How Do You Keep Your House Warm on Hardwood Floors? (8 Easy Steps)

how do you keep your house warm on hardwood floors

Hardwood floors are a great expansion of our homes; they are wood pieces designed for flooring. It doesn’t matter if wood floors are solid or engineered; they react to changes in temperature and humidity.

As regards how do you keep your house warm on hardwood floors, it is important to state that hardwood floors are natural products with high thermal mass; this means that they can absorb, store, and release heat, improving your home’s heat circulation.

Radiant heating, adding weather-stripping doors and windows, draught-proofing, and using ceiling fans are just a few of the ways on how do you keep your house warm on hardwood floors effectively.

However, hardwood gives a cold feel to the feet, especially during winter. In this article, you’ll get to know how you can keep your home warm and feel cozy all day.

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How do you Keep your House Warm on Hardwood Floors?

If you want to keep your house warm on a hardwood floor, these are the methods to go about it. However, you should adhere to any of these.

1. Radiant Heating

It is a system of producing and transmitting heat through floorings to objects and people in a house; this might not be ideal for solid hardwood. It is ideal for engineered hardwood because it is manufactured with wood layers that won’t swell shrink when subjected to radiant heating.

There are different heating methods such as electric radiant floors, air-heated and hydronic heating which is the most common.

A professional should install radiant heating under floors to ensure it works well on the hardwood. Engineered hardwoods include maple, oaks, mahogany, beech, etc.

2. Add Weather Stripping to Doors and Windows

This is a cost-effective way to prevent cold air, snow, and rain from getting into the room. It is a strip of material that covers gaps in windows and door areas.

3. You Can Use the Sun to Keep a Room Warm

When the sun shines directly at your window, open the curtain, let in as much light as possible, and always make sure to close the curtain when the sun goes down.

This can serve as an effective way to lock in the heat in a room, thereby keeping it warm.

4. Wear Warm Clothing

Use socks instead of walking barefoot on the floor. Wearing a sweatshirt will keep your body temperature higher.

5. Area Rugs

Bare feet on hardwoods can make your feet feel cold; place area rugs on kitchen areas where you stand to cook and do dishes, place them by your bedside where you land your feet every morning, under the dining table.

Area rugs are one of the cheapest options to make your room feel warm because they retain heat.

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6. Draught proofing

Draught proofing is the concept of stopping cold air from coming in and preventing warm air from escaping using a sealant.

This method is cost-effective although it does take time, it’s worth it.

7. Check Rooms Below the Floor

Cold floors are prone to rooms over the basement, crawl places, and garages.

The temperature in empty rooms is not usually regulated like in other rooms. To prevent this, it is advised to use an insulator between the ceiling of the room below and the floor of the room above.

8. Use of Ceiling Fans

Celling fans placed strategically at low temperatures will warm air from the top of the room to the floor; this will take the cold off your hardwood floors.

FAQ: How Do You Keep Your House Warm on a Housewood Floor

Does Hardwood Make Your House Colder?

No, hardwood is a good conductor of heat, it improves heat circulation in your home and is better for keeping your home warm. It only feels cold on the feet.

What Can I Put on Windows to Keep Cold Out?

You can keep a couple of things on the window to keep the cold from coming in. things like weather strips, insulating curtains, secondary glazing, window insulation film, tape, draught snakes, and others.

What Are the Cheap Ways to Insulate Wood Floors?

You can insulate wood floors cheaply using carpets, foil, fiber, and polystyrene.

What Flooring Is Best for Warmth?

Carpets are a good choice for flooring if you are looking for warmth, considering their plush, cozy and soft nature. Wool carpets are better with thicker fibers.

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There are many options for keeping your house warm on wood floors, ranging from the cheapest ones like carpeting and weather-stripping to expensive ones. You can always go for the one more suitable for you.

We have written this article to help you make informed decisions while answering all the questions about how do you keep your house warm on hardwood floors.

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