Jute Backing On Hardwood Floor (Is It Safe?)

Jute Backing On Hardwood Floor

Jute backing on hardwood floor is not advisable as the rug might ruin your hardwood floor, especially when the rug is placed in a high traffic area.

Jute backing rug will ruin, damage, stretch and discolor your hardwood floors. But what if you already purchased a jute backing rug for your hardwood floor? What do you do?

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How To Use Jute Backing On Hardwood Floor

There are ways to prevent your jute backing rug from damaging your hardwood floors, one of which is to place a non-slip rug pad underneath the rugs.

Not only will the rug pad make the rug cushier and comfy, but it also helps to prevent slips and scratches. This way you can enjoy the best of both worlds; a comfy rug and the beauty of hardwood flooring.

However, you have to keep in mind that not all rug pads are created the same. There are lots of factors to consider when choosing a rug pad, such as thickness, durability, and material. Here is a list of some of the best rug pads for hardwood floors.

This article is here to guide your choice making for rug pads, so you know the suitable one to opt for when shopping for a rug pad.

5 Best Rug Pad For Hardwood Floors

1. The Ninja Brand Gripper Rug Pad


  • Size: 2×3 ft and 9×12 ft

Color: white 

  • Ten years warranty
  • Suitable for: laminate, hardwood, and tiled floors 

The ninja brand gripper rug pad is very durable and has an open-weave design that ensures that it stays in place. It’s lightweight and a non-adhesive product that is easy to place down.

It is available in 14 sizes that are suitable for both small and large rugs, and it protects your hardwood from the damages that can be caused by a jute-backed rug. This pad helps to keep your rugs flat, and this prevents the formation of wrinkles.

This rug has a mixture of both negative and positive reviews from users. Its extreme durability and easy adjustment are highly applauded amongst users, although some people complain that the rug pad has no cushioning and gives off a strong chemical smell.

Before purchasing a ninja brand gripper rug pad, you need to consider the size you need. If the rug pad is larger than the rug you want to place it underneath, you can cut it to various lengths and width to fit your rug.

The most important feature of this rug pad is that it’s non-abrasive; this means it won’t scratch the finish of your hardwood floor.


  • It has high quality
  • Very easy to maintain
  • Prevents slipping
  • Prolongs the floor’s lifespan as well as your rugs


  • It requires extra padding
  • It gives off a chemical smell
  • ·          

2. Gorilla Grip Original Felt And Rubber Pad


  • Size: between 2×3 ft and 8×10 ft

Color: gray felt

Material: rubber 

Ten years warranty

The gorilla grip original felt and rubber rug pad can be used for different purposes and can be easily customized.

Simply cut it into any shape or size of your choice and place it underneath your rug. It’s made from a soft felt material that is non-abrasive, so it doesn’t scratch the finish of your hardwood floors.

This rug pad is known to not bulge even during vacuuming or when placed in a high-traffic area. However, some users have complained of the rug pad leaving behind residue on their floors, which has a negative impact on your hardwood flooring.

If your purchased gorilla rug pad is too big for your rug, you can easily trim the sides so that it fits perfectly. This rug pad is available in different colors for a low-profile aesthetic.

You can also choose between ¼ inch and ⅛ inch pad thicknesses if you desire added cushioning. The gorilla grip rug pad is made from hypoallergenic materials, which are also mold resistant.


  • Very durable
  • Provide a non-slip grip
  • Protects your hardwood floors
  • Easily customizable


  • Leaves behind residue on floors
  • It comes in poor packaging
  • ·          

 3. Rugpadusa Rug Pad


  • Size: 4×6 ft to 8×11 ft 
  • Color: gray
  • Material: 100% recycled felt 

20 years warranty i

The Rugpadusa product is made from recycled materials making it an eco-friendly product. It doesn’t release chemicals and is hypoallergenic.

It contains no adhesive on the bottom of the pad and non-abrasive padding, so it won’t leave scratches or damage your floor. It also has a soft cushion fabric.

This rug pad has thick padding, so it is bound to give your cheap acrylic carpet extra cushioning and make it feel like soft wool; however, some users have complained about Rugpadusa products being the incorrect size and the pads not being as thick as they look.

When purchasing a Rugpadusa rug pad, ensure to select the correct size padding for your hardwood floors, or if the size is too big, you can trim the edges so that it doesn’t stick out from underneath your rug.

Rugpadusa has a special design that prevents it from staining or tarnishing your hardwood floors. It also prevents moisture buildup, and it’s a hypoallergenic product.


  • It is soundproof
  • Has extra cushioning
  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Eco-friendly product


  • It does not provide a non-slip grip
  • Has unreliable product sizing

4. Enjoy Holiday Non-Slip Rug Pad


  • Size: 2×3 ft to 10×14 ft 
  • Color: gray felt
  • Material: rubber underlay
  • Suitable for: hardwood, hallways, stairs 

The enjoy holiday rug pad is best suited for people who live in apartments on the top floor as this product trap sounds on hardwood floors. It provides a non-slip grip, making it suitable for entryways and stairs.

It has a unique mesh design that helps to promote airflow and prevents the buildup of moisture underneath your carpets. This rug pad is made from soft rubber and is non-abrasive.

Enjoy holiday’s rug pad has received lots of positive feedback from customers. They noted how well it sticks to floors, which creates a non-slip rugs that are safe to walk on.

It also provides an extra layer of cushioning to your rugs, making them soft and comfy to walk on.  However, some people complained of the product arriving in poor packaging.

The rug pad is made from high-quality PVC that is very durable, making it suitable for high-traffic areas. You can also customize the size and shape of your rug pad, so it fits perfectly underneath your rug. The enjoy holiday rug pad is also dye-free, so it won’t discolor your hardwood floor.


  • It is extremely durable
  • Provides extra cushioning
  • Very affordable
  • It can be customized


  • It comes in poor packaging
  • It comes in multiple pieces
  • ·          

5. Puroma Non-Slip Area Rug Pad


  • Size: 2×3 ft to 8×10 ft 
  • Color: white
  • Material: polyvinyl chloride 
  • Suitable for: kitchen rugs, hardwood floors, tiles, and laminate flooring 

The Puroma area rug pad has a special design that enables it to add a non-slip underlay to your rugs. This pad also protects your floors from scratches and damage. However, it’s a thin polyvinyl product that does not add extra cushioning to your rug.

This rug pad works well to protect your hardwood from the damages a jute-backed rug can cause; it also helps to prevent moisture buildup due to its mesh design.

However, most users have complained of the rug pad not providing a strong non-slip grip even though it states that it is a non-slip product. This rug pad is also quite thin and may tear easily when it is being trimmed.

The Puroma rug padding has durable product packaging, but it’s still prone to breaking, especially during customization. It is affordable, lightweight, and helps to prevent your rugs from wrinkling up.


  • It is a non-adhesive product
  • Very affordable
  • Low profile
  • Easily customizable


  • Cannot withstand high traffic
  • It has very thin padding


Placing a jute backing on hardwood floor is not advisable; however, if you already own a piece of jute-backed rug, you can place rug pad underneath it before placing it on your hardwood floor, so it doesn’t damage it. There are different rug pads available in the market, but listed above are some of the best you can choose from.

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