood flooring. This is especially true for products that contain waxes, ammonia, vinegar, detergents, or bleach. Cleaners for oil-finished and aluminum oxide-finished wood floors are not the same. Oil cleaning and maintenance solutions should not be used on aluminum oxide floors and vice versa.
  • Protect the surface of your oiled wood floor with mats at exterior doors, rug pads, and chair glides.
  • Never use tape or any other type of glue on your oiled wood floor.

Can I use Murphy’s Oil Soap on oiled wood floors?

Yes, you can use Murphy Oil Soap on your oiled wood floor. It is safe to use this product on oiled hardwood floors, whether you’re cleaning one area or all of them.

Is It Possible to Steam Mop Oiled Hardwood Floors?

You can steam mop your oiled hardwood floors, but it is not exactly recommended. Steam mopping uses lots of moisture which is not oiled wood floor friendly.

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Your oiled wood floor should be cleaned with extreme caution. Don’t use commercial cleaners that are not designed for oiled wood floors (all-purpose cleaners are usually a bad idea for oiled wood floors).

We hope this page has given you enough information on how to clean an oiled wood floor.

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