How to Patch Carpet in a Doorway (5 Quick Steps)

how to patch carpet in a doorway

Like every other household item, Carpets depreciate and sometimes suffer from wear and tear. The depreciation varies from foot traffic or accidents to plain old age.

Let’s look into how to patch carpet in a doorway. Carpet patching is commonly described as cutting out the damaged area and replacing it with another carpet of the same size, usually cut from an obscure part of the house or an extra piece set aside for this.

Frequent opening and closing of doors could also affect the carpet, thereby causing considerable damage.

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Types of Carpets

There are various types of carpets. We’ll be listing a few of them in this article. These are some of the different carpet types;

1. Nylon Carpet: These are the most famous carpets globally. It is cheap, durable, et cetera

2. Polypropylene or Olefin Carpet: This carpet is also famous but not as popular as the nylon carpet.

3. Polyester Carpet: It is environmentally friendly and difficult to maintain.

4. Acrylic Carpet is also known as Synthetic Wool

5. Wool Carpet: This is the definition of luxury. It is soft and costly. 

6. Loop Pile Carpet is also known as Uncut or Berber Pile

7. Cut Pile Carpet: They do not last long

8. Saxony Cut Carpet

9. Plush Pile Carpet

10. Textured Cut Carpet

11. Sculpted Pile Carpet

12. Frieze-Cut Pile Carpet

Are Carpets Durable?

The lifespan of an average carpet is usually between 5 to 10 years, sometimes 15 years.

How long a carpet lasts depends on the carpet type and the kind of wear and tear such a carpet is exposed to. If a carpet is properly maintained, it can last for more than 12 to 15 years.

How to Patch Carpet in a Doorway

Step 1

Arrange your patching tools. These tools include adhesive tape, a pair of scissors to cut out the ruined part, etc. These tools are included in your carpet patch kit, which you can always get at hardware stores.

Besides the patching tools, another material needed is the extra carpet that matches the ruined carpet.
If it is unavailable, you can cut from an obscure area in the house and use it to replace the ruined part as long as they match.

Step 2

Ensure that the existing carpet and the patch both align correctly. Take care to properly arrange the patch so that its pile direction perfectly corresponds with the surrounding carpet.

Step 3

Measure the carpet area that is damaged in the doorway. Using a carpet patch kit, the included tools will make it much easier to cut the exact size out of the existing carpet and the remnant piece. 

Step 4

Using the carpet patch kit tools, carefully cut out the ruined carpet section you intend to patch, then immediately prepare the replacement.

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After confirming your measurements, cut the spare carpet to fit precisely within the empty area. Lay the patch face down to be more accurate.

Step 5

Apply the carpet patch adhesive directly to the space and the patch itself. Remember to work fast as the adhesive dries quickly once exposed to air. Before gluing, make sure the carpets are appropriately aligned.

Step 6

When the patch has been properly glued and dried, check to see if it is properly in place. Use scissors to cut out loose strands and use a seam iron to go over the patch to solidify it.

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The doorway entries are where the carpets are usually ironed together using a unique carpet adhesive.

If the furniture is dragged across there and pets such as cats and dogs continually claw there as a result of the door being shut, the carpet might end up needing repairs. Following the above steps on how to patch carpet in a doorway, you should be covered.

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